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Firan Motorhome L. Marks 11-14-02  
Considering purchasing a 1993 Firan Ultrastar Class A motorhome, but not acquainted with the brand. Have been able to learn they were a Canadian mfr. sold to Thor Ind. in mid '90's....can anyone advise of their experience with them?
Re: Firan Motorhome C.F.O. 8-2-07  
Any Firan owner is welcome to join
Champion Fleet Owners

We are a club for the owners and admires of products made by Champion Home Builders

Made from 1953-1992 then bought out by Firan and made from 1993-1996.

Some of the models were carried over by Firan. Ultrastar, Telstar, Titan later Covington,and Europremier. So we share a common interest, with both Co's brands.

But all owners and admires of Firan RVs regardless of brand are also welcome to join.
Re: Firan Motorhome Tammy 6-25-07  
We are in need of a wiring manual for our 1996 Firan Raven. We are having some major wiring issues, which include the fuse for the gas and control pannel for water, the fuse pops immediately after putting it in.
Re: Firan Motorhome Bill 6-6-07  
A widowed lady here wants to sell her 1995 Firan Raven MH. It seems to be a good machine on a Chevy Chassis.

If I buy it and need to replace a windshield, where can I get one?

Thank you,

Bill (Arizona)
Re: Firan Travel Trailer Dee H 12-30-07  
We have a 1995 Firan RV, bought it used and don't have the owners manual. If anyone has the manual or if I can call and ask some questions I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Re: Firan Motorhome john melton 1-7-08  
Recently purchased a 1995 europremier 40 ft diesel 8.3 engine need manuals anyone know where to look,thanks john
Re: Firan Motorhome rick 8-26-08  
How can I find out how much to sell my motorhome for ?
Re: Firan Motorhome Jim 7-30-08  
Just purchased a 1994 firan covington,36' cummings diesel ;I have no info on it. looking for manuel can anyone help
Re: Firan Motorhome Telstar 1995 Roy Gran 7-11-08  
Anyone having manuals for 1995 Firan Telstar I would be interested in purchasing a copy of the manuals ?
Re: Firan Motorhome Dawn 2-22-08  
We are thinking of purchasing a 1996 Raven XL Firan Motorhome. It appears that the company is out of business. Are people happy with the ones they own. Can owners manuals be found?
Re: Firan Motorhome Rusty 3-25-07  
We purchased a 1995 Firan Westhaven last year, great motorhome!. Floor layout spacious and a California king size bed in back. Adding a fuel plate to increase power for trailer towing. We have a full set of Firan manuals if anyone is in need.
Re: Firan Motorhome Jim 3-20-07  
Just bought 95 Firan Covington with Banks Power System,36k miles.All kind of extras,but no books or manuals I pay for copys or orig.HELP I dont know what to expect about milledge or parts
Re: Firan Motorhome Roy Miller 3-1-03  
Ref: the firan motorhome
I purchased a 1995 Firan LMC diesel. 36footer. I have only had it for a year and a half. it is a wide body. and I love it. the diesel has plenty of power. and have had no problems with it except for the isolation switch to seperate the house from the truck batteries, after alternator is shut down. I did discover a couple of the compartment doors had quite a bit of dry rot. I have had one rebuilt. I get 9.6 miles per gal. while towing my jeep grand cherokee. I wonder if anyone knows of an Firan motorhome club would be great if there was one. as the last one built was in 96 Roy Miller
Re: Firan Motorhome Peter Chirco 2-22-03  
I have just purchased a 1995 Firan Raven Motorhome. I have all of the individual manuals but nothing on the motorhome itself. Is it possible to buy one or have one copied. One thing I would like to know is can you operate the TV/VCR while you are driving down the road? Well, I can use any help I can get.

