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Idle problems Tim 1-30-03  
I got a 6v53 where I set the rack and adjusted the idle after I replaced the head gasket set and had the heads checked. I had to replace a injector. I set the rack and the idle and the smoking went away and it ran fine for about an hour. Soon as the engine got warm it started loping not a tipical Detroit Lop when cold but a lop where the idle raised up slow and back down slow. Then one time it Idled up high on its own I hit the fuel a few times and it came down slow and then shut down. I tryed adjusting the Idle but it wants to raise up and down slowly on its own? The idle adjustment screw is all the way in. and the buffer screw is close to being all the way in? One more thing to add after it got warm about half throttle was rough almost like it was missing or something of that nature could be due to the Idle problem or something up with the rack. I adjusted the rack after all this and two injectors were off a little ? If anyone has any ideas I would truely appreciate it this engine has been one night mare LOL Thanks alot once again....TIm
Re: Idle problems bernie 9-4-03  
Have a 93 chevy p-up Silverado 4x4 1500
that has run well--over 113,000 miles on it. Just recently noticed at idle it "chugs" intermittently--engine also running rough. Garage said they couldn't find the problem--before I go off on a chase, any ideas on what the problem might be?
Re: Idle problems Joe 1-30-03  
Tim, once again since you have changed one injector, you have to start from the beginning as if you had never adjusted anything at all and adjust everything over again. Check that your control rack pillars are tight. If something in the engine is binding, the governor will try to keep the engine at a steady idle and that could be why it ran up so high. If you had a bad injector, you probably have others going bad. That would account for the rough running. Typically these engines are easy to maintain and keep running smoothly. By the way, have you touched any internal governor settings?
Re: Idle problems Tim 1-30-03  
Thanks Joe for your help. I have not touched the govener box, only the idle screw, and the buffer screw. When I went to adjust the idle screw for the first time, it was all the way in. Is there a reason for this? Once again thanks!
Re: Idle problems Joe 1-31-03  
There could be a few reasons that the idle screw is all the way in. The governer itself could be very worn. Another possability is that the two rods that go into the heads are very tricky to remove and install and sometimes they are forced and as a result become bent. They never work right again. The other thing is that there is a small spring inside the governer that very rarely breaks and spirals together just enough to give you an inconsistant idle. Not likely, but a possibility.
Re: Idle problems Tim 1-31-03  
I have set the rack all over again and then i tried to adjust the idle but just when it idles right where it needs to be and runs for a minute it either starts going up or idles down to nothing. Thats all that I cant seem to accomplish. ANy Hints or tricks? LOL this engine is a christine!
Re: Idle problems Tim 1-31-03  
One more thing to add when i rev up the engine it seems to come back down slower than usually thanks again tim
Engine problems karen 4-1-03  
I have a 2003 1500 sierra 6000miles returned from trip, truck started missing. In shop now, the left side shot down was only running on 4c. they say valcum. What do you know about this or has there been any other report on this or did I get a lemon?
Re: Idle problems Joe 2-1-03  
Tim, you have to understand that it is hard to look over your shoulder and watch what you are doing from here, so it is a guessing game. You should check the fuel pressure at idle and full fuel position and anywhere in between. If the idle is coming down slowly, the buffer screw is in too far.
Re: Idle problems Tim 2-2-03  
Yes I know Its a guessing game but I thank you Joe you have been such a terrific help on this thing. Yes the buffer screw is probably too far in. Usually you can get the idle to about 15 to 75 rpm lower than wanted With just the idle adjusting screw, then bring it up with the buffer screw to desire. But on this engine I crank the idle adjusting screw all the way in and this thing still dosent idle at all (or start). With the idle screw all the way in while the buffer screw is backed out the engine dosent even run, unless I crank the buffer screw in then i can get it to start.(run) If any more info comes to mind it will be greatly appreciated... Thanks once again Tim...
Re: Idle problems Joe 2-2-03  
So I have quite a few questions for you. Did this engine run properly before you had the heads removed. Are you sure you haven't crossed the fuel lines on one or both heads? Have you checked the fuel pressure? Is the restrictor in the right place? Do all the injector control rods move freely? Are the springs on the control racks properly? Are you positive that the governor control rods weren't bent during removal or re assembly? Which timing guage did you use on the injectors (1460 or 1484)? What is the number and color on the injector tags?
Re: Idle problems Tim 2-2-03  
Evereything has been done that you stated but iam not fimiliar with the restrictor (INFO?.) ON the injector rack springs they seemed loose so we spun the rack so the injector rack springs the one on the left and right had more tension maybe this is the problem. THe rack now has tension from the spring before it had little to none.Maybe those are the problem? THe injector is N50 Yellow tag..
Re: Idle problems Joe 2-3-03  
If you did everything, what timing guage did you use, and what was your fuel pressure. The springs should have very little tension on them and if they were spun once more, they are probably ruined by now. The restrictor is very important and that is why I asked you for the fuel pressure.
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