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Sierra by Cobra parts Clair Kitson 4-28-08  
I am looking for parts for a sierra by cobra travel trailer and can't find where it was built.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Howard Gladwill 10-20-11  
Where is my furriness, how big is my hot water heater, I need a new door
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts todd brock 8-27-11  
Hi I have a 26'Sierra by Cobra 5th wheel and needed help to figure out what year model I have thanks
Toilet derek mitchell 8-17-11  
Toilet backing up,holding tank flows out good,but keep getting a back up,help,
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts James Veach 8-15-17  
I looking for a repair manual for a 1990 Sierra Cobra to find out why the converter runs all the time when it has a new battery.23
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Christie Holland 7-20-12  
I want an owners manual for a 91 Sierra by Cobra 24' travel trailer. Anyone know where I can get One?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Jeannie Salle 8-13-12  
We got a 1975 sierra cobra 24' in the summer so we did not check heater. Can anyone tell us how it works and if we have to hook up a seperate battery or something to it. also there is a box under the rt side front that looks like a selenoid of some sort, not sure what it is. we need a manual.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts WILDCAT 7-20-12  
@tammy pachecos: Look inside the lower cupgboard door under the should be taped to the inside of the door. all the info you need is there...if not, then the previous owner removed it when he shouldn't have. good luck
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Larry Smith 5-12-11  
I need a cooling fan for the 120v to 12v transformer in the electrical panel in my Sierra 30' 5th.wheel series 6300 model#6345 fan is JAKEL INC.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts rex colbert 4-1-12  
Would like to find replacement windows for a mid 80s travel trailer
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts george schroder 4-28-10  
Trying to repair or replace water heater on Sierra by Cobra. Anybody know the brand? It's a 6 gallon stock No. 5034 orifice 61DMS Working presure 150 PSI gas input 12000 BTU per hr Recovery 14.2 US gal per hr at 100F rise. I can't find any other information on it anywhere. No brand and model number illegible.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts wendy 1-16-09  
I have a 92' sierra by cobra travel trailer.I am trying to find out what the original size tires that came on the camper are.can anyone help!
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Carol deClercq 7-15-08  
We have a 1992 sierra 5th wheel and we are also looking for a part. So far just a skylight over the shower.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts martin torre 6-25-08  
I have a 1990 sierra by cobra tooking for parts
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts steve mattingly 4-7-09  
I just purchased a 94 sierra by cobra 35 ft. travel trailer vin. #t3234851044. i would like to know where i can copy an owners manual to find out more information about the slide-out care and maintenance.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Billy Burgin 4-25-09  
Must replace air conditioner. Anybody know anything about the Coleman 9200 Btuh Polar Cub?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Michele 5-22-09  
I have just paid off my Cobra Sierra, my land lady cannot find the old title, can you please tell me where the Vin# is located on the CS so that we can get the title.
Thanks Michele
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Holly 5-17-09  
We are looking for front stabilizer/leveling legs for 5th wheel sierra cobra 93-94....
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Joe Spear 8-24-12  
I am looking for a door replacement for my 1993 Sierra by Cobra or the window frame for the front exterior door. Where might I find this?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts jerome.hayes 11-30-11  
Yes, my heater in my Sierra by Cobra 1994 heater just quit working. I really dont know where to start, can anybody tell me where to start or how to fix it. Thanks 678-521-7726
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Bev 12-11-14  
Need black tank part # HT 2160
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Jaysen Torres 11-5-14  
I'm looking for the panel that covers the propane burner for the water heater???
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts peter saville 8-4-14  
I have a Sierra by cobra 1994 5th wheel travel trailer. Am looking for complete wiring diagram from thermostat thew AC And heat system including the propane heater along with the elec heat strip! Thanks. Pete
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Quinn 1-29-15  
Looking for a air conditioning cover plastic
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Joe Spear 8-24-12  
How do i find a replacement front door or window frame?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts ben 7-25-15  
I just bought a 1987 sierra pull behind camper is there any place I can get an owners manual
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Leila 7-2-15  
How do I find out what year and vin on my sierra by cobra camper?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts cedric barhorst 6-5-15  
I am looking for the gaskets for the slide out on our 38 foot sierra camper it looks to be a rubber piece that may have two metal pieces that slide into track. I have none of these parts and no parts to seal it when its slid in either. Call me at 937 726 1283
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts cyndi 7-29-14  
Just bought a 1992 and i need a owners manual and was wondering where to get a new fridge just like the one in it. It doesnt work or where to take it to get it fixed
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Ashley Farber 4-26-15  
I am looking for a door for a 1991 Sierra Cobra Fifth wheel camper Can you please tell me a part # or somewhere I can get one
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts John Wiley 9-3-13  
We have a 1987 29' Cobra Sierra RV.
