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VW bus diesel conversion Abbie 4-4-03  
Does anyone know how to convert a '71 VW bus into a diesel? I'm looking to eventually turn it into a biodiesel. Any info on either topic will help. Thanks for your time.
Re: Dunebuggy/ Kombie diesel Scott Campbell 1-31-12  
I have a dunebuggy I built in 84. It has a 53HP boxer engine on it, which pulls it just fine for me. I would like someones thoughts on going diesel. Aircooled diesel if possible. It don't wiegh 800lbs, and will be geared low for the mountains and slow running. I'll be 50 soon so I'm not nterested in a hotrod. does subaru make a diesel? Or does someone know anything about a Kombie bus engine? I'm just interested in crawling around in the mountains slowly, with a dependable SIMPLE TO WORK ON, cheap on fuel engine alternative. If I have to, I can go with watercooled; But would prefer aircooled
Re: VW bus diesel conversion Keith C. 7-5-03  
An air cooled Type 2 VW is a poor candidate for any diesel engine but swaps have been done. A Peterson book showed a Nissan four converted one,about twenty years ago. Much fabrication was needed.

The VW Tdi engines are the logical powerplant but you are in for extensive mount building, radiator and a lot of custom wiring.

I would look at a later type II aircooled or maybe even a Corvair if I wanted power and torque. If I had to have a diesel I would put an Isuzu or Nissan or any of several other Japanese or euro engines in a full size American van old enough to beat your state's emissions laws. Or buy a Ford with a PowerStroke if that suits you.
Re: VW bus diesel conversion Herman 9-10-03  
Dear Abbie,
With all respect, I never read such bunch of hot air as the responses to your question.
You have two operations to accomplish:
1.-Convert the van to diesel: Kennedy Engineering in So. Calif. sells a kit and gives you all the advise to install the VW or possible other diesel engines in your van.
It is true that you have to do work in creating motor mounts and placing a radiator in front connected with 1inch coper pipes.

2.-Run the converted on Biodiesel: I do not know the details of this but I do not think it is very complicated, I know of people running on veggie oil.

Comments: The 71 van with a diesel under 70HP would be very slow.
I converted a 65 to Corvair and a 72 to Toyota 1800cc, both with Kennedy parts.
Re: VW bus diesel conversion scott 7-11-03  
I'm doing the exact same search myself. Check out I just met these boys through some friends of mine; (one of whom just did a conversion to bio through greasel on a later model vw.) Put your question to their e-mail. In conversation, I was told about a german company called bullyboys that makes a dropin diesel engine replacement for the type 2. Have been having diffficulty in my internet search getting info on this company, at least in english. (My german isn't that good.)Let me know how your research goes. Thanks, and good luck, Scott.
Re: VW bus diesel conversion ROB 5-4-04  
I currently run an Isuzu Turbo diesel unit that originally came from a 1994 vauxhaul astra.
It now runs very smoothly after much mucking around with different radiators and possitions for them.
Some guy down south did the convewrsion using 1.6 cavalier addapter plate and machined it out to fit the diesel engine.
You can gladly have photos of the engine in situ if this is what you want to do.
Re: VW bus diesel conversion Mark Servatius 11-7-08  
I've been toying with ideas for my 79 Westy. Have thought a non-turboed 1.9VW diesel would be perfect. However, since I have an old Mercedes diesel as well I can only think how perfect it would be to have an old 240D engine clanking in the back of my bus. Would put the radiator forward and under the "frame" and try to keep as much weight forward as possible. I know it would be heavy, yet it's overall simplicity and dependability would be wonderful.

Any ideas?
Re: VW bus diesel conversion Josh 11-2-09  
You could try a Subaru boxer diesel -- it would fir into the approximately same space.
Re: VW bus diesel conversion Seth 8-27-03  
I have tired a problematic search for bully boys as well. (Actually, I found this posting upon running a search after visiting Greasel) Please post anything found in regards to this transformation. I will do the same.
Re: VW bus diesel conversion daniel 8-30-03  
I am looking to turn a vw diesel to run off veggie oil.. i have spoken with a bio-diesel company in vermont about the conversion.. a guy in the company has a 82 bus that runs off veggie oil.. he told me that for the conversion is it really hard to use a older bus cause they we not factory made diesel buses.. you really want a water cooled engine to make the conversion.... i really wanted an older bus but the most important matter is the veggie oil working........... good luck
and check out
Re: VW bus diesel conversion Rob B. 11-28-04  
I would love to see as many pictures as you are willing to provide if that is not too much of an inconvenience.

I too intend to convert a 1969 VW Campmobile to a 4.3 liter V6 intercooled turbo. Or at least that is what I hope to do.

Thanks is advance!
Rob B.
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