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Boost 6.2 diesel Rick 12-14-02  
Anybody have any ideas on how to boost up the horsepower on my chev 6.2 cheap I ve read alot of info on rebuilds 18:1 pistons,turbochargers,boring out to 6.5 etc etc maybe there is no cheap way
Re: boost 6.2 diesel tony Craig 2-8-03  
Hey Rick ive owned 9 6.2 gm products. I know gale banks, do you know what he drives? a 1989 sub with a 6.2. they are good engines but are really light duty diesels, the only way is turbo charging but it should be a C motor RE 3\4 ton with low miles or at least fresh head gastets.the increase is enough to pull medium loads but the power just driving is great. Call Gale Banks in Azusa and let him install it I used to be a dealer in Canoga Park and his price to install was well worth it I mean the labor was Cheap in todays world. Im an Aircraft Mech and it took me the first time too long to NOT justify the $ 275 HE WANTED FOR lABOR
Re: boost 6.2 diesel Joe 12-15-02  
There is no cheap way. Turbocharing is the easiest, certainly not cheap, but I would be careful to do too much to it if it has a lot of miles on it.
Re: boost 6.2 diesel carlos mejia 2-20-08  
Im already getting the gail banks turbo and intake and exsust what els can i do for a better pick up. I have also been thinking of getting a tranie with an over drive or 4 gear because the R.P.M go up so high with only the 3 gears what do you guys suggest? is b&m make a transmission for the 6.2gm
Re: boost 6.2 diesel Jerry Butz 2-12-03  
I'm looking for 6.2 to put in a boat. Needs to be in great working order long block only as I'll have to put marine accessories onh to work
Re: boost 6.2 diesel Keoki 12-8-05  
I have a 89 GMC 2500 Diesel that the glow plugs will not turn on. Can you help me figure out what to do? Thanks.
Re: boost 6.2 diesel Hunter 4-28-03  
To boost up the 6.2 one thing that i have done to boost it up is turning the fuel injection pump up
Re: boost 6.2 diesel connie 2-12-03  
I just had my starter replaced for the third time in my 82 Chev 6.2L Diesel. This one lasted two years. We will see how long this one lasts. Could there be a shield that needs to go over the starter to maybe protect it from over exposure to heat? I hate to think that in 2 or less years, I'll be replacing it again for another 5 or 6 hundred bucks. Thanks. connie
Re: 6.2 won't start when hot Bill 12-17-02  
My 1988 Chev Van with 6.2 Diesel won't
start again once engine gets warmed up.
It start easy when cold, almost on the first turn after the glow plug light goes out. But once hot, the engine turns over very slow, even with fully charged batteries and good connections.
Just today, when it was down in the 40s this morning in Miami, Fla, it started right up. Took it for a ten mile ride,
shut it down infront of the house, and when tried to restart, just a slow ug,ug. It took almost two hours before the glow plug light would come on again on the dash.
We have had this vehicle since it was new in 1988, and this has been a constant problem.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to what it may be?

Please advise.

Thank you,

Bill Decker
Re: 6.2 won't start when hot Joe 12-17-02  
Bill, The first thing to check is for starter draw. Next thing is to check the injector pump timing. If the advance ring in the pump wears it could stick in the advanced position making it almost impossible to start when it is hot.
Re: 6.2 won't start when hot Dan 7-13-03  
You need a new battery. It has no problem starting the first time causa eit uses the glow plugs. When it doesn't the chamber is cold and uses more power to turn the engen over. I had the same problem but ihad two batteries in my blazer. I also use it for snow plowing and have a heavy system in my truck. Replace the battery with a ac delco and the problem will go a way.
Re: 6.2 won't start when hot Richard 12-23-02  
My friend, you need to visit the "DieselPage Forum". I have been there for a couple of years now, and those guys know their diesels.
Re: 6.2 won't start when hot Tom 2-12-03  
Ive had to replace hte starter on my 6.2 a ton of times, and the last time I had to replace it was doing the same thing: not starting when hot.
in fact, i just kept using it until it wouldnt start at all, and i went through this whoel rigamorole tryign to figure out why it wouldnt start, batteries, connections etc, fuel pump even.. but it was just the starter.
Re: boost 6.2 diesel MICHAEL 4-13-03  
You MUST always have two VERY good batteries with as high cranking amps in your vehicle at all times. If you have starting problems and wind the starter too much and overheat the starter just once you will reduce the life of the starter considerably. Keep good glow plugs, and fuel system in good working order at all tims so starting is achieved quickly, even in cold weather.
Re: boost 6.2 diesel chris 3-3-03  
Gentlemen i desperitly need help on find info about swaping a 6.2 diesel into my 88 3/4 ton ie. parts, wiring diagrams.if anyone knows a web site for such a convertion please e-mail back p.s. does anyone know how much ft/lbs torque it has?
Re: 6.2 diesel fuel pickup pump Jim Siebert 5-27-04  
My fuel pickup pump does not work on my 1993 chevrolet pick up. Is there a fuse for it or could it be the oil sending unit or anything else. thanke JIM
Re: 6.2 won't start when hot doc 8-7-03  
Mine does the same thing and i was told it was the injector pump solenoind. im putting it on today so i will see

Re: 6.2 diesel fuel pickup pump donna fansler 11-13-05  
Where is the fuel pump located?
Re: boost 6.2 diesel neil 6-20-06  
There is a relay behind the air cleaner mounted to the top of the intake it has 2 wires that are mounted on with bolts and a wiring plug on top.
a test that you can do is to short those 2 bolted on wires across with a screwdriver and hold it there for about 5 seconds so you dont burn out the plugs and try starting if it starts that is your problem
good luck
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