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1986 Ford Chassis, Fleetwood Class C Karen Gray 1-12-03  
There are two switches in the coach that turns power on to the coach and power on to the chassis. The chassis switch is out, and we cannot start the engine. Does anyone have wiring diagrams of this?
No main 12V to fridge 86 Jamboree Chris O'Meally 5-29-17  
I have an 86 Jamboree on a e350 chassis. My fridge does not work as I do not have 12v to the fridge. the green wire from the ignition has 12v but the main 10 guage wire does not. I've checked every fuse I have found but there must be one I am missing. If I hot wire the green wire to the 12v positive, my on light works on the fridge but then the rely makes noise which does not sound healthy. Perplexed as to not being able to find a fuse to make my main 12v power hot.
I was wondering if the relay making noise when hot wired is that the 12v from ignition not having enough amps but it should as the 12v is only to run the circuit board to keep it running under propane or AC power.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Re: 1986 Ford Chassis, Fleetwood Class C Walt 1-30-03  
I have a 1986 Ford E350 class C Fleetwood Jamboree. There is a small panel below the dash on the door side of the steering column that contains two switches. One is the coach power on/off and the other is a momentary switch to join the house battery to the chassis battery in case a boost is needed for starting. No switch is there for the chassis. I did write to Fleetwood some time back for a wiring diagram which they sent me. It doesn't show any shutoff for the chassis, I'm sure since I had a recent problem and became quite familiar with the drawing.
My reason for writing is twofold: First, I would suggest you contact Fleetwood for the schematic ( you have a different model. Second, my suspicion is that the switch you mention may be an addition put on by a previous owner. If the wires are not battery cable size to the switch you mention, I'd look for a solenoid in the chassis battery circuit that has no power on the load side when the switch is activated. Hard to help much by mail. Good luck.
Re: 1986 Ford Chassis, Fleetwood Class C jd 1-12-03  
Karen, your story sounds strange to me. We have an '83 Ford under a Holiday Rambler Class C. The chassis and house batteries and wiring are essentially separate, but an isolation device relates them in the following ways:
1. Allows chassis to charge house.
2. Prevents house from discharging chassis.
3. Allows house to boost chassis by pushing a button to close a solenoid switch, sort of a built in jumpstart system.
I can see where a builder might use marine-like battery/isolation switches, is that what you have? What happens when you attempt to crank the engine with the key? Can you energize the starter solenoid and have it crank? Do the headlights come on?
God Bless, jd
Re: 1986 Ford Chassis, Fleetwood Class C Karen Gray 1-14-03  
Thank you for your reply. We cannot start the engine because there is no power. No headlight. No horn. Nothing. There is an emergency start switch. It does click the selenoid when the ignition switch is on, but that is all. The panel is in the coach and there are two switches that light up. One is power to the coach and one is power to the chassis. The chassis one has gone out. My husband had a battery charger on the battery and everything. We have to figure out how to make that switch work. Thanks. Karen
Re: 1986 Ford Chassis, Fleetwood Class C jd 1-18-03  
So with the coach battery charged and the coach switch (which still amazes me) turned ON, nothing happens, correct?
Can you access this pair of switches (the backs of them, in other words)? Is there a wire off? Can you tell if the switches carry the coach and chassis loads or if they control relays to carry it? If these switches are carrying the actual chassis load, they and their wiring are going to have to be very massive. Could you start at the other end and clean/inspect the battery cables and connections. Do you have a voltmeter or test light to check for voltage at various points? Were you using the coach and suddenly this problem? Was it in storage now you can't start it? I have a wiring diagram for Ford vans 1978-1986. It's pretty busy and refers to various models, some with an auxiliary battery and an auxiliary battery relay but not a switch. I can try to scan the diagram and send it to you if you think it'd help. Got another suggestion too, will EMail you. God Bless, jd
Re: 1986 Ford Chassis, Fleetwood Class C Thale 4-22-03  
I have a 1986 jamboree and have the push button switch as you describe. I believe it energizes a relay which allows your second battery to be in parallel with your truck battery. This is used in case you truck battery is weak and can't start the truck. If you simply hear a relay clicking in and nothing happens then it sounds like both of your batteries are dead or have bad connections. Remember the coach battery is a special type that can be charged and discharged a lot and of course cost more money and last the shortest time.
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