Re: Firan Motorhome jIM 2-3-03  
Ultrastars are among the best RV's ever built. You should check the website for info.
Re: Firan Motorhome matt 2-3-16  
I am currently building a website to start by listing manuals, documentation, pictures, how to's, etc on the 1993 Firan Europremier as a free library for the public. I hope others will post in the future about their hard to find manuals for others to share.

my email is / 281.804.3340
Re: Firan Motorhome Pat Crippen 6-9-03  
Are there any dealers for your units in the state of Illinois, 62881 zip?
Re: Firan Motorhome Hank 12-3-03  
Drove one recently, but don't own a MH. It was a '95 with about 70k miles. Well maintained. Driving it, with a toad, was a pleasure in all regards.

However, I was concerned about the fact that the manufacturer is defunct. If you can find parts and get maintenance, it may be a good choice.

The only negative was the pass-through toilet.
Re: Firan Motorhome Ray Foster 7-18-06  
We just bought a 1994 Firan 39-footer, which is a superb maxhine. The only problem is that it did not come with a single owners/operators manuals. Does anyone know of a source for these? I would be happy to pay a reasonable price for a set of either original or photocopied manuals. Thanks.
Re: Firan Motorhome Dave F. 5-11-06  
Wanted 1993-1996 Firan Telstar, couple looking to buy a Telstar with the rear Queen bed layout to replace our previous motorhome.Please only clean, garaged, low mileage units would be considered (under 70K).We are trying to buy in the Northeast area, Thanks Dave & Cher.
Re: Firan Motorhome jim pardikes 5-20-04  
I just purchased a 1994, 36 foot Firan covington LMC 8.3 diesel pusher. Having problems tracing the power supply to the Alternater, I really need a set of wiring schematics, Can any one help?
Re: Firan Motorhome chuck 4-20-04  
The tv is wired so it shuts off when you start the coach you need to remove the unit that kills the power
Re: Firan Motorhome Don 9-12-08  
I am looking for a Telstar model motorhome to purchase. Please send some pictures and price. Thank you!!
Re: Firan Motorhome howard mcgrew 7-5-07  
Recently purchased a lovely 1992 Class C, Firan Telstar on a Ford E350. 28 foot.

runs and drives like new and have put 4000 miles on it in less than a year.

few leaks on side fiberglass, but fixed.

Keep upgrading the grill shell. All E350 ford fit up to the 07 model. 08 will be a change over.

Have not seen or heard of another class c like this one.

anyone have one. MAC PGH, PA
Re: Firan Motorhome martin de jonge 6-25-11  
Need windsheilds for my 1993 covington,by firan,34 ft. motorhome, where can i buy the windsheils, and aprox. the price, $
Re: Firan Motorhome, windsheilds martin de jonge 6-25-11  
Need windsheilds for my 1993 covington 34.ft where can we get them,. and the price,$,??.
Re: Firan Motorhome Heather 8-8-10  
Have a 96' Raven XL for past 3 years - love it. No problems what so ever. Live in BC Canada and unit winters well. Cabinetry is top of the line - solid oak. Have all the manuals - you can order them through any M/H dealership.
Re: Firan Motorhome GENE LYON 7-31-10  
Just purchased 1993 europremeir and need a set of operator manuals. It has 8.3 cummins dsl ALLISON 6 spd trans. Just got it home this evening 7-30-10. phone 1-800-348-2164 cell 605-391-6520
Re: Firan Motorhome cliff hammonds 7-23-11  
I just purchased a 1994 diesel pusher 34' w/ oshkosh chassis. I have manuals for chasssis but no coach manuals. Can anyone help me locate?
Thank you and God Bless
Re: Firan Motorhome Jim Stephenson 12-24-12  
Looking for manuals for a 1995 Firan Westhaven 37 ft. Thanks for any information available and how and cost to obtain. Thanks
Re: Firan Motorhome daytime light module location Ken Armstrong 9-22-15  
I have a 1994 Firan Ultrastar Class A 33 ft motorhome. I have a problem with the daytime driving lights staying on after the ignition is turned off. can anyone advise where I might find the daytime running light module location or if this is related to the ignition switch? The underbody of the unit has been foam undercoated and has an arctic package for keeping line free from freezing. I live in central Alberta Canada. the unit has made winter trips to Arizona in the past. It is a great unit on a Ford Chassis.
Re: Firan Motorhome Bradley C. Austin 9-16-15  
I am looking at buying a 1994 Telstar, class c, Ford 460 etc. I am wondering what the gas mileage might be? And THIS MOTORHOME HAS ALL THE MANUALS.
Re: Firan Motorhome tombueh 11-26-08  
Anyone know wher i can get parts to a 93 europremier, shows to be built by champion, which is wiered cause firan bought them out in 93
Re: Firan Motorhome jay 12-27-12  
I bought a Firan Raven motorhome 1995/ model rv325 length 32'4" this year to live in up north instead of living in camp, its been -39 so far and no issues other than human error, reports and pictures you can read up on here of my issues if you'd like.

