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Home Duo-Therm Furnace Bobby Woody 10-31-02  
I have a Duo-Therm furnace in a mobile home and I am trying to change it over to LP from Natural Gas. The cover has some instructions on it but I need a schematic of the furnace so I can locate the burner orifice. The model # is 750-3R-4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Keith Flores 10-2-07  
Where can I purchase a kit to convert from natural gas to LP gas on a duo therm model 705001-3 #52 buner orfice and.010 or.011 pilot orfice
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace jim mihalko 10-1-07  
I have a duo-therm model 75003-0 going back to the early 70's in a mobil home. I would like to repair it if possible or replace it completely.
I am in Arizona.
Where would I get relacement parts, schematics(wiring), and service persons.

Any and all information on this model 75003-0 S/N 8319 input rating 65000 natural gas (24) No. E-3227 would be very HELPful.
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace rodger 6-5-07  
I have a duo-therm model 76601 furnace, im not sure but i believe its all the, i know the blower works i pluged it in in my garage,if any one is looking for parts or the whole thing. email me and we can work out a price, im in the thumb area of michigan/bad axe/elkton
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Luke 10-4-07  
I have a Duo-Therm furnace #714100
dose anyone know where I can get an owners manual for it? Please help.
Duo therm furnace filters damian 9-27-07  
I have a duo therm mobile home furnace
it's model number is 708001-1 and the serial number is 8776. i was wondering if it takes a furnace filter and if so, were is it located an what kind does it take.thak you
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace karen parker 10-28-07  
I have a duo-therm furance. i need a manual book on it. the model numuber is 300068-001 elementload 19.6.moter fla heating only 3.5 hp heatingonly 1.5 i would realy like to hear from you thank you very much. karen
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Bob Morgan 12-17-07  
Duo-Therm Model #900 Series
Fan starts and then the furnace pops once Re start it and it does the same thing????? 12 17 07
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Bob Morgan 12-17-07  
Duo-Therm Model #900 Series
Fan starts and then the furnace pops once Re start it and it does the same thing????? 12 17 07
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace matt green 11-8-07  
I have a duo therm model # 1489-7
every thing on the heater works besides the blower motor located on the right rear of the unit. There are instructions on how to oil the motor but it seems to be seized. Any one have any ideas or do you know how to get another blower motor..

thanx matt
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Gerry Davis 5-11-07  
Hello, I have a 1979 Commadore MH with a duo therm furnace. It is Model #714069.The blower motor is part# 3-10658. It says do not use this with air conditioning. I need to know if I can replace the blower motor with a larger unit as I have a central air unit given to me.I have all the parts for the central air. Just need a replacement Motor. Thanks
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace david 3-25-07  
I would like to find an owners manual for a 715-9 dou therm oil burning stove No. f416194. serial # 409m94.

Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Dail 9-20-12  
I have a duo therm furnace, can anyone tell me if I need 6/2 or6/3 wire to hook it up. It's a 300068-001 model # 7403-1. Thank you, Dail
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Frank Brandenburg 12-2-02  
We have a Duo Therm furnace that has recently stopped working. We live in a mobile home. The Model # is 74503-8. The serial # is 01459.
It has an input rating of 58000.

Drill size oraface is 43 for LP Gas. We heat with propane. We're looking for the pilot burner for this furnace. I believe a man at the hardware store called it the pilot oraface. Any help will be greatly appreciated, as we can't find this part anywhere.
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace RV Wizard 11-2-02  
The burner orfice is located after the gas valve and just before the burner. It will have to be removed from the unit and replaced with orfice rated for the LP BTU's stated on the nameplate.
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace McVeigh 12-20-02  
Does anyone know where to get
a 240 y2M 48 cc/min.
This is a dual kerosene valve for
a duo-therm heater
I think they call it a drip pot?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Charles Hopkins 5-26-03  
Need information on Model #86503
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Linda 2-20-07  
About 6 months ago, I removed the sequencer from my electic furnace (Duo-Therm model #301050-001) to have it replaced. I have since forgotten which wires went where. I was told that although the new sequencer is slightly different than the old one, it should work. In searching the web, I come across very little information on Duo-Therm Furnaces. Is there a wiring diagram that I can get for my model??
Re: owners manual Rod 1-23-07  
I need to locate an owners manual for a duo-therm model# 714058. It is a furnace inside a 1979 titan brand mobile home.

