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Ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems andy 1-22-03  
Nothing happens when i push the 4x4 button, the lite comes on while the key is in the start position but goes out in the run position. i already replaced the piece with the 4x4 buttons, and the 4x4 shift computer, whats the problem?
Re: ford explorer four wheel drive problem beverly taylor 10-2-04  
My 1999 ford explorer xlt does not immediately go into four wheel drive low when the button is switched to that setting. It does not want to come out of four wheel low and when it eventually does it makes an awful grinding noise. The only way to stop the grinding is to cut the key off. When I restart the engine, there is no noise and the drive system is back to normal. What is wrong?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Peggy Lawrence 10-2-05  
Have ford ranger 1996 will not come out of 4 wheel drive it has a turn button. need help to get it out.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems mike paliquin 8-13-05  
4x4 would engage for a couple of minutes then disengage indicator lite on switch used to work but now nothing,4x4 low shows up at all times with headlites on
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Aistis 4-9-03  
On my 1997 Ranger 4x4 the four wheel drive does not work and when i switch it into four wheel drive the front hubs don't lock. Anyone have any suggestions?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems jim nixon 2-3-11  
I have a 1996 4.0 auto 4 wheel drive Ranger. When i switch it to 4 w D it just makes a gear rubbing sound. What do you think? JIM
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems murray mullis 3-15-03  
98 ford explorer won't disengage from 4 wheel drive low
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems john jowell 3-17-03  
On Nevember 29th of this year I purchassed a new 2002 Ford Ranger, 4x4. Within a week I started to have electcal problems. First the stero went out. They fixed that, then little over week later going out to run some errands the truck wouldn't start even through I had power. It seemed as if the clutch wasn't engaged. The service manager told me that the main computer went bad. After waiting over week and half they replaced the computer and re-programed the keys. A week later or so I started to have some more problems, this time the wipers and dome light wouldn't work along with the AC running all the time. This along with the airbag warning light coming on. This time the service manager told me that it was a missing fuse. I don't know how this could be since it was fine. He also stated that the problems was with the fuses not with the computer the first time I took it in. I disagreed with him since it was running fine and if it was a missing fuse or blown fuse it would have run all this time. Would ford spend over $600. Now the warning lights for the head lights and the seatbelt not working.


Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Chris 10-16-05  
I have a 98 ford ranger and i am looking for some new lock out hubs I can find some for every year but a 98.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Mark 9-24-04  
I have a 98 Ford Ranger that is giving me problems. It doesn't seem to engage in 4-wheel drive the way it used to,it makes a noise when I take it out because I don't believe it is being fully engaged. The motor is located on the transfer case, it does not have vacuum control. What's up with this ?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems john hancock 9-28-07  
1999 ford ranger 4by4 it will go in low and high range but the front hubs will not engage once in a will it will work for afew seconds then kick out dont know what to check
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Michael Adams 2-20-08  
I'm having problems with my 4x4 i have power at the switch and going into the gem computer but the code is telling me that there a open circuit at the transfer case ground plate like i said i checked the switch and replaced the gem module the selector switch motor was working before were is this transfers case ground plate?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems jack 1-17-11  
Would like to no part number for 4x4 modular for 2001 ford ranger
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Sean Palmer 8-15-07  
I have a 2001 Ford Ranger, The problems that I have is one the 4x4 is not working all the time, i have to pull the 4x4 fuse inside the truck to get it to engage to 4x4 high, second something is wrong with the ABS, every time when I almost to a complete stop my brake pedal kicks back at me when im braking something to do with the ABS, third my engine light is on all the time, I take the truck in to have the computer tested and it always read evap censor which they say it might be the gas cap well I got a new gas cap and the damn engine light is still on, is there anyone that can help me out so i can get my truck fixed
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems charlene 6-1-07  
1994 ford ranger 4 wheel drive has problem of stalling out when in higher altitude. do not understand where the problem lies and would appreciate any information anyone could give me please. thank you for your time to read this and response.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Jay 2-8-07  
I have a 1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 offroad with the electrical transfer case and vacume hubs. My problem is that both the 4x4 high and low lights flash. I have checked the actuator motor on the transfer case and it works fine but the darn lights still are flashing. The front hubs are also locked in and how do i disengauge them so I can drive in 2wd without tering the trnsfer case up I know the frount end is ok that way beause it was done in the 70's with full time 4x4. please HELP...
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems daniel 2-18-07  
I have a 99 ranger 4x4. i have power all the way to the front wheels but they will not turn. i have been told there is a little box under my breather that works the vaccum. but i had a guy told me it don't have vaccum. but ford says it does. can this be my problem?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems david burke 2-20-07  
Wheresthe vacum line for my 99 ranger for the four wheel drive or the fuse
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Rick 1-26-07  
My son's 1990 Ranger 4x4 lost the front left wheel,rotor,caliper and brake line. All fell off. The bearings in the rotor looks cooked. What holds the nut tight? I don't see a cotter pin or anything.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems John 6-7-03  
The main vacum seals in the front of my 1998 Ranger 4X4 leak as well as the hub locks themselves, is it possible to bin the vacum acuated 4X4 system and install manual locking hubs instead ?. The cost of the repairs is going to be more than $1000. I could probably buy aftermarket manual hubs for less.
