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Wiper System Preventive Maintenance
The recreational vehicle wiper system is the most overlooked item in the RV check off list when preparing for travel. It is the last thing thought of before traveling, but the first thing thought of when the wipers need to be activated and do not work properly. It is a know fact that safety is 90 percent visual and should be given the highest priority before traveling.

There is a product available that addresses all of the many problems that occur and provides a common since solution to these common problems. It is called the Wiper Buddy and is one that delivers maximum performance with minimal effort.

This product was designed for all RV’s in all classes as well as large trucks that pull fifth wheel and trailers that are parked, stored or used periodically. The product’s color, shape and design elevates the wiper system from the windshield preventing the following damage. Installation time is 5 seconds for both windshield wipers.

Using this product prevents damage to the wiper blade, wiper pivot, wiper arm, control arm, wiper motor and even the windshield. All of this damage is done due to wipers sticking to the windshield in summer and winter. A little known fact is that the windshield temperature reaches up to 175 degrees. In hot or even moderate temperature the wiper arm spring pressure softens and "deflects" the "V" shape of the wiper blade against the windshield and literally bakes the 24 to 30 inch wiper blade to the windshield. Upon wiper activation it takes such force to release the wipers from the windshield that any or all of the above damage can occur in the first upward stroke of the wiper blade. Icing weight also deflects the "V" shape of the wiper blade into a permanent set or "parked rubber damaging position". Even wiper sticking in frost can do the same damage. The wiper blades ends are the weakest point and upon this wiper release tears exposing wiper housing metal and clips that unfortunately start etching the windshield. By the time you get parked the expensive damage is already done.

Product use provides preventive maintenance by releasing wiper arm spring pressure allowing wiper blades to air dry without deterioration. Prohibits trapped dirt lines from forming which cause sand paper type compounding and etching of the wiper and windshield upon every wiper activation. Maintains the wipers "V" shape preventing "parked rubber damage" which is permanently set and deflected wiper blades. Insures longer wiper life and limits chattering, streaking and smearing that is due to wiper deflection. Wiper Buddy allows windshield covers and sunscreens to air dry while again preventing trapped moisture damage. Dramatically improves wet weather visibility. All of the above damage starts with wiper installation and stops when this product is used. The product fits single or double wiper arms horizontal or vertical. Wiper Buddies for vehicle, SUV and small trucks are available on the web site as well.

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