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What drinks should I avoid while driving?

You want to be cautious about how many drinks you have containing caffeine while on the drive. It is a diarrhetic (it makes you have to pee). This means more time that you need to stop, actually making the trip longer.

Caffeine drinks are bad enough, caffeine tablets are even worse in that they will cause you to become dehydrated, making you even more miserable.

Here are some drinks and food items with and without caffeine:

Caffeine (mg)
Mountain Dew
7-Up 0
Bigelow Raspberry Tea 83
Lipton Peppermint Tea 0
Diet Coke 47
Root Beer 0
Juiced 60
Minute Maid Orange Soda 0
Ben & Jerry's Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt 85
Healthy Choice Cappuccino Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream 8
Dannon Coffee Yogurt 45
Stonyfield Farms Cappuccino Yogurt 0

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