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Swap diesel to gas Rick 12-30-02  
My chev 1 ton flatbed 6.2 muncie wide ratio 153000 kilometer is a gutless wonder when towing my tandem trailer over 5000 lbs Is it possible to install a 454 and if so what is involved
Re: swap diesel to gas Joe 12-31-02  
The part of installing the engine is only the start. The other changes include engine mounts, radiator shroud, fan, all engine accesories, bell housing, throttle cable, fuel lines, exhaust, air cleaner, starter, and even the wiring harness. If the vehicle is newer than 1986, you will need the unleaded fuel filler necks. Then depending on the year of your replacement engine, you will either have to replace the vehicle computer system if you have fuel injection, or run the proper wire for the electronic choke. You will also have to disconnect the glow plug system. the lighter engine will change the front end alignment, so that will have to be done. You might be better off finding a truck more suitable for your needs.
Re: swap diesel to gas jake 1-1-03  
Check out Advanced Turbo Systems or Banks Engineering for a turbocharger kit for your ride. They have complete systems for less than what you'd pay to change the engine. Diesels love turbos, they run better and will give you the performance your looking for. Plus for now, diesels are smog 'exempt' except for opacity testing in some states, so you can hop them up by checking the chat rooms about your particular diesel and see what the tricks are.

Powerstrokes for example, have a lot of tricks like the bb trick for upping the fuel pressure, 4.7k resistor on the oil temp line to advance the timing and the list goes on.
Re: swap diesel to gas Johnniem1 2-3-03  
Well I have the same problem. I have a 1984 3/4 ton 4x4 Chev. pickup with a 6.2 diesel that just blew a head gasket I think, and I would like to find a Gas Engine that would replace the diesel. what gas engine will mount to the Diesel transmission.
Re: swap diesel to gas Curt 4-15-03  
Rick - its easy to do. I just got done swapping my 82 chev 3/4 4x4 to a 350 and it came out beautiful. First find a motor. Second you will need a donor truck (for brackets,manifolds, dist. etc.) Pull your diesel out, and remove all wiring to glow plugs,injector pump and glowplug temp. sensor. All of this will unplug from where the wire go into firewall. Try to run fuel tanks down before you start swap, and then remove fuel by pressurizing tank (I used a blow nozzle and a cap off of a 2 gallon oil jug w/ a hole drilled in it. Basicly make a seal around filler neck. I ran all the diesel through the filter and used it in our tractor. Buy motor mounts for a 454 from whatever year your truck is, bolt to motor and set motor in the truck. The tranmission WILL bolt up, as long as it is a 6.2, which has the GM bolt pattern. If you have a 5.7, you need an Olds. bellhousing or trans. Eyeball it so it sits level and bolt down to crossmember. Look on your fusepanel and there will be a spot where you can get power for your HEI dist. If not, go off ignition switch. Attach all wiring, bolt up exhaust (which you don't have to change!, put gas in the tanks and enjoy being 6.2 diesel free!!! E-mail me if you have questions, and trust me, you will not regret doing this swap.
Re: swap diesel to gas MARK 2-9-03  
Re: swap gas to diesel Arlin Akines 8-3-05  
I want to swap my 2.5 4 cylinder with
a 5 speed stick to a diesel. What size and type and what kind of head aches
am I look at ? Thanks
Re: swap diesel to gas Ardy 2-7-03  
I have a 1989 3/4 ton 4 X 4 suburban with a 6.2 diesel. I had the same problem and put a complete Banks turbo kit that cost me $2000 and had it put on for $500. It made a huge difference! I have test driven the new dodge, ford and chevy diesels and they don't compare! I am getting almost 20 MPG and am much faster than any of the new diesels I test drove. Check out their site
Re: swap diesel to gas James Keen 9-30-03  
I am just completing my engine swap. I have an '85 Silverado 4x4 and I took the 6.2 out and went gas. If you need details email me and I give you the best advice you've ever had.
Re: swap diesel to gas Eric Keen 9-7-03  
I am going from a 6.2 to a nice 350 sbc and I am having a real bad time with the powersteering brackets and the air conditioner brackets. I have the big compressor off of the 6.2 and the brackets they want to sell me are for the smaller pancake compressor. Can you give me any insight or contacts that might help me?
Re: swap diesel to gas Jason Baugh 9-20-04  
Man I could sure use some help. I have an 1985 military blazer that came stock with a diesel. The guy I bought it from had a 407 installed into it. Well I blew that up pretty quick. I found a 86 model 1 ton work truck and bought it for the 454 taht it had in it. I went through the motor and did everything my self for the first time.Doing all of that was alot of fun and I really learned alot. I put the motor in the truck with some help in 30 min. Well when it came down to doing the wiring part and I have wasted two stright days on it and i haven't gotten anywhere on it yet. I thought I would get rid of the old wires that were not needed like the glow plug wire mess. I got the wires mixed up that were left over and now I don't know what goes where. Please help if you can. What wires do I need to make the blazer run right? Thanks
Re: swap diesel to gas Brian Carley 6-5-05  
My 86' 6.2 just retired itself. Any info youve got to share would be great. Whats the story with the gas tank,lines,flywheel/starter(ive gotthe 700r)wire harness/custom wiring,any kits you used?,etc.... Any help would be great. Thanks,Brian Carley
Re: swap diesel to gas Dave Coleman 12-13-05  
Thinking of changing the 6.2 diesel in a 1990 chevy truck with a gas 305 from an 88 gmc truck any advice ??
Re: swap gas to diesel will 9-19-06  
I'm working on a 91 dodge ram 4x4 taking the 318 gaser out and putting a 400 cummins turbo in but theres a trainy problem can i switch trannys with the tranfercase but still keep the 4 wheel drive
Re: swap gas to diesel kelly 2-5-06  
I'm looking for better fuel economy. I don't need a big motor. I'm thinking about a 4 or 6 cyc. and around 300 hp and the same in tork. I would like to cruise on the hwy about 80 mph. I have a 04 chevy avalanche and love the truck but the fuel econ. sucks 15 miles a gal on hwy. I check out all others opp. and nothing seems to improve more then 10% HELP ME OR I WILL SELL THE TRUCK AND BUY A YUGO????
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