Re: location of computer for 1998 4 wheel drive Bill Evans 10-19-07  
I understand that the computer is bad on my 98 Ranger 4 wheel drive. Where is the computer located?
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems sherry hill 6-3-03  
My 1991 ranger will not start. not a sound from the ignition. Hooked up to another battery, jumper cable style..., same thing (quiet). Took the battery to auto store, checked for charge (was good) and, same thing; not even a click sound from the starter. Tapped the starter while in neutural, and still nothing. I want my truck to run, please help....sherry
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems daryl tharp 12-30-03  
My radio in my 1999 ford ranger xlt will not come on. is there something i can do.
Re: ford ranger airbag problems Richard 6-6-04  
98 Ranger-stopped at a red light,leaned on horn by accident,airbag light came on and won't go off.Also flashes 25 three times then stays wants 90.00 just to tell me what the problem is.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems brett mcnerney 1-21-07  
I have a 96 ranger 4+4 it has shift on the fly, auto locking hubs, one side locks, the other does not, i switched hubs from side to side, problem went to other side, can hub be fixed???
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems david burke 2-20-07  
I have a 1999 ford ranger my four wheel drive is acting up/it goes in the axels are spinning the front are not ingaging to the wheels is there a vacum line somewhere
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems richard 6-4-03  
Your ranger has a bad starter relay. it should be located on the driver's side fender.
had the same problem on a 93 ranger a few years back... good luck
Re: 1998 chevy blazer electrical problems mitchell prindle 8-11-03  
The battery keeps going dead. iv'e replaced the battery twice, replaced the altenator and the belt all in the past 9 months. everything was fine after the second battery for about 2 months, then last week, there it goes again. any ideas?
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems sherry hill 6-10-03  
Regarding my 1991 ranger again, besides the starter not responding, I also have no power for radio, headlights, buzzers, etc. The battery has been charged and I also jumped it to another car battery, and no headlights,no radio,etc. Could this problem still be the starter relay? or should I check something else also.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems chris 8-29-03 gives a brief discussion and walk through on how to swap out those shoddy vaccum actuated hubs. i myself had a 98 ranger and the same problems, but an extended warranty saved $$$$$$. ford bit that one with a bad design. good luck and i hope this helped you.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems richard 7-8-03  
you can easily put manual hubs on your truck.
i got a set of manual hubs from a wrecking yard. ford used warn hubs so you can pick up a set of those for about $50 or so. just make sure you get the lock rings that hold the wheel bearings in place. if not, warn sells a conversion kit for $50.
or go new and get warn hubs for 200-300 bucks.
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems dan 1-11-07  
Check the fuses and the relays in the power distribution block on the drivers side under the hood.
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems richard 7-7-03  
I'd check all your fuses...
ford also uses fusable links (a slightly bigger metal fuse)
Re: ford ranger problems Marc 1-21-04  
My 95 Ranger 4X4 shifts really hard sometimes and shifts great other times...but mostly it shifts a little harder then it should...then it will go back to shifting good...I had the tranny checked over and they don't really think its the tranny and I had it checked for codes...and none showed...I am wondering if something is wrong with my computer...any thoughts?
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems richard 7-7-03  
Highly recommend a manual for the truck if you don't have one already.
haynes makes really good manuals for an affordable price. should be able to get them at schucks or a local ford dealer.
chilton's makes an ok manual but i've found them to be somewhat inaccurate on early 90's ranger's
Re: ford ranger Electcal problems sherry 7-29-03  
I bought a haynes manual(before I read your suggestion, how's that for insight?). Came close to figuring out the problem, but...not, towed my truck to an electrical person in town. He figured it out in minutes. The main cable from the battery to the starter relay was broken.(I'm so embarassed),it had a rubber sheath on it and I didn't notice the disconnection. (it started right up! whoaah) Thanks for your suggestions. I'm sure I'll be writing soon with another situation, I drive this truck al the time.. Be there for me richard! thanks. sherry
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems jacob harding 8-9-03  
Have a 1990 ranger with push button 4x4. Same problems. sometime it goes in sometimes it dosnt.Likes to stay in low if I can ever even get it in. The relay box behind the front seat will click for about 30 seconds and then it seems to give up. Could replacing the board inside fix this. Also what is the white button with red LED light on it for? The other day I was on the highway doing about 55-60 and suddenly the truck decides 4x4 is a good idea. I thought my whole front end was gonna drop out!