I have all the original manuals and more.
internet is patchy when i get a chance i will try to post for others.

So far out of all my searching before buying this was the best bang for the buck very comfortable and reliable, best interior out of everything i looked at, and currently in renos, should be worth much more than what i bought it for.
This spring repaint and custom wrap loving the lifestyle of rv-ing.
For me it has paid for itself 3 times now while working and living out of it, i am sure if work ended tomorrow i would drive it home and look for a fulltime campground and continue living out of it.
Re: Firan Motorhome Jon Prisbe 4-7-10  
Just purchased a '96 Firan Raven XL.
Anyone have an owners manual they could copy for me. Gladly pay for it. Thanks.
Re: Firan Motorhome Jon Prisbe 9-12-13  
I eventually found an owners manual for my 1995 Firan Raven XL. Here is a link to a pdf copy I made in case anyone else needs it:
Re: 1994 Firan Westhaven Don Desjardins 1-7-09  
We purchased a 34' 1994 Firan Westhaven with a 460 Ford gas engine. We love it.
Unfortunately we have no manuals for this motorhome. If anyone has these manuals, we would appreciate the chance to purchase copies.
Re: Firan Motorhome Bob Du Be 6-3-09  
I have a 1994 europrimer 36ft 250 turbo charged diesel. have all manuals for this coach. I'm looking for parts for front because of a minneasota female deer. I need some parts if possible. If knowlage of some help would sure appreciate it.
479 586 3443 cell att.
Re: Firan Motorhome Don Lewis 2-15-09  
I am looking to purchase a 1992-1995 Telstar motorhome. Please send information and picture (if possible)to
Re: Firan Motorhome James Muhs 4-2-10  
We just bought a 1995 Raven 33" and it rides really good. I have only had it out 2 times driving and both times the wind was blowing very hard/25-35 MPH.and it handled really good considering the wind. I can't seem to find the Invertor and would appreciate any help. We are also looking for a couch/bed as our's is faded.An upholsterer wanted over $750 to redo it.Our's has the Ford 460 and has plenty of power. Thanks Jim
Re: Firan Motorhome / body parts Rodger 9-28-09  
I have a 94 Covington LMC, 34" with 45K miles, 250 Cummins diesel. Great condition. Does anyone know where I can get a rear fiberglass bumper replacement.
Re: Firan Motorhome George Drewrey 7-18-09  
I have a small water line leak how do I get to the plumbing to repair or replace with pex?
Re: Firan Motorhome Joe Welsh 10-6-09  
My wife and I have recently purchased a Firan Covington 34ft. 5.9 Diesel. We are about to embark on our first trip to eastern Wa. We evidently do not have all the manuals. I cannot find where the drain valves for fresh water tank are. Would appreciate any help and any other information that would be helpful to us.

Thank you, Joe Welsh
Re: Firan Motorhome Jim 3-10-10  
I have a 1993 Firan Covington with all the manuals if someone needs a copy
Re: Firan Motorhome manoon SANGHAD 1-6-10  
Would like to purchase a manuals copy of 1995 firan telstar, if someone can help please. my email address is

