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What are some of the road scams that I need to know about?

Common sense is your best weapon against scams. Sometimes, though, we are in the "traveling" frame of mind, and not on the alert. Don't be so relaxed that you ruin your vacation or, worse yet, get hurt. consider these tips:

  • Avoid flashing your lights at other cars that are driving without their lights on at night. This used to be a common courtesy, but unfortunately some gangs will drive around with their lights off and pick the first car to flash them as a victim to harass. You may think it’s just an urban myth, but our local police put out a memo about this to all the Rental Companies this year.
  • Beware the pull over. If you’re in a new RV coming from the highway or you have those out of state plates, you’re targeted as an easy mark with a big payoff. Sometimes, criminals will try to get you to pull over by pointing and saying something is wrong with your car. They might even fake a small accident, a little tap on your bumper to get you to pull over. Since this has been used as a scam, you’ll want to be careful about where you pull over if you need to, be sure to pick a well-lit public place.
  • Stick to the major roads, since you don’t know the side streets you might just pick the one all the locals avoid. You’ll also find more people and better lighting on the major roads; these factors make the "pull over" riskier for the criminals.
Be your own best friend and watch out for each other. Always play it safe!

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