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'95 eurovan greymarket? l.a.baldwin 2-10-03  
We bought our '95 eurovan a year or so ago, in part because it is alleged to be the last model with a 5-speed manual transmission. it includes a full kitchen, portable shower, closets, etc. etc. we have never been able to find information on its value and when we have looked up prices for '95s we have been stunned by how much more we paid. on the other hand, the models we've found advertised seemed to have either much less camping stuff included or, in some cases, none at all. All of them however are advertised as "Eurovans." One dealer we spoke to said that our year and model is a "grey market vehicle", i.e. there is no standard description/price for it. Can anyone explain this to me? thanks so much.
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? lorenzo 9-27-04  
Where do I go, to find information about volkswagen eurovan campers.
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? greg 3-18-03  
I believe the model you have is a 1995 VW Eurovan Camper. (I happen to have one too.) It was sold in the US by VW. It had the 5-speed manual transmission, connected to the 5-cylinder VW/Audi engine. The chassis was made in Hannover, Germany. The camper conversion was completed in the US by Winnebago, though it probably doesn't have a decal that states that. Gray-market refers to a vehicle that was designed and sold for a foreign market and then imported to the US. Gray-market vehicles ususally require modification to meet US safety and emission standards, as regulated by the EPA. I doubt your van is grey-market. I happened to live in Germany in 1995 and at that time, there was not a VW camper van (Eurovan-based) available on the German market. There is now a German VW Camper (Eurovan-based) with the conversion done by Westphalia, that appeared on the European market in the late 1990s. It is available with a nice turbo-diesel engine and a 5-speed transmission. I've been passed by more than one on the autobahn going over 90 MPH (they get great mileage too)! The only place I've gotten a value for the Eurovan Camper is at and go under the RV link and use "Eurovan" as the brand. I found the prices to be very low, compared to my local paper.
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? Campion 3-15-03  
I have been looking for a "made in europe" Manual Trans Eurovan and have been talking to greymarket low-volumn dealers that specialize in importing individual used vehicles.
Greymarket is a term I have heard for years but am not definite of its origins so I will not venture a definition. Something I believe to do with the doing-business-within-the-grey-areas-of-import-laws.

Your van probably came from Canada or the Nederlands if it is greymarket. One way to tell is if the spedo display is in KM with miles as the sub markings verses the reverse for vehicles made for the US.

What you may also have is a special order camper van that was assembled specially for someone at the Winnebago Plant that does the final assembly here in the US.
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? robert stork 4-1-03  
I have a 96 Eurovan -Winebago conversion type and bought it several years ago, because i was surprised to find it having a 5 speed with all loaded stuff. It does read in KM. I bought it in canada. I do not know why but i wanted to buy a new one at that time but was told by the dealerships that I would have to buy with automatic and no AC. Go figure. So i did not buy at the time. Several years latter I find one that is used with exactly what i wanted.

It is possibly for sale if anyone is interested, please e-mail to those who are interested.
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? Bruce Parker 3-24-03  
L A Baldwin: I own a 1995 euroVan Camper. This (mine, at least) is nota grey market vehicle. I am the 2nd owner, and know the first. I have the invoice from original sale. Because this started as a long wheel base commercial van in Germany, and was sent to Winnebago for conversion, it could be registered either as a VW or as a Winnebago, following the curious customs of the DMW in your area. While it is possible that you have landed a grey market vehicle, it is not inevitable. The US market got a single engine/transmission format (ACU engine, 02G transmission, I think) This was indeed, the last year for which a manual transmission was offered. I don't know about the automatics, and don't want to. You could check with a VW dealer to see if your VIN falls within those sold as US models. Grey market may mean nothing, or a disaster. Any trouble buying replacement parts? I think the lighting and glass differences are non-issues. I'd personally love the AWD model, but that's another issue. It is not clear to me that you have an inevitable problem unless if you got it registered, unless you need parts or service and VWOA turns its back on you. The diesels get about 27-28 mpg, though.
Bruce Parker
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? dan 4-8-03  
What are u asking for it? thanks.

Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? Tom 7-7-03  
We also had a '95 Eurovan camper, the long wheelbase model converted by Winnegago. The current model is almost exactly the same camper, but the van is greately improved with the addition of the 200hp V-6 engine.

However, Westphalia still made campers in Europe after this, and they were sold in Canada until at least '97 I believe. I think they were based upon the same short wheelbase platform as the current Eurovan MV, and I suspect that they are still being sold in Europe.

I have seen one or two of them after '95 in the U.S., and actually inquired once of a VW dealer in the Vancouver area as to whether they could be federalized for the US, and he said that several people from Oregon and Washington had done so. He said the base van was exactly the same as the EUrovan MV. It would be great to have one, because even though Winnebago did a decent job with the campers sold in this country, anyone who has had the real deal (Westphalia) campers knows they are the best.
Re: '95 eurovan greymarket? tony 6-27-03  
I thought I might weigh in on the discussion of eurovan pricing. I have found the eurovan "blue book" value listed under recreational vehicle, van conversion (from the local library or your bank can look it up for you). I own a 1995 with manuel transmission (which I am also currently trying to sell) and so I researched the pricing for some time. The 1995 listed value is between 17,000 and 20,000 currently, for excellent condition etc..
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