Thank You
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace bureto sant 1-25-05  
Model 7403-1 need wire digram /manuel fan dose not shut off
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Shawna D 1-21-08  
I need a Dou-Therm Furnance Motor & Blower. The Model# 76003-9, it's a gas fired furnace for a mobile home. It is a 8,000 BTU.
Older unit wirer diagram brad wadkins 12-20-02  
Duo-therm unit
no f-840882
model 7500
sn#12790 part#3778
the uint went threw a fire and diagram was lost could i get one from you?
thank you
brad wadkins dericter maintanace
minnesota beef industries,inc.
po box 308 hwy212 buffalo lake MN 55314
phone 320-833-8301 ext 22
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Brad 10-13-09  
I got a 78 mh with a duo-therm furnace and the pilot lights the blower works but the burner wont ignite anyone know?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace vivian 9-22-09  
I need a orfice for a mobil home trailer about a 1989 to a 1991 we need a p40 orfice and every one is telling me there no way we can get this and there more then one we have to change on the the frunce. but all the instuction said is take out n21 and put in p40 is all it said the one i need is at the burner plate. please help me if you can.every one said they stop making dou-threm in 1973. and one told me that coleman would inter change. so help if you can. mrs miller
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Dorothy Macky 4-22-08  
Does anyone know whre I can get a filter 16x16x1/2" for Duo Thern Furnace
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Barry ward 5-11-09  
Hello, i was wondering if you could help me i am tring to find out were on internet i could find or instructions on how to light my furness and clean it and for filters, i recently purchased this 1976 marshfield mobile home. thank you Barry
Re: Mobilehome Duo-Therm Furnace EDWARD WOLF 1-14-10  
I want to replace my DUO-THERM furnace MODEL 300050-001 SERIAL #A7900 3533. where can i contact this mfg?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Amy 1-5-11  
I have a duo therm furnace in my 1977 mobile home and the blower will keep turning on and off can anyone help me figure out what part i need or how to fix it?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace harry 2-20-11  
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace dottie 1-11-11  
Looking for a blower motor for duo therm model # 725038
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace jeanine henson 1-11-11  
I have a duotherm heater in a moble home we are trying to convert from natural gas to LP. there are no instructions with this furnace. model # 74503-7 serial # 02433. where would i be able to get the schematics and manual for this unit? or can you walk me thru what i need to do to get it going? thanks for any help
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace andrew 4-8-09  
Model 72503-6 how old is it
Home Duo-Therm Gas Furnace Kathy 6-25-09  
We have a Duo Therm space heater (or furnace?) that runs on natural gas. It's about 3'H x 2'W x 2'D and is used inside a home. It's developed a leak around the control knob that's used to light the pilot.

The model is 1489-2. Serial # is 228. And if it matters, Type Control = A.

Does anyone know: how old this unit is? Is it possible to repair the knob or replace the entire contraption that the knob is attached to?

