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Broken Spark Plug Please help Georgia Southern 2-3-03  
I have a 82 school bus with a 454 and when I went to change one of the plugs it broke off. It did turn and there is a clean break right behind the nut on the spark plug. the center of the plug did come out so now I am left with a metal ring in the threads. I have tried WD-40 and a bolt extractor but the drill might as well turn in my hand. Please tell me what I should do. Thanks again.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help tim coleman 4-13-03  
I broke off a plug in my 1996 toyota land cruiser this weekend. thanks to the responses on this web site i was able to resolve the problem at a minimal cost in less than 24 hours. trust me, i'm only a weekend warrior who changes my own oil and occassionaly rotates my own tires. unfortunality i also have a tendancy to allow myself to get in way over my head when it comes to maintenance jobs. pb blaster along with a #5 extractor, which i set with a ratchet extension and hammer removed the broken end in about thirty minutes. many thanks to those who provided this encouraging advise,hope my message will be of help to another despirate warrior.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help everett 4-3-03  
Had plugs changed in a 1988 plymouth has an alumnium head.1 plug broke in the engine. all that remains in the plug hole is about one half inch of thread.the main part of the plug came out except this bit of there a way to remove this thread without removing the head at alarge expense.thanks
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Joe 2-3-03  
What you need is a bottoming out style easy out. Most good parts stores carry them. They are short and have a hex head. I have removed many many broken spak plugs this way. P/S...WD 40 is not worth the can it uses up. Get some PB blaster if you want good results.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Brant 7-17-08  
I can relate to every one of these problems listed, I have a 1998 Chevy Malibu with a broken sparkplug in the last cylinder nearest the firewall. The problem I ran into was that the tap was too short and could not fit a socket on the end of the tap. I was wondering if i could weld a socket to the tap which would increase the length of the tap and I would be able to get something on it that would turn in easier. I have removed the alternator and that opened up a window for me to get at the spark plug easier and am also able to see it with the help of a mirror. Am I thinking along the right track, would a socket welded to the tap set work??? My wife is riding me everyday about this car, and I refuse to give in to taking the car to a shop since I do all mechanical repairs in our household. I would appericate any thoughts or ideas on this problem, because I am stuck!!!!
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Chris 4-27-03  
Same problem with a 92 Ford Taurus. I went to Lowes and got a #5 extractor. The extractor from Vermont American had a square end on it which sucks for my limited tool set. I had to go to a neighbor that had a 3/8" star type socket. Once I had all that, I shot a couple of squirts of WD-40 and waited 20 minutes (I had to wait for my neighbor to come home). After that it came right out. What a relief! Well, off to my next screw up.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Tony Moors 4-27-03  
After breaking a spark plug in my car I read the suggestions you received. I ordered the multi-spline extractors from mcmaster tools and they arrived the next day. I inserted the extractor that fit the plug center and had it out in 3 minutes. The EZ out I first tried was worthless and almost broke the plug tip into the cylinder. Those damn 100K platinium plugs are not easy to get out after 10 years worth of rust. Later...Tony
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Israel Jasso 3-26-04  
I have the same problem, broken spark plug my car is a Honda Accord 1995, i went to SEARS but they don't have the tool, so can you tell me where can I find the right tool to get it out. thanks for you help.
Re: My sparkplug hole was cross theaded Mr. Sir. 11-14-05  
I was changing my sparkplugs and took one out, it was cross threaded and wouldn't go back in. How can I fix it? Is it re-threadable?
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Rick 8-30-05  
Hi. Great info here. Just letting everyone know how mine turned out. Mine is a 92 ford explorer with cheap Autolite plugs. One broke when I was trying to remove it.

I used a vacume and a siphon hose to get all the scraps of metal, porcelin, and center electrode out. This worked well.

I then followed the advice above and went to and bought 3 "multi-spline extractors", one the right size, one above it and one below. This was a good idea for anyone to start. However, in my case, the Autolite plugs were of such a cheap metal, the extractor just reamemed it out like a drill bit.

I decided then to drill it out to 1/2" and use a M14-1.25 tap. The tap actualy bit into part of the old plug and removed more material. Unfortunately the bottom of the thread material I could not retrieve and it must have gone into the cylender.

Starting. I started it without the plug OUT so any remaining chips would blow out the plug hole, ran it for a bit, then put the plug in for the real start.

Not a good sign by the popcorn sound the cylender was making when I started it, the thead section of the plug was getting a beating(or maybe piston was.)

Eventualy the noise stopped after about 5 min and I guess the remaining material blew out.

