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1982 Holiday Rambler Marisa Reeder 8-29-17  
We have a 1982 Class c Holiday Rambler. The engine has a rough time starting up once it does it will not go above 45 mph without stalling and it overheats very fast causing vapor lock. We think that it is the carborator is there anything else that could be causing this problem.
Re: 1982 Holiday Rambler Bubba The Bus Tech 8-29-17  
You have asked a chassis question with out telling us what engine and chassis you have.

In general and on less than complete information you could have in order of likely hood:
A blown head gasket or cracked head. This will show oil or black slime in the cooling system overflow tank.
Over advanced ignition. GM had a problem with the marks to set the timing moving and causing trouble in this era.
Dirty Carb causing excessively lean mixture
A stuck thermostat
An air lock in the cooling system
The cam chain has slipped causing the same symptoms as over advanced ignition
A plugged exhaust system

Good Luck
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AsiaME.COM asiamehmb 7-10-18  
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AsiaME.COM asiamepnl 7-5-18  
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Chnlove scam WarrenBoymn 8-3-18  
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