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30 amp to 50 amp upgrade chris 1-25-03  
I have a 92 holiday/rambler imperial and it has a 30 amp shore power hook up.The coach has 2 roof air units and the only way to run both at the same time is on the generator. I was wondering if the coach could be upgraded to a 50 amp shore power.Contacted the manufacturer and they said it couldn't be done due to expensive modifications. i know camping world offers some unit that can cycle the units on and off.Any ideas or input would be nice.Thanks.
Re: 30 amp to 50 amp upgrade Glenn Shepherd 10-14-10  
I have a 2005 Itasca Sunrise, that has an ATS 5070 50 amp control box with gen. hooked in it. It is now wired for 30 amp, how do I change it to 50 amp?
Re: 30 amp to 50 amp upgrade jd 1-26-03  
RV shore tie power service is full of misconceptions. And RVers have experienced problems as a result of that. Mostproblems come from plugging a 30A/125V shore tie into a mating outlet that somebody (including professional
electricians in some cases) wired as 250V. In many cases the damage has been

Look the 50A plugs and you'll see Four Prongs. That's because what's actually being done is connect a 20A shore tie and a 30A shore tie to the coach using separate circuits in the same cable.
To look at it another way, you can never use as much as one appliance which draws over 30A and that's on the 30A part of the 50A service. Likewise, you cannot draw more than 20A on the 20A part. A single 40A appliance will never work.

Another point. The 50A socket is providing two 125V circuits but it's possible to draw 250V across a couple of the contacts, making it very important to be sure the neutrals are wired correctly, that all grounding is correct, and that you plug in with the
breakers OFF till you make sure you have full contact between plug and socket.

You aren't asking about the campground side of the shore tie power issue, but you'll really have the same considerations changing the power setup on the coach itself.

There's my Safety Disclaimer. That said:

Holiday should be able to send you a wiring diagram for your coach. My Holiday is 1984 and they were able to do it for me, both 125VAC and 12VDC systems. In order to install that load shedder you describe at CW, or adapt to 50A service, you or somebody is going to have to be able to study the wiring diagram, look at the existing wiring, confirm that what you have is what was drawn, figure how to make the change, then actually to it. You may still need the help of an electrican or RV tech, but somebody still has to do all those steps. My diagrams from Holiday don't match exactly, so I've made changes on them to match what I actually have.
When Holiday said "too expensive" they're looking at many hours of top dollar labor to produce a new coach quality job on a 12 year old coach. If you want to do this, you probably can. Alternatives are doing part yourself, accepting a less than new look (say by using some visible conduit for some of the wiring because you couldn't get into some of the places you needed to wire), or paying more for the job than it would be worth to most in terms of the value of the coach.
God Bless, jd
Re: 30 amp to 50 amp upgrade THOMAS DOWNTON 8-8-07  
Re: 50 amp shore power Bob 8-11-07  
Are there wireing diagrams avalable on installing a 50 amp shore power receptical at my home,for my RV? If so, what web site would have them?
Thank You.
Re: 30 amp to 50 amp upgrade Joe 1-26-03  
Here is the simplest solution to your problem. Every campground I have been in always has a 30 or 50 amp and a regular 15 amp outlet. You have to put a transfer switch on the rear AC unit as it connects to the generator. Then you run a seperate extension cord for the rear AC only and when you need it, simply pull out the cord and plug it in. Total cost of material is probably less than $50. I have done this many times. Good luck.
Re: 30 amp to 50 amp upgrade JR 1-26-03  
The Camping World part number for the Pulse Air switch you are referring to is: "9320." It will prevent cycling of both AC's at the same time. It costs about $199.00.
If your AC's are the only load problem, this may be a somewhat less expensive resolution than changing to 50A service. The switch will not work on Duo Therm's with touch-pad controls. It could be easily installed near the 110 panel where both AC units are fused.
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