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Ford F150 - Dies while running Bill Johnson 3-12-03  
My 1983 Ford F150 can be going down the road and it just dies while I'm driving it. I pull to the side of the road and then a little later it will start up and go. I live on an island in Alaska and the mechanics here have changed the starter, new battery etc. and can't fix it. Anyone have any ideas?
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Bill Johnson 3-26-03  
Tried the gas filter and the control monitor. Still not working. You can smell fuel just as it dies, could it be carborator? Help, please I'm out of options.
98 Ford F150 - Starts but I must raise RPM to keep it running Ronald Ragin 1-2-06  
I have a 4x2 98 Ford F150 4.6L -V-8. Roughly about 68,000 miles Automatic. My truck will start and shut back off but it I continue to raise the RPM's it will stay running.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Edwin 5-2-03  
I had the same thing. Some of the wires in the wiring harness where touching each other, which cause the them to short out. They put wire around the wires to separate them and have not had the problems since.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Joe 3-13-03  
Could be either the control module or the gas filter.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running dog1w 3-17-05  
My truck,"1985 f-150 302 motor" fuel injection,just died going down the road.I checked spark at the injectors first,there was no volts. At the same time there was spark at plugs. Can anybody help? MIkE
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Lance Acuna 5-6-03  
I had a 66 mustang and it had the same problem. At first i thought it was the spark coil but when i purchased a new one it had the same problem, the car would just turn off on me while driving. SO i checked the car with voltage meter, your car when turned on should be at 16 volts-but if you see the meter rise you have what's called as "overcharge". The part to change would be the voltage regulator. About 16 dollars. I doubt you've changed it because it's not a part known for breaking down, i had the original regulator and it's a 66 model!!
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Larry Hein 8-3-03  
I have owned my 84 F-150 Pickup (302 engine)for 16 years. My pickup does the same thing, Dies when ever it wants to. When ever this starts to happen I replace the Electronic Ignition module with the blue grommet. I have changed it out 3 times since I have owned my truck and this will fix it every time.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Mark Holly 6-22-03  
I read your message about your 1983 ford dieing while running. My did the same thing until I read a recall up to 1984 ford trucks that did the same. It's the electric ignition. I wrote ford to ask why they stopped at 1984, when my 83 was dieing too. anyway I had the ignition replaced and it hasn't died since. Some sort of falty relay, it gets hot and shuts down, after it cools off, it restarts ok. well good luck I hope this helps. You may have aready fixed it, but just in case knowone passed this on you know now.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running todd 3-14-03  
My first thought was that you need to get a new mechanic. If you are driving down the road and the engine dies, why would someone replace the starter or the battery to try to fix that? I am with the previous post, fuel filter or in the electronic ignition. Try unplugging and plugging back in the connectors for the ignition, could be a bad connection. Also, sometimes the pick-ups in the distributer become heat sensitive, and fail as the engine gets hot, then after it cools off it works again. To test this, I remove the distributor cap, and heat up the electronics with a hair drier, while doing this check for a spark at the coil by cranking the engine. About one minute of heating is usually enough to determine if that is the problem. If after heating you have no spark, then cool down the electronics. I use a shot of freon to rapidly cool, then test spark again. If spark returned, you found your problem. good luck
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Sandie & Bill Johnson 3-14-03  
Thanks guys! We live on a small island in Alaska. The town is Sitka with a population of around 8,000. We've had problems finding a mechanic here that knows what's wrong. We took your advise to the mechanic that changed the ignition and battery and he installed a new control module and put a new fuel filter in and it's been running so far.
Thank God for the Internet!! Anyone want to buy a truck? This one has cost a fortune! Thanks!
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running mr. cochrane 2-22-06  
Please do something about crim in mississippi and new laws
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running johnny marquez 8-22-05  
Went throug a big puddle of water and started to jerk real bad checked every thing and after a week the dam thing still shakeing like an old junker what could be the provlem //???
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Sam Watson 3-14-03  
As I remember, some of the the Dura Spark II modules would shut down on heat rise and give this condition. Test was to heat them up---not too hot--using a drop light, then, with engine running, tap on module to see if engine would shut down.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running Bill Slater 7-29-03  
I know what your problem is i have a 1985 ford f-150 my truck did the same thing yours is doing. you have a bad fuel pump. change that your truck will run like a new one. i guarentee it.
Re: Ford F150 - Dies while running paul 10-2-06  
I have a 1985 f150 it is dying while running and now it only cranks i have a new battery starter alternater and fuel filter i also rebuilt the carb i do not think it is the fuel pump because it is flooding out when i pump the gas any ideas? i need to trade it in for a new car very soon. i would like it to be running when i do that.
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