We;d like to purchase a new toilet, a few new ceiling light covers & maybe a new hose that you use to dump the holding tank ( that is kept in the bumper, as always) Any ideas of where I go to get these items?
And a Owners Manual.
Thank you,
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Gregory Bannister 3-13-13  
Looking foer manual for 1993 sierra by cobra trailer, model is a park model, and where I might locate a water heater for this model. thanks
1993 25' Sierra by Cobra Robert Townsend 7-29-14  
How can help and Owner Manaul?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts doug 8-29-12  
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts emily 9-24-13  
Looking for a replacement door for a cobra sierra, anyone have suggestions on where to look??
Re: Sierra by Cobra fuse box location Lyman 11-27-13  
I own a 1992 26'-27' Sierra by Cobra travel trailer. I am trying to findout if there is a fuse box some place in the trailer ? I have looked all over, but cannot seem to locate one. I am having trouble getting 12v power to my hot water heater, and I am trying to find a fuse block so that I can check for a fuse that may have blown...
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts tim 4-8-14  
I cant find the vin# on my 35 foot sierra trailer please help
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Pete 4-11-14  
I am looking for a 1994 Sierra RV Cobra door. Please help! Thanks
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Milan Rapo 7-2-09  
I have a brochure for my 94 sierra by cobra that list the tire size for all the trailer models made in that year if that would help. Let me know I'll send you a copy. Milan
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Brett Bender 2-18-09  
I bought my 1992 26' Cobra Sierra new in 1993 & it had 205/75/15 tubeless steel belted radials on it. I think they were Esquire ST brand "ST205/75/15' but not sure. I am running Goodyear "Marathon Radial" Trailer ST205/75/15 on it now & it tows great. My truck is a 1995 Ford F-150 XL 4X4 with the 5.0L V8 & the 4 speed auto with overdrive. Tires on truck are Cooper "Mud Terrain" 31x10.5/15 LT
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Joe Rouse 12-16-11  
Looking for telescoping electric jack (front)
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Theresa 9-13-14  
1996 cobra Sierra travel trailer. I NEED TO FIND the VIN# ASAP anyone know where I can locate it. It is not a 5th wheel any help would be appreciated! Thank you
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Jacob 12-5-10  
I just bought a 1994 Sierra by cobra can someone tell me how to change fridge over to run on regular electricity instead of battery was told there is a switch but I am completely lost. I plug it in to a regular plug and all the wall plugs work but no lights is there a trick to make them all work without a battery??? Please help
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Bill Tignor 8-22-10  
Just purchased a 1990 Sierra by Cobra, 29' travel trailer and it sure needs some cleaning; but really interested in information on gettine an "owner's manual"..any help is appreciated...Thanks from Ga.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts les schrock 8-22-10  
I have a 1993 sierra cobra travel trailer. One of the main windows is sprung in the kithchen and needs to be repaired or replaced. How can i do this? It has 3 louvers and a large window and the louvers wont shut. Also I need to replace some of the internal wood 2x2's because of rotting? I would like to replace the paneling with the same pattern. how can i find the dealer for this or am i out of luck for a match? Thank you so much. any suggestions will help. I would also like a manual idf i can ge it.
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts David Palmer 8-6-11  
I need an owners manual for a 95 Sierra Cobra.Where can I find 1?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Susan 9-16-10  
We have a 1985 Sierra Cobra - the microwave worked fine last Spring. It quit in the middle of making baked potatoes. All fuses in the fuse box are good, someone told us the microwave has an internal fuse - anybody know for sure - before we tear it apart?
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts Tammy pachecos 7-17-12  
Can you please help me...I bought a sierra fifth wheel, 1992 model and need to find the serial number. I have been having trouble getting a title. Where on the frame can I check the frams serial number and where can I find the one on the camper? I cant find any tags on the camper. Thank You.

Tammy Pachecos
Re: Sierra by Cobra parts diane joyce 10-26-13  
I'd like to know the same info did you find out anything?
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