Re: Firan Motorhome Frank Northrop 3-30-10  
I have a 93 Europremier 8.3 cummings, have had for about 9 years. NEED HELP lost key to lower bays. Locksmith need manufacture of lock. Locks have 500 on them and one lock has a c with a circle around it. Any help would be appreciated. I also have a short in head lights and turn signals Have no wiring diagram. Thank you PS. Would like to meet other Europremier owners.
Re: Firan Motorhome Don 3-22-03  
Jim: Can't seem to bring up Is the club still in existence? Thanx.
Re: Firan Motorhome Ian Ward 4-28-08  
I have had a raven 32ft for three years with the 6.5 tdi chevy diesel. I have nearly rebuilt her and rewired the whole coach. This has got to be one of the best of the oldies. Drives great but has had a few niggly little turbo probs but nothing dramatic.
I have all the manuals inc the chssis
book which I believe is now obsolete. You need the chevy manual for the P6 7.5 ton truck as this is what its based on

good luck and if there is a club forming let me know please.
All the best from scotland in the UK
Re: Firan Motorhome Clement 10-24-04  
Bought a 32'Ultrastar 1994 diesel. Had to rewinterize it and replace the fuse between the motor home and the auto charging system. The roof airconditioner is barely adequate but the duotherm roof heater is too weak for Canadian winters. I use the built in heater which was OK even at -20C. I think it is a very good long term investment
Re: Firan Motorhome bill clark 11-13-05  
Pete we just bought a 95 telstar and we aremissing some of the manuals did you locate a place to get yours any help would be appreciated thanks bill
Re: Firan Motorhome Art Pillen 3-2-03  
I found a Firan club address on line, but I haven't yet inquired about it (I have a 28' Telstar 1993). It appears to be intended for you BIG BOYS!
Firan Owners Association
c/o Richard Roland
PO Box 482
Elkhart, IN 46515
Re: Firan Motorhome David R 3-10-03  
I just bought a 96 covington LX, widebody 31' W/454 It has 10,600 & i have been getting 10.7mpg using cruise control going 58.Mileage has been has low as 4.8 without cruise & running between 65-72.It is a very well built coach.The front end has been beefed up.All in all my wife & i love it so far.
Re: Firan Motorhome Art 3-26-03  
We just bought a 1996 34 ft. Raven.
I just was wondering if anyone has a similar RV and how they like it. In reply to Peter question, our dealer told us that we had to run the generator to have AC electricity. He also recommened that we use the generator and the roof top Air conditioning while driving.
Re: Firan Motorhome Carol 7-31-03  
I just went to it. Worked fine. We just bought a '92 Ultrastar and are trying to find a manual on the coach. Anyone help us?
Re: Firan Motorhome Norm Caldwell 7-16-03  
We just purchased a '96 Raven XL (34') it!
Re: Firan Motorhome R Jones 3-9-04  
Looking at a 1995 Firan westhaven 36' 230 cummins. Any one know anything about these ?? Can you still get windshields,tailights other odd parts ??
Re: Firan Motorhome Rita Luterbach 8-4-04  
We've just ordered new windshields, out of Indianna. I hope they fit. Rita
Re: Firan Motorhome Bob Fader 3-25-08  
I have a wiring schmatic for the champion Europremier with a 8.3. It is the same thing that you have.
Re: Firan Motorhome rich b 5-11-06  
Where can I find parts for a firan 5w trailer its a fireside and I need a landing gear part thanx very much.
Re: Firan Motorhome DJ 10-3-05  
I know a retired couple who are getting ready to sell a Firan Ultrastar here in BC Canada.It is 1993,and it has 88000km[54000 miles] on it.It has been excellent for them.The motor,etc are great,but may need new tires.
Re: Firan Motorhome JennGresham 4-11-12  
Long story short, we bought a 1994 Firan Europremier from a reputable dealership and have since learned the VIN plates are missing. Can't tag it. Only a partial on chassis which may work to tag it but makes it difficult if we ever sell. Can anyone send me a picture of a similar VIN plate? There are companies that can legally replace the original but the guy I talked to has never made one for this particular motorcoach and needs an example to work from. You can blur out the VIN#, he just needs the general format to make a replacement for me.
P.S. we also need to purcahse manuals. All of ours are missing, too.
Re: Firan Motorhome BernieTymko 12-22-08  
I would be interested inthis unit.Would youknow how much they are asking ??? Bernie
Re: Firan Motorhome Byron Jones 3-11-07  
Please send details

