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1963 Deville trailer coach

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1963 Deville trailer coach jorji 10-23-04  
Does anyone know anything about this camper? i cant find anything about it
inside above the stove it says Catolac corp.
El Monte CA
Deville original logo? Cliff 7-15-07  
I have a 1957 Deville, and looking for the original logo graphic. I have a picture of a Deville emblem, and a faint sticker outline where the logo once was.

If anyone has a high resolution image that can be used to duplicate the logo on a sticker, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Jen 5-8-07  
I have a Deville Travel Trailer and couldn't find anything on it either. Well a friend of a friend of a friend who lives in Germany sent me several ads and pictures. Pretty cool stuff. Feel free to send me an e-mail and I can send you some pictures and information that I've required.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach kendell 8-2-07  
I have a 1964 Deville trailer and can't find any info on it if anyone has any pictures or paper work on this brand of trailer and would be willing to share it, it would be greatly appreciated!!!,I am trying to restore mine, so anything anybody has on these trailers would be better than the total lack of info I have
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Sara 5-6-14  
Hi All,
I've stumbled across this site looking up info on my grandfather who was the owner/operator of Catolac Corp aka DeVille Manufacturer of RV's/Campers, etc. There's not much info, as you all know, out there on the background on the company. I do know after my grandmother passed in 1981, my grandfather let the company go to other business men wanting to take over. The company died out in the early 80's. As far as any other details on the actual Rvs, I don't know though I wish I did! It's awesome seeing so many people taking an interest in these trailors.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach john 6-22-08  
Did you ever find a 1958 Devile travel trailer? We have was home for us and 3 kids in 1994...served us well. Aged with some character...where are you? I am in panhandle area Idaho.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Jai 1-2-07  
I think I have what might be a 1958 DeVille trailer. After exhaustive internet research, the closest-looking thing I can find to my mystery trailer (I know the year for sure but not the manufacturer) is a 1959 DeVille. However, like the rest of you, I can't seem to dig up any info on this company. Has anyone found out anything? If so, I would greatly appreciate any information you could share.

Please email
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Ken 8-8-07  
I'm looking at buying a 1958 De Ville. I haven't gone and seen it yet, though.(this weekend) If anyone has pics of what it should look like, could you email them. Thanks, The trailer is out of town and don't want to waste my time and the sellers if its not what I'm looking for.
Thanks, Ken
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach mitch 12-25-06  
I have a trailer, i think it is a 15" catolac. can anyone please send me a picture of thiers?


Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Bill 1-13-05  
I just bought a 1956 Deville Travel Trailer and I can not find any information on Deville trailers.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach eric olsen 11-14-04  
I was given a Catolac Deville truck camper several months ago. I have not been able to find any info on catolac corp. I have looked quite a bit on the internet with not much luck. I think the company went out of business in the early '70's.

eric olsen
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Jorn 1-23-05  
Good luck, I have a 1959 de ville travel trailer and can't find anything on it either. It looks a lot like a Shasta style camper though, without the side wings. please post if you find something, thanks
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Kelly Danielson 2-1-05  
I just purchased a 1959 De Ville. I have not brought it home yet but it is in original condition. It seems as if all the paper work is in it. I will send pics and copy info for anyone who wants it. I orderd white wall 3" tires for the ride home. It will take about a week for shipping of the tires. Also there's a guy on ebay selling old trailer magazines. He puts them on disks and said he will customize the disks to what ever trailer you have. Just give him and email through ebay. hope this helps.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Tom 6-4-06  
We bought a 57 Deville from friends last summer. All original with new outside paint job. We were just looking for a vintage unit that did not require a lot of work. Went to a Tin Can Tourist Rally near Bellingham WA and was amazed at the interest. Original upholstry, floors counter tops, appliances etc seemed to impress the experts.
Re: 1964 Deville trailer coach jim 9-7-08  
I have a 1964 DeVille travel trailer I am restoring, it is in good cond but I am going to a high end look with mahogony cabnets and granit counter tops, that kind of thing will be unusial, if anyone has pics of the original logo, I have a person that can make me the stickers
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Karlie 2-28-08  
We are looking at a 1950's deville travel trailer and are looking for any infor mation pertaining to it please e mail me back
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Shay 9-15-08  
We have a 61 Deville trailer. We use it to camp quite a bit and would love to fix it up more and learn more about it. And of course see everybody elses pics of theirs!