Or... is there a website that has all that info? I've looked all over and can't find this model.
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace William Gil 9-14-08  
Model# 90130-001 where can i buy new furnace?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace - Blower motor needed for model 77201-001 Catherine Mitchell 3-6-09  
I am looking for a blower motor for an older Duro Therm Furnace. The model number is 77201-001. Can anyone help me find one for the best price. I am shallow in funds, so I am looking for the best deal possible. The bearings went out of my old one here. And the brackets that hold it on is bent. who ever had this trailer before me has twisted the brackets and put the a blow motor on that is not for this furnace. It does not even fit right inside. It works for now but only will last for so long.
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Vic Spicer 6-21-08  
I have purchased a 1979 Toyota dolphin camper.I need the instructions to light the propane duo-therm furnace model 66012-005. The original instructions on the unit are faded and impossible to read.Could someone please come to my rescue.
Thanks Vic
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace dave 9-21-08  
I recentaly got a duo therm stove model c1356 propane wanted it for my shop any info on this would be appreacited
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Brad Johnson 7-21-08  
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Gloria 10-16-08  
I am looking for a furnace fan motor for a Duo Therm, this is in Nu Wa Hitchiker camper, 32 ft. 30000BTU heater.
This is the info on it.
Duo Therm 3-14331, amp FL 7.7
LR 28, RPM 2050-2150 cont duty
Thermally Protected
Redmond PE 2625 Q
12 V DC
Any information you can give me on getting one of these would be appreciated.
Duo-Therm Furnace model 75003-1 Debbie 12-18-08  
I have the Duo-Therm furnace model 75003-1, serial no. 12005, input 65,000. Can anyone tell me what year it was manufactured?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace sheila 12-4-08  
We have a 1983 wilderness trailor we just bought and cant get the furnace to work. it is model number 65930-064 we are looking for a repair manual to help us out. any help would be appreciated.
thank u
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Heather 11-20-08  
I am looking for a part for a Duo-Therm furnace model C1356. It is listed on the furnace label as orifice size 46. Is that part available and how do I order it online?
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace Russell Gericke 12-22-02  
Is a new thermostat availible for a Model 66117.010, Part No. 38092.002.

If availible, what is the price and del.

Thank you,

Russell Gericke
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace EMMETT NOLEN 11-12-07  
Where can i locate a blower motor for durotherm furnacw mod no. 714058?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Dee Ann SCHIRADO 3-6-03  
I have a duo-therm furnace in my 1974 mobile home and I can not find any furnace filter's for it since the size it takes is small(the model number on the air filter is ff5. Does anyone know where I could purchase any filters? thanks for your assistance: Dee Ann
Re: older unit wirer diagram johnny 3-24-08  
I have and old trailer i use for a garage i found out it has a old duo therm mod 84501-9 looking for some info on that kerosene furnes... how much fuel to put in it ??? where to put in at are how much is it worth. ty
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Tony 1-16-03  
I have an old drip pot stove and I get parts and service from Steve at Country Comfort 3945 W. Market St. York, Pa.17404 Ph(717) 792-9643
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace Bern LaLone 12-29-02  
I have a Duo Therm, Model 90030-612, furnace in a Taurus RV trailer, year unknown. It was working fine but suddenly quit. I thought at first the pilot had gone out but it apparently has no pilot, as there are no instructions for lighting it. Can anyone give me the test points to check the thing out? Or tell me where I can get an owner's manual or repair manual? Or who works on these things? West Virginia eastern panhandle area.
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace steve 1-5-03  
In regards to your problem
I have a 1968 NOMAD with a dou-therm
Furnance and it work on an "Ingniter"
looks like a small Spark Plug but it is
discountued,if it is the thermostat
You might try Out of Doors Mart
Colfax,N.C. Ph# 336-993-4518
A lot of times they can tell you if they don't have it who does.
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace Had 7-27-03  
We can service your unit (Duo-Therm 900 series) or supply an installation and/or owner's manual for a nominal charge. If it suddenly quit, the control module (igniter) board is probably burned out. They run about $ 122.