Thank you

Re: Firan Motorhome FOREST MCGINNIS 2-12-15  
I need the manual or manuals for a 94 telstar pleease advise
Re: Firan Motorhome Marj Miller 4-15-07  
We have a 1995 TELSTAR Firan Motorhome, which we have been very happy with, however we do not have any manuals,which makes it difficult to work on by ourselves. If any one has a manual, we would be happy to purchase it.
Thank you.
Re: Firan Motorhome James Gross 10-12-07  

My name is James Gross and I just purchase a firan motorhome. Raven style. I did not recieve a manuel. Is there any way I can get a copy. Please let me know....

James Gross
Re: Firan Motorhome rick 2-24-11  
I'm looking for a owners manual for a 95 firan raven powered with a 460 ford.all i know is that it runs well! however, i like to know some of the options such as how to activate alarm system,the light blinks in dash & it beeps but nothing happens when a door is has a driver door as well & i see the magmount sensors.the list goes on. thanks
Re: Firan Motorhome Rusty Richardson 7-26-12  
Looking for manuals for 1995 Westhaven Firan RV. It's a 33ft gas engine RV. Do you still have manuals for this vehicle? Thanks for reading.


Re: Firan Motorhome Bob Stacy 7-1-15  
If you still have copies of you 1995 westhaven manuals call me 1615 680-4109 thanks Bob
Re: Firan Motorhome Pete 5-23-16  
Rusty, I have a 1994 For an Europreimer. Need manuals/wiring schematics. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.
Re: Firan Motorhome roger prdue 7-20-11  
I need a windshield also did you find thanks,
Re: Firan Motorhome james pardikes 6-9-07  
I needed one for my Firan and simply went to an RV dealer/repair shop, and they were able to help me.
good luck
Re: Firan Motorhome philip schuback 4-21-14  
Desparetly need wiring schematic for 30
ft.covington firan
Re: Firan Motorhome RICK 8-3-10  
make a new wiring small loom, remember when an electrical problem comes up, sometimes its better to cut and tape the wires and start again!! that way you know its right!!!
Re: Firan Motorhome Lee Olsen 11-23-14  
I just got a lmc firan 1995 Trying to figure out who to contact about parts for it. It has no books for it lokking for those to thank you
Re: Firan Motorhome Yvonne Carlson 11-2-09  
Hi, I have a 1995 Ford Firan 27' Class C. I purchased as is with no manuals. Lost my husband to cancer in April and bought it to go south in the winter (live in WI). Little did I know it had many problems. It had an inner blow out before I purchased and it took out the auxillary fuel tank, broke the tire wheel well outer trim piece, broke the plumbing and a floor brace. Not a sole knows a thing about this unit in my area and it is 60 miles to the closest RV Repair. Trying to do research before my appointment tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Firan travel trailer lisa T 9-4-07  
Re: Firan Motorhome David Goyer 11-8-11  
Just purchased a eurosport93 drove it home about 880 miles noticed at times a bounce in the front end. Is this just shocks? They look new, but the front sits up much more than the back.
Re: Firan travel trailer Ron P 12-16-07  
We own a 1995 Fireside 26' travel trailer. It is in storage but I think that I do have the Owners Manual. I will look for it as soon as I can & will let you know.
Re: Firan Travel Trailer Yvonne Carlson 11-2-09  
Hi, viewed your post of past. I was wondering if you were able to get a set of manuals for your Firan? I have a 1995 Ford Firan Telstar Class C. Retired, lost my husband to cancer in April. I bought this unit to go south for the winter. (Live in WI). Anyway it has been given me major grief since I bought it and have not had a chance to use it. A couple major things left. Evidently it had an inner tire blow out that took out the Auxillary fuel tank need for the generator. Broke plumbing, destroyed wheel well outside trim and broke a floor brace. These are the things I have left to repair. I redid the entire inside and had electrical fixed. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. I have no manuals. Yvonne.
Re: Firan Motorhome Linda Thompson 9-6-11  
My brother has a 1995 "Coventon lx" by firan. He lives in Santee South Carolina. He recently had a stroke and needs to sell. I am trying to help him out. If any of you knows anyone wanting a fine motor home. I would love to here from you. Thank you so much. Linda
Re: Firan Motorhome Lynn 9-18-11  
We have just acquired a 1994 Covington Motor home and believe it or not are having trouble locating the water pump. Someone said it could be under the mattress, but we think there must be an easier access. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Re: Firan Motorhome Ross 10-28-11  
Just recently bought a 1994 26' Covington Firan. Have a crack in the window washer resovoir. Need to know how to get a replacement or how to seal the crack. Can anyone help?
Re: Firan Motorhome TENA 6-18-11  
I have a 1995 firan westhaven 35 ft diesel pusher for sale. 7.3 diesel generator. 44 k. 6 speed allison transmission. 5.9 cummins 12 value. we downsized to a c class :(. gets 11 mpg. good shape. nada 28,000.00 asking 21,000.00. have all manuals for everything in it. i am the 2nd owner, 865 388 3716 or tenabailey @
Re: Firan Motorhome Darrell Woofter 12-6-10  