Conclusion. This is a quick fix to tearing down of a motor but I think by the noise it made, it took 3-5 years of life off it. The choice is yours really. My vehicle is old so it was the choice for me. If you have the money and you love your vehicle, you should opt for the tear down. My 20 cents.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help tami 5-11-04  
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeep. broken spark plug only a tiny bit left. afraid will fall into engine. what o WHAT can i dooooooo?????
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Jared Tullos 8-18-07  
I know this is an old thread, but my 2004 Dodge Stratus had a broken and cross-threaded plug. I shot the plug with liquid wrench and took a socket that was about the size of the metal lip that is right above the hex head and hammered it onto the lip with the use of an extension. It stuck and I was able to get the plug out. After buying different sockets and tools, the correct one was right in my tool box. Fortunately I did not have to chase the threads or anything b/c the plug I was trying to wrestle was the wrong plug. (parts store gave me the wrong plug) The threads weren't long enough to cause any major damage on the wrong ones and now the correct plug snugs tight.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Georgia Southern 2-3-03  
Hey Joe, Thank you for your help. But I can't seem to find a hex head easy out. Is there a store online that I can order it from. Auto Zone doesn't seem to have it. Thank you for your help.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Sam Watson 2-3-03  
If you'll post a valid email address, I'll send you a link to the catalog page of an online supply house that carries this item.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Joe 2-4-03  
Find a Snap On tool truck.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Georgia Southern 2-4-03  
My email address is I guess my hotmail account was full, sorry.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Sam Watson 2-6-03  
Go to, enter "page 2653" in the search box, then scroll down to "multi-spline extractors"
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Georgia Southern 2-6-03  
Do you know what size I should get? Maybe I should buy 2 or 3 just to make sure. But I still don't know what 2 or 3 to buy. Thank ya'll very much for your help.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Joe 2-7-03  
You probably will have to buy several, or even a small set in order to get the right size. When you are done, make sure that you have the ground electrode still attached to the broken piece of spark plug. If you have tried to use the long easy out, you may have already broken it off. In that case you will have to fish it out before you put the new spark plug in. Don't be fooled by somebody that may tell you that the piece will blow out when it starts. Most likely it won't but it will cause damage to your engine. Don't be offended by this, but before you get in over your head, you may want to consider calling a professional out to evaluate your situation before you get in any deeper. We try to help here, but there comes a time when we get the feeling that you could be getting yourself deeper in trouble and that is why I suggested what I did.
Thank you, it worked!!! Georgia Southern 2-16-03  
Well I sprayed the PB Blaster for a week then tapped on the extrator with a hammer and it turn with a little force. Thanks alot everybody.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help corky hullum 8-14-03  
How can i remove a spark plug that has broken off at the base, with the full threads still in the block? it is 4runner 1986 toyota i think it is aluminum block.
thank you.corkey!
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Dennis 4-4-03  
I had a sparkplug that completely blew out of the engine and leaving a ring with no plug. Went to Sears and got a easy out tool. I had that sucker out in a minute.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Vlad 5-8-03  
I have the same problem as you did, but I have another obstacle in trying out your method. In my case, there is not enough space for the tap wrench that I intended to place on top of the easy-out. Simply the easy-out is too short. The top of the easy-out is a square (not a 3/8 inch, not a 1/4 inch, not a 1/2 inch, but something other than these). How can I solve this problem? Is there an extension bar that I can use in order to extend the easy-out up to the tap wrench? Is there a longer easy-out? Is it a good idea to use T-Handle tap wrench instead of a regular tap wrench, on top of easy-out. Please help.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Chris 8-23-03  
Can you tell me the name of the tool you used to get the plug out?
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Joseph 3-30-04  
Hey you all.. I had a plug break in bike.. not good.. I wasn't even torqueing it down.. well I first thought i had stipped the head.. but whar i went to remove the plug it made two easy turns and snap.. well now I have all treads in my head with some of the ceramic still vissible.. will the ceramic come out easy before i use an easy out? plus any one have any ideas on extensions for the tool.. I need a good 7" to get down into the socket.. Joe
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Jim Simpson 7-21-03  
Broken sparkplug in 350 chev.How to remove
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Dee 5-19-03  
I am having the same issue as many of you seem to have had also. Never in my years of wrenching on my cars have I had this "broken" spark plug thing happen to me. I bought an easy out tool and I'm wondering what I should use in order to get enough torque. Unfortunately, the broken spark plug is the last one near the fire wall in my truck so it's kinda hard to use the socket wrench because I cannot get enough force. Should I use a breaker bar? This has been a nightmre for me this past weekend and I am really hopeing that this Easy out works.
Broken Spark Plug in beretta Trey 8-5-03  
Okay, i am only 17 and i know what i am doing with cars since ive watched/read many books on how to etc. I was replaceing my spark plugs in my 1994 chevy beretta 2.2L and the number 4 spark plug threads broke off inside the the head, i called my local machanic and he said to drill it and to re thread so i did and the new spark plug went in without force just fine. When i started it was running ruff and it dies when i unplug the sparkplug that i had the problems with it runs ruff but doesnt die. I think i got the bottom half of the sparkplug inside the head how do i remove this by myself or with my fathers help? Remove the head or should that little electrode peice not bother it?
Please reply
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Vlad 6-4-03  
Just an update. In my case I was not able to get the broken spark plug out using any of the methods described here. The mechanic had to drill it out (without removing the head). He then installed a small adapter, since he damaged the threads on the head while drilling, and then screwed the spark plug into this adapter. Cost $200. Lesson for future: If it is stuck, do not force.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help Mickell Smith 10-14-04  
The spark plug is broken. The threads are still in the head. How can I remove the threads without removing the heads of the engine. It is a 1986 Toyota Pickup 22R engine.
Re: Broken Spark Plug Please help James 2-5-05  
I have a broken spark plug in the block of my engine. The plug broke off at the threads which are still in the block. Is there any options besides taking the head off?

Thanks James
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