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There are a wide range of Recreational Vehicles out there, and now a new trend to go small. Some recreational vehicles can cost upwards of $1,000,000, although what one gets for that, other than looks and huge electrical systems, is beyond me. Most RV dealers want to find retiring couples with nice equity in their homes, a good amount of dispensable income, and savings accounts that allow for the lifestyle. But, that is not a requirement. You can find a lot of deals, especially with the power of Internet search.

The problem with buying an RV is you can't guarantee that you are getting a fair price. There are no web sites where you can lookup dealer cost. But, let's face it, anything we buy is worth exactly how much we are willing to pay for it. If we see there is another RV similar to ours, but cheaper, well, let's just say we did a better job in our inspection, and got the better deal in the long run.

Try before you buy.

RV life is just wonderful for many people who swear by it. They seem to have the personality that allows for smaller spaces, outdoor life, and groups. But how do you really know if you're ready for it? Instead of mortgaging your house and plunking down $60,000 on a motorhome of sorts, try renting one for a holiday getaway and see how you like it. A $700 a week rental for two weeks plus expenses might add up to $2,500 but you will know if you're ready for the RV life by the end of the trip. Also, talk to other people who own RVs and ask them what expectations they had, how it changed, and what they like best about the lifestyle. Then ask them what they would change, since most lifestyles start with particular expectations, then changes are made to reduce the negatives. Try RV camp grounds, you'll find plenty of RV owners with opinions.

At the end of the day it comes down, realistically to this:

  • Go smartly after the dream by doing research first.
  • Once you decide on what type of RV suits you, get the best deal for you; what are you willing to pay, and do you feel good about it.
  • If it doesn't suit you, then try to sell for as much as you paid.

The experience alone may be well worth the fun and headaches you had while you did it. At least you got out there and lived a little.

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