I am having a problem trying to locate
a complete wiring diagram of my 1994
Ultra Star RV (gas) (34 foot).

It is most important that I can find one. I understand there is a website
or link that allows you to download
their wiring diagrams at no cost.

Thank you.
Darrell in Missouri
Re: Firan Motorhome Jonathan Sweitzer 11-8-11  
Hi Firan Fans, These really are Great Coaches, I bought my grandfathers 1994 30 ft Raven a few months ago for $18.000. It ONLY has 36k Miles on it So it still runs and drives like new and I love it. But since buying it I took a trip over to Hawaii with my mother and bought land over there SO My Raven is Up for grabs to anyone thats looking to buy one. Ill take $11.000 cash for it. Anyone interested can email me if they like and ill be glad to send MANY pics. Im located right above Charlotte NC Thanks Much. Jonathan Sweitzer
Re: Firan Motorhome philip schuback 5-5-10  
I have a 30 ft 1996 LS covington motor home. I have all the manuels for appliances plus an owners Manuel. The owners manuel describes the appliances and electsrical systsem but addresses everything in general terms as for their function and usage but not any description or location of the switches,fuse boxes, fuel or water capacity. Where can I get this information. please
Re: Firan Motorhome Barry 7-9-10  
Have a 30' Firan TELSTAR MH for Sale, 1994 Navistar Diesel-drives beautifully, have the Manuals, will deliver anywhere -reasonable-in North America this season...Barry 1-604-876 5123
1989 Telstar for sale Terry Durfee 2-13-11  
I have a 1989 Telstar for sale. The Camper is in good shape with only 74K miles on it. New tires, with duels on the back. Everything works in the camper. It is 26 feet long with a queen bed in back and table that turns into a bed. The camper has a very nice rear door that open from the exterior that gives you about three feet of storage to the ceiling of camper. The Onan Generator only has 240 hours on it and has been serviced every year. I have replaced all roof vents and alternator as well as batteries. If anyone is interested send me an email. I am in Big Timber Montana. I am asking 5,000 but am willing to negotiate.
Re: Firan Motorhome thomas griffin 8-14-11  
I have a1995 firan euro premier with 8.3 cummins 40 foot i need a set of manuals i am willing to pay what ever the cost is for a complete set of manuels i see that joni had a set that was 4 13 09 if they are still aviable i would sure be able to use them thanks tom
Re: Firan Motorhome Paul Jennings 12-5-13  
I am looking for a replacement lens for the front porchlight on a 1995 Telstar motorhome. It is a "half" lens that fits the top portion of the light....with the lower portion being a hand hold to get in the unit.
Re: Firan Motorhome Barry Conrad 6-13-14  
I am looking to find out on my lmc firan built coach,what the switch next to the fan switch under the radio does? It looks like a sunburst with half of the
center of the suns circle filled in. When the coach is running it causes the the volt meter to swing. It also causes a click sound from under the dash as it swings from 14 volts to 11 volts? Any ideas
Thanks Barry
Re: Firan Motorhome Jeffrey Peterson 1-6-12  
We have recently purchased a 1996 Firan Raven Motor home XL. We are going to be stripping most of the interior out. We are keeping the bedroom and we have all the manuals that came with the motor home. We are looking to sell everything including the cabinets, counter tops, stove, refrigerator, mirrors, etched glass. We will not be selling the generator or hot water heater, or furnace. Does anyone know how many miles to the gallon this vehicle gets? Contact via email if interested. Everything is in excellent condition.
Re: Firan Motorhome Helen Moore 3-3-17  
My husband and I have a 1995 Firan Covington Motor Home that has less than 36000 miles on it. We purchased it from my husbands father after my mother in law passed away. It is very nice inside and has all the bells and whistles. We did not travel in it but used it at a park at Lake Texoma for a place to stay while we were at the lake. We have pictures both inside and out and will be happy to send them to an interested purchased. We live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The motor home is parked at our home. It has a diesel engine and an Onan generator. We are willing to take offers and give all details to any interested parties. We have all the original paper work. You can contact us by email and we will repond with our number etc...
Re: Firan Motorhome bob dunning 9-11-12  
Where do you find the onbooard diagnastic plug for a 1996 firan raven xl its 34feet class a ford 460 gas. have looked everywhere no luck. Please help....
Re: Firan Motorhome Annette 6-8-15  
I'm looking for compartment locks for a 94 Duran Raven. They are the black ones that placed in a cutout in the compartment doors. Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Firan Motorhome Rusty Richardson 7-26-12  
My wife and I purchased a 1995 33ft gas fueled Westhaven Firan RV this summer. The owner that we purchased it from was the 2nd owner and he did not have any of the owners manuals. I'm looking for any of the manuals for this model. Anyone know where I may find and/or purchase them?

