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Recently it was announced that a Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn would now be available with secondary hues, on a two tone upgraded package, in colors that match your 5th wheel or trailer, or, I guess any RV.

Now, while this may be great for Dodge, it may not be so great for the consumer, considering one would have to buy a new Dodge on top of the current or upcoming price of their RV. So, I propose another solution...

I recently painted my Ford F-150 Supercrew at one of these budget paint and body places, you know the ones that car dealers use (3-year warranty). I had the entire truck painted, two-tone metal flake, with colors of my choice (I matched factory Ford paint on top, and then choose silver on bottom), which one could effectively do with their RV colors to match their truck. The great thing is the cost. It cost me $1200.00 for the whole truck, so would most likely cost around $300.00 - $500.00 for just the trim (just ask them to mask the undercarriage, otherwise you'll get overspray, which is a signature of a budget paint job).

Think about it, if your truck is already in good condition, you could simply match your RV accent color to a swatch taken from a paint store, take it to the paint and body shop and have them match that paint to the trim on your truck.

Anyway, the math is clear, you can spend $55,000.00 for a new truck and custom paint package, or you can spend a fraction of that to custom paint at a budget paint shop. You'll probably make a change in your RV within the three year warranty period anyway, so you've got nothing to lose... at least in my budget-minded opinion.

You, of course, make your own decision...

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