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Hard shifting muncie Rick 1-5-03  
I have a muncie 4spd M 20 transmission in my 86 chev 1 ton 6 2 diesel the truck has 153000 kilometers on it I ve just recently purchased it truck is in great shape no rust runs like a charm I m noticing the tranmission is hard to shift sometimes When I start it up in the morning its really hard to put it in gear it shifts fine once you get going but still hard to downshift from 3rd to 2nd also when putting it in reverse it grinds unless you put it in a forward gear first then quickly put it in reverse Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
Re: hard shifting muncie Gary CC.NV. 1-5-03  
Hate to say it, but it sounds like its going to possible need a Clutch replacement soon. If it had a clutch replacement recently, it's possible they didn't Resurface the flywheel. These late models with Hydraulic operated clutch systems are real pick-ie about having a flywheel that is, Flat All The Way Across. If the center disk surface area is worn down "from normal use", and its high on the outside where the pressure plate bolts up to the flywheel, the clutch won't release right. There's just not enough throw available with these Hydraulic clutch systems. If your thinking about making a longer rod for the slave cylinder, forget it, it won't work."I've Tried it".
How's the Fluid level in the clutch pedal reservoir? Full. Does it seem to use a lot of fluid? Look under the dash, see if fluid has been leaking from the clutch master cylinder= brake fluid on floor board? Look underneath, look for fluid leaking out of Slave Cylinder. While your underneath, have someone pump the clutch pedal up and down a couple times, watch the Slave Cylinder, is it loose or broken="Only Plastic", moving around? shouldn't be. Look for Oil dripping from the Bell housing,"Not black oil, thats engine,if the oil is red or any light color that's trans" if so, the front seal is leaking caused by the Front Bearing being worn out, the Trans Input Shaft is moving around up and down, side to side, loosing just enough clutch throw, causing hard shifting. Is the trans noisy? I know it's kinda hard to tell it being a diesel, but do you hear what might be some banging coming from the trans underneath, or while sitting inside? Push the clutch pedal in and hold it, listen for any change in the sounds of things, release it and listen again, sound the same? or different? Noisy when Hot Or Cold=not good. This noise test is at an idle, not moving. If trans is noisy, usually means bearing in the trans are worn out, shafts in the trans are moving around, gears are hitting each-other where they shouldn't.
How's the clutch adjustment at the clutch pedal inside, tight?. Not a bunch of play,"worn out pedal bushings?" you only want just a Little Bit of play. You might be able to adjust it at the pedal under the dash. Not to tight, or the clutch disk won't release, and the clutch will slip. To tight is hard on the Throw Out Bearing Too.
One other thing, their is a Rubber Stop that Should be, "they do have a tendency to end up missing= broken off" where the clutch pedal rests when your foot is off the clutch, if this rubber stop is missing, it's possible someone might of adjusted the clutch pedal wrong.
I hope this helps.
Good Luck.
Happy New Year.
Re: hard shifting muncie Joe 1-6-03  
It sounds like your hydraulic clutch master cyl. may need to be filled or replaced. Try filling the reservoir first.
Re: hard shifting muncie Gary "to rick" 1-7-03  
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