Rusty in Colorado
Re: Firan Motorhome Ron 2-24-12  
I am looking for the schematic for Bendix air brakes so I can adjust them.
Just bought Firan Raven T Hammersmith 2-15-12  
.I recently purchased a 1995 Firan Raven. I need to find the front fender skirts as mine are missing. just started fixing it up and i searching for help finding parts. thanks
Re: Firan Motorhome Jesse 3-5-12  
I'm looking for a plumbing diagram for a 1993 UltraStar... I just bought it and I've found the previous owner bypassed some things and I want to get it in working order. Thanks
Re: Firan Motorhome JOE MCCLEERY 6-3-12  
I have a 95? firan Ultrastar 30' class A without the title that I would love to sell for parts. Has everything including the 4000watt onan generator w/62 hours on the meter, 460 I bought the house and there was no estate to execute after the previous owner had died. I would take any reasonable offer for whole coach, I have no keys,title, but all glass is good, no leaks, etc.Reach me @574-333-3443
Re: Firan Motorhome joni 4-13-09  
We have a firan motor home 1995, we have had no problems. my parents bought it new, and we bought it from them it has only 30,000 miles, but we are happy with it. i do have all the manuals, if anyone is looking. i did research recently on motorhomes and realized this particular company is made in canada and it is hard to find the right fixtures such as new latches for outside storage compartments, no one had heard of the brand firan.
Re: Firan Motorhome Luis 3-10-08  
We recently bought one is a Firan RAVEN XL 1995, 32’ with 44,000 miles. We have the all the manual to it. I will be glad to help you if you need a copy of them. I will take them to copy zone or copy max and have them copy for you. You can pay the cost with no extra charge. You pay shipping and what ever it may coast. I will be glad to send the receipt and or call you with a estimate of what it will coast.
Re: Firan Motorhome Earl Simpler 10-31-08  
I have A 95 Firan RAVEN,no chassis manual..Could I get A copy. Will gladly pay all expense ++ to help out.
Re: Firan Motorhome Brian 4-18-08  
Have any 1996 Firan Raven motor home owners had any electrical problems that resulted in, or could have resulted in, fire damage to the vehicle?
Re: Firan Motorhome Telstar 1995 Takpay 3-26-17  
I don't know if you are still looking for manuals. I have a class B Telstar Firan 27' with all manuals if you need help with something.
Re: Firan Motorhome Telstar 1995 Linda 8-6-09  
I purchased a 371/2ft telstar Firan motor coach, made in 1995 but registered as a 1996. Does anyone know were you fill the drinking water holding tank. We didn't receive and the manuals. Any help would be great.
thank you.......
Re: Firan Motorhome melissa 7-7-13  
I need a owners manual for a 1995 firan raven. Please help. I am having major issues with fuel supply.
Re: Firan Motorhome linda burton 4-30-09  
Looking for a telstar motor home. Must be fuel injected. I'm in California so must pass smog. Thanks Linda 909-797-8585or 909-790-2820
Re: Firan Motorhome Howard 7-1-12  
Hi Joni