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems joel 12-31-03  
When i'm in 4wheel drive, my drivers front end rattles. could that be a sign for a new hub?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems anbarasan 4-20-06  
I like it this message.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems joel 12-31-03  
When i'm in 4wheel drive, my drivers front end rattles. could that be a sign for a new hub?1993 ranger
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems richard 10-6-03  
That's a tough one.
i would think it's the controller box behind the driver's seat.
you may have other problems if the truck can't shift into 4x4 on the fly.
i've tested it at highway speeds before and it shifts seemlessly into 4 wheel drive.
are your hubs and wheelbearings in good condition? also, i'd get the transfer case serviced if you don't want to do it yourself.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Bill 10-21-06  
Same problem. I have a 2004 Ranger FX4. The truck has droped into 4x4low four seperate times. All times 50mph to 60mph, with the fourth time causing me to wreck the truck.
Took to Ford all times becaues still under warrantee. They siad 1st time Brake problem.
2nd time, a modulator
3rd time, nothing
4th time, front axle, and nothing else.
Also if put into 4x4low, and turning wheel it Very, Very Loudly clanks and Jerks the truck, So bad you can hit the stearing wheel with your head, but Ford says that is normal.
I am afraid to drive it as is, anybody else have these problems
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems sam penner 8-14-06  
I have a 1998 ford ranger 4x4 and it will not go into 4wheel drive what could be the problem?
Ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Josh G 1-20-05  
I have a 2000 ford ranger.My 4 wheel drive high works while in 1st gear only. when i shift to 2nd gear it disengages. 4 wheel drive low when it engages the front end jerks and makes a loud poppng noise then decides to not stay engaged. please help.
Re: ford ranger problems ryan 12-18-05  
My buddy's truck started leaking out steem out of his defrost and i was wondering if any one knew whats wrong it has all the fluid it needs in the radeator but i cant figure it out can any one help?
Re: ford ranger problems SKIP 8-16-06  
I have a 1999 ford ranger xlt two weel drive airbag has a flashing code 27 what could that be is my air bag shot plese get back thank you
Re: ford ranger problems Craig 1-15-06  
I have a '96 Ford Explorer and have had to replace my clutch 3 times in the past 4 years. Have you had any other inquiries with this type of problem. Before I have it replaced again, I would like some input from anyone.
Thank you.
Re: ford ranger problems jerry 1-23-06  
Need to know-I have two 99 ford rangers I want to pull motor out of one and put in other-but the ranger i want to replace motor in has an automatic trans-the motor i want to pull has a standard trans- will this be a problem?
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems daniel 2-24-07  
I have a 99 ranger. It would not go in 4 wheel drive. The light would come on and every thing. It has auto hubs. A friend of mine pulled off the plastic part under the center cap put oil and greese in it and it has worked every sence. Hope this helps some one
Re: ford explorer four wheel drive problem josh 12-8-05  
The four wheel engages and i can drive straight and reverse but when i turn my front wheel locks up. then lifts the truck a little and slams it back down with quite a loud clang
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems THOMAS 12-22-06  
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems charles rodriguez 5-23-07  
You are not alone there can't get mine out of 4x4 either let me now how to get it out
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems charles rodriguez 5-23-07  
Man i bought my 1998 ranger from the ford place in 2000 now it having problems getting out of four rear drive need help how to get it out please re spond
Re: ford ranger problems johh 9-14-06  
I have a 2001 ranger 4cyl 5 speed the problem is when I start it the motor revs real high for 50+ seconds, I go down the road and everytime I stop the same thing happens, something it revs so high I try letting the clutch out a little to slow the motor down. Need some help thank you.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems mike 10-24-06  
Sorry to say i have the same problem, ford was ignorant and stopped making parts for the vacuum hubs, such as seals and o-rings. if one of the o-rings located just under the hub on the outside of the axle fails or the o-ring on the inner end of the wheel bearing fails then the four wheel drive won't work, sorry to say that my local dealer says both o-rings are obsolete and he couldn't locate any NOS. to check the inner seal the wheel bearing must be pulled. on a side note the o-rings do come on new wheel bearings, but only if you purchase them from ford, aftermarket bearings don't come with the new sealing o-rings. i have already pulled my hair out trying to locate parts for about 6 months with no luck.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Carroll Ramey 9-12-08  
My 99 ford ranger won't lock in 4 wheel drive with on dash selector switch.
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Gina 4-3-07  
I need to know what fuse it is that controls the 4 wheel drive in my 2001 ford ranger....Is it under the hood and if so..which one..i dont have an owners man...please help..thank you..gina
Re: ford ranger 4 wheel drive problems Jaret 2-11-10  
My 4wd on my 98 Ford Ranger XLT seems to work just fine except when I try going up an icy or muddy hill. Half way up an icy or muddy hill the back tires will spin and the front tires seem to do nothing. Could my problem be a result of holding down the gas and brake while in 4wd low? I think it may of did something to the hubs.
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