Hadley Systems, El Paso, TX.
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace Sharion 4-29-03  
I have a terry trailer with a duo therm furance that is acting up. Where can I get a repair book and replacement parts? The furnace is model # 65930-064. Thank you for your help.
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace RICHARD 3-12-03  
Looking for info on model 65512-006
lp gravity furance 12,000 btu/hr input btu/hr output of 8,400
the poilet lights but the burner doesn't all saft equipment seems to be working.Ineed system diagrams
Replacement filters tom 12-4-05  
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Dorothy Macky 4-22-08  
DOes anyone know where to get a furnace filter for duo therm furnace. I need 16x16x1/2" the furnace is a 1976 in a mobile home. I have tried everywhere. Thank you
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace robert mc laughlin 8-12-03  
My duo-therm furnace will keep running until the fuse is pulled,replaced thermostat,same condition,any help. thanks bobmc917
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace Dottie 11-16-09  
I need a mamual for duro therm heat unit mod. # 65930-064 and where I can buy parts. Did you fine one and where could I?
Re: RV Duo-Therm Furnace J Darby 10-8-07  
I,m guessing the ignighter is bad on my rv pilot light is seen in sight glass. where can I get replacement
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Dana Americk 2-22-08  
I am looking for a limiter switch for my duotherm electric furnace. This furnace is in a 1979 mobile home. The number on the switch is 20604L95-659
L140-4 F8V
Can you help?
Thanks, Dana
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Duane 10-22-08  
Hi David, Read your message regarding locating a manual for a Duo-Therm fuel oil heater. I have a model 715-8 in my home and would like a manual describing how to set and adjust the carburetor. Did you ever find a manual for your stove, if so, can you give me a clue where to obtain one?

Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Danny 2-8-09  
I'm changing the fan motor in my Duo-therm rv furnace model# 66117.006 and want to look at a diagram before I put back together
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace dave 10-26-16  
Do you still have that furnace thanks
Re: duo therm furnace filters ron 7-7-10  
Re: duo therm furnace filters bonnie butler 4-4-09  
I have an old duo therm furnace in a mobile home I really need a filter for it where can I get one.
Re: duo therm furnace filters bill 5-15-12  
I have a duo therm mobilhome heater j-31726 model # 77201-001 series L-76 looking for the location of the filter please ?
Re: duo therm furnace filters kent 9-29-14  
Is there a filter on my 1979 duo-therm rv trailer if so were is it located
Re: duo therm furnace filters Ron Schumacher 12-5-16  
I have a Duo-Threm furnace model 78001. Where is the filter.
Re: duo therm furnace filters kent 9-29-14  
Is there a filter on my 1979 duo-therm rv trailer if so were is it located
Re: duo therm furnace filters location bill 5-15-12  
Looking for the location of the filter on a duo therm j-31726 model # 77201-001 series-76 please
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace jim c. 10-20-08  
I am looking for a Therm-o-Disc adjustable cool down switch. The blower continues to run after the burner has shut off and the unit has cooled off. It no longer adjusts,to stop the blower you have to tap it.Mod.75003-7, ser no.05618,65,000 BTU, Therm-o-Disc part no.2645692
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Dan Deslauriers 11-3-13  
Would you have a diagram re 1950s Duo Therm oil Heater exhaust venting out side of garage or info.
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace rick belis 1-23-08  
Hello matt
i have the same problem as you an would like to know if you found out how to remove the unit or fan ?? thanks rick
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Scot 12-31-11  
I have the same propane heater 66012-005 for my 1979 dodge rally RV. I just recently bought the RV and now I'm
ready to light the pilot light to see how the heater works.

Did you have any luck finding help or a manual?

Thanks for your time!

Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace 66117.006 Greg Payne 2-6-12  
I have a duo therm 66117.006 furnace I suspect the fan motor may be bad not sure please give me direction motor model number and removal & replacement advice
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Troy Coltharp 9-19-17  
I have a 76003-1 duo there furnace, where do you change the filters?
Re: Home Duo-Therm Furnace Ed Dzenis 11-3-11  
I'm looking for an owner's manual for a Duo Therm C1356 propane furnace.

Thank you
Re: Mobilehome Duo-Therm Furnace Teresa 9-21-17  
I have a 1974 Titan Trailer, and a Duo Therm furnace...electric, it works fine except that the coils come on for no particular reason and shut down when they get too hot because the blower is not coming on, the blower works fine with the coils when the thermostat turns it on. Other wise they just come on and go off for no reason. Maybe a relay switch problem I have already remover one of the four coil plates...what do I do? Where are these parts?...........Thank you
Re: duo therm furnace filters Long 5-27-12  
Where is location for the duo therm furnace filter. Model # 76601-001
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