Do you still have the Firan motorhome?

I have just bought a 1995 Firan Telstar here in the UK and need a wiring diagram.

Would you have one?

Re: Firan Motorhome Nicole 6-9-09  
We just bought a 1995 firan westhaven. No manuals would like to purchase a copy from someone if possible. Thanks Nicole
Re: Firan Motorhome Stan Smith 4-26-10  
I have the same problem as so many others also have of not having the manuals for my 1996 Firan Raven XL34. It has a Ford chassis and the 460 ci engine. Can anyone help me with copies of the manuals? Or at least direct me to a source for the manuals?
Re: Firan Motorhome Telstar 1995 Adrián 4-16-15  
I am trying to but your old firan howard can You please send me what the problem was and was it fixed correctly.......and i Would really apprechiate and other información You have Like Services etc thanks
Re: Firan Motorhome Telstar 1995 mike Bachynski 2-24-12  
Hi folks;

am seeking ANY info, manuals, literature on a 1995 24' Telstar by Firan.

Thanks for your assistance.

Mike on Vancouver Island, Canada
Exterior paint terry hauptli 6-22-15  
1997 exterior paint codes location
Re: Firan Motorhome raven front bumper vince 8-29-12  
Re: Firan Motorhome manuals Takpay 3-26-17  
Hi saw you are looking for Manuals. did you find what you are looking for? I have a 94/95 Telstar Firan with all manuals. Please email either way
Happy travels
Re: Firan Motorhome Tamie 5-17-15  
Hi, I know this thread is old but looking for manuals for 1993 firan covington. Would like pdf if availsble. Thanks
Re: Firan Motorhome Yvonne 6-15-11  
Searching for complete set of manuals for my 1995 Ford Firan Telstar 27 ft. Class C 460 engine. Will pay for copies or maybe you can at least direct me to a source for the manuals?

Thank You!!!
Re: Firan Motorhome matt 2-3-16  
Your Vin Number should also be under the front hood on the left upper side sticker it lists your engine block number and type. helpful for oil changes and filters

Owner of 1993 Firan Europremier M-382-QB 38' Diesel Pusher 8.3 Cummins
Re: Firan Motorhome M Leek 7-25-12  
..Hi Joni

Do you still have the Firan motorhome?

I have just bought a 1995 Firan Telstar here in the UK and need a wiring diagram.

Would you have one?

Thanks, Howard..

I have a wiring diagram for a 1996 Firan Telstar. Here is a link to personal photos of my floor plan I have in a picasa online album:

tiny url:

If you think the wiring diagram of my model will help you, I'd be happy to copy it and send to you.

Re: Firan Motorhome I have 93 Telstar firan 8-22-14  
I have a copy of manuals will share
Re: Firan Motorhome bob 1-14-14  
I just bought a 1995 Westhaven 37 foot. i can't get the outside electric to run everything in the motor home. its plugged into the motorhome but nothing comes on. when you turn the power switch on, the lights come on then. what am i doing wrong? Please help. thanks.
Re: Firan Motorhome Mike Benwell 5-4-14  
I am looking for information on brake pads for a 1996 Firan Raven XL gas model
Mr. keith williams 11-17-17  
Need drivers side windshield for 94 firan 36' spartan chassis 8.3 L cummins
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