Feel free to email pics!
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach meliss 8-27-10  
I am interested in Purchasing one of these...13' 1969 Deville Trailer...but I also can't find the dry weight on it....I would like to, but only have a 4cldr toyota to pull it...

does anyone have any info/advise on the combo?
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach mark 9-27-10  
Do you have any photos of your mom's Deville. we're restoring a '61.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach James Brinkley 4-14-12  
I own a 1964 13 footer. The company went out of business in the 70's and there does not seem to be much information available. According to the title it weighs 1350 pounds.
Re: 1964 Deville trailer Traci Yoshitomi 11-17-13  
I just bought a 1964 Deville. I to am looking for any info about this trailer. Cant seam to find anything.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Julie 6-29-12  
I, like alot of you, just bought a 65 Deville today from a friend of mine. Javent seen it yet, jsut pics. Do you have any info, ads etc on these trailers, especially ones from the 60's you could possibly email me. Thx so much!
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Shandi 8-16-10  
Is anyone selling their vintage Deville trailer??? I am very interested in purchasing one. any information would be great
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach meliss 8-27-10  
I am interested in Purchasing one of these...13' 1969 Deville Trailer...but I also can't find the dry weight on it....I would like to, but only have a 4cldr toyota to pull it...

does anyone have any info/advise on the combo?
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Maryann 7-30-09  
Hi I have a 57 Deville trailer and would love to share information with anyone email me info at woman poker player dot com. thanks :)
1959 Deville trailer coach LoriBelle 6-17-10  
Like the rest of you, i have not had much success finding information on this trailer.
I will be selling my '59 Deville. Located in Portland Oregon.
It needs restoration, esp the birch veneer. Practically everything is still original at this point.
I just cannot do the work myself and it deserves a second life.
Any ideas of it's value and how much to list it for?
Any info is appreciated...
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Tim 12-31-09  
I just picked up a 19?? DeVille travel trailer and have no clue of the date or any other information. The camper is missing one wheel and I can't find a replacement for the old Dexter Star style wheel. Therefore, I'm going to replace the axle. If anyone has any information on the DeVille Campers please email me. I would like to know what year my old camper is but I can't find any information. Any help would be appreciated very much.

Thank you,

Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Wendy 3-7-10  
Hello! I have a Deville trailer - 1964 I believe that is in fair condition but the interior has been updated. I'm trying to find out the value of this trailer as we are wanting to sell it but I can't find any value information. Does anyone know where I can look? thanks! Wendy
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Ben Hogue 6-3-10  
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the long series of Youtube videos where the guy in California is rebuilding a '58 Deville. The series is up to 17 or 18, and he's not finished yet. That guys says the serial number on the tongue indicates DV for Deville, with the next 2 numbers indicating year of manufacture. Mine begins "DV57...". We're more than half way finished with our rebuild, but we're not restoring to original. Ours will be reminiscent of a gypsy wagon or vardo. Like everyone else, I haven't found info on the manufacturer yet.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Carolyn 9-20-08  
I too have a 1959? Catolac DeVille and have not found much info. I am glad to see there are so many of them out there.
I am in the middle of a major rebuild. Wish me luck!
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Fred Ditko 9-30-05  
Hi, about a week ago I bought a 1969 DeVille trailer and am in the same boat as the other owners as to info.I saw you had some paperwork with the one you bought and was wondering if you were still willing to share?
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Yolanda 10-9-06  
I also have a 1969 Deville trailer, and cant find any info on it, i was wonder if you have anything you could share with me. Email if so

Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach mitch 9-7-08  
Yolanda, i am finally done with my trailer, send me your email and i will send you pics.


Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach bill hansen 5-3-10  
Do you still have your deville trailer?
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach jen 8-29-10  
Claering out mom's garage she is possibly looking at letting go of 59 Deville all original could use paint on outside actually in moveable condition.
Re: 1963 Deville trailer coach Dave Matthews 11-2-10  
Do yopu still have the trailer? Where are you located. Thanks a lot. Dave
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