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Gen set wont stay running bert 1-17-03  
Onan 2.5 kw microlite gen set model# fa26120b. generator will not run unless start switch is held on. RV dealer replaced regulator to no avail. now they say stator is bad. generator puts out no power when running via holding start switch down. RV dealer wants $1000.00 to replace stator. After first mis diagnosis I wonder about thier ability to properly further diagnose problems that may or may not exist.Any help would be appreciated.
Re: gen set wont stay running john 9-8-05  
I had a simular problem on the emerald plus,the generator has to work and produce voltage in order for the generator to stay running, you should try cleaning the slip rings and replaceing the brushes first, that is the cheapest repair(about 12 to 15 bucks for a set of brushes, a stick and a piece of scotch bright), but the onan dealer should have tried that first i would think. the next thing is to get a accurate digital ohm meter and check ALL the brushblock, rotor, and stator windings for proper resistance, shorts, or open windings. also check and inspect the voltage regulator. if the voltage regulator is bad, make darn sure the stator checks good because a bad regulator could take out the stator or visa/versa. bottom line is you will need the onan repair manual for your generator model, it will have the wiring diagram and the trouble shooting proceedures and resistance and voltage charts. I am totally surprised the dealer would replace anything without properly diagnosing the problem but it could be if they were in a hurry they didn't take the time to unhook and measure everything(there are tests in there to eliminate the control board as the problem by the way). it might be cheaper to get in ebay and watch for sellers shipping new generac's factory direct or just bite the bullet and get a new onan(ouch), if your really mechanically inclind and up to the challange you can tackle it yourself and save some money, there are aftermarket control boards and voltage regulators out there(check on google), also there is place in california that will rewind stators and rotors for onan too, in my case it was 1/2 the price to completely rewind my stator. good luck - john ps, sorry i just realized you have a microlite, think that is a totally different animal then the emerald, but maybe this info will help an emerald owner out there with the same problem, - john
Re: gen set wont stay running Glen 1-23-03  
I had the problem with my new micolite wouldn't stay running because the battery would go dead.After the battery was charged it would run until it went dead again.When they took it apart they discovered no battery charging cirect.The new microlites have to be wireed to the house battery so when its running the inverter in the motorhome charges the battery.The goes from the house battery to the starter motor.Hope this helps you Glen
Re: gen set wont stay running JR 1-26-03  
Check your brushes also..often the brushes fail to form a circuit due to lack of use. If for any reason the generator does not make AC, the generator will not run after letting off the start rocker. May want to look down beside the armature and see if any wires are out of place, such as armature windings. The 2.8 and 4.0 will overheat when running AC's in hot weather and the windings expand...and hit the stator. You may have both a bad stator and armature. Or just brushes that need cleaning. Replacing an armature or stator requires the unit to be removed from the base. Almost by a new one for what they often cost to repair. I just bought a new Yamaha diesel 6.5 to try. It is very cheap to operate and should be very dependable. I'm a Yamaha dealer too...if it breaks, it won't be quite as shocking. JR
Re: gen set wont stay running Tom 5-8-03  
For what it's worth be very carefull of what the dealers tell you whats wrong.They are usally wrong and it cost you alot of money.Most Onan gensets won't run if there is no AC output.Also you might have a bad low oil pressure shutdown switch.Try connecting a ac volt meter to the output and while you hold in the start button and it's running see if you get any residual voltage.If you do get about 10-25 vac the generator might be ok.If they replaced the reg try flashing the field direct as per service book instructions and see what happens.As for the 1000 dollar price tag beleive it.I am replacing the rotor and stator on a 3 phase rv unit 6.5 kw and it cost 3500 plus labor.
Re: gen set wont stay running Tom Sartin 3-11-03  
Had the same problem with an Onan Marquis 6.5 LP-fueled GenSet. Turned out to be a "control module." At $395, it was not cheap, but that's a whale of a lot better than the stator price you were quoted. A word or two from experience - my unit was five years old when it failed, but only had <70 hours on it. NOT GOOD! GenSets were made to run; they do not age well when they aren't kept in running condition. How do you best keep them in running condition? By running them!! I tried a general (non-affiliated with any particular RV brand) RV repair facility in South Dakota. Never again. They charged me a healthy price, only to tell me that it only ran when they kept the starter motor engaged!(and that I probably ought to take it to a Cummins-Onan facility.) I now only take it to a Onan-certified warranty repair facility. Find one whose work you like and stick with them. I have the repair ticket in the motorhome. If you think it would be helpful, I can go look up the part number for mine - you could then have your mechanic check out the similar component on yours.
Re: gen set wont stay running Rich 9-15-05  
2004 onan 5.5 in 90 degree or higher heat gen stops while going down the road with or without air cond.on it will stay running all day if you stay in one spot change out control board didn't help when i press start bottom for trouble shoot it gives me code #13 which is a over load for gen but theres nothing on,onan can't even fix the problem this started from day one it was brand new doesn't do it in winter Help Please its still under warantie
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