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GM 4107 with 8V71 Won't start Dan P 10-24-02  
My GM acts like it's out of fuel. Turns over great and initially the engine will fire for a few seconds but then stops. I keep turning it over but it won't fire after the initial try. I have used starting fluid and oddly enough this has no effect (I use a quality starting fluid and this has always worked well in the past). The fuel may be low (about 10-15 gal. in the tank). I have always used a anti-gelling additive and this time even used an "Emergency Anti-Gel" additive. I also burned charcoal under the engine for about 4 hours to heat it up but to no avail. It was working fine just a few hours beforhand. Your input would be welcome. Any troublshooting ideas would be great! Thank you.
Re: GM 4107 with 8V71 Won't start Ricky 10-24-02  
Check to see if the emergency air shutoff might be tripped, also with the fuel being that low it may not be picking up fuel, check the fuel filters to see if they are full of fuel or if they are only about half full. if they are half full you need to put more fuel in the tank. Good luck
Re: GM 4107 with 8V71 Won't start Joe 10-24-02  
Dan, the symptoms all point to a worn blower shaft. Initally the engine starts because there is enough fresh air to fire it once. then without the blower supplying fresh air, the engine fails to run. I have seen this many many times. The splines get worn in the drive section and the shaft slips. You have to remove the cover behind the drive side of the blower, and have somebody crank the engine and watch the shaft. If it doesn't turn there is your problem. There is a wire snap ring holding this shaft from moving out. There is a hole in the end of the shaft that allows you to remove it by putting something in the hole and working it out. In an emergency, you can usually turn the worn shaft around and put it back in but this will not last very long. If this works, I'll fill you in on how to fix it properly. Good luck.
Re: GM 4107 with 8V71 Won't start Dan P 10-25-02  
Hi Joe! I understand where the blower is located but I don't know how to get at it to perform the test. If I guessed it would be on the 'front' of the engine where the pullies are - but I'm just not shure as to how to get the cover off. There are fuel and coolant lines blocking the way. Remove these lines first or am I on the wrong side of the engine? I checked with one local repair facility and they told me 13 hours in labor alone ($90 x 13 = headache) - if this is the problem then I will need to make the repair myself and will depend on you for instructions. Oh yeah, that manual I have is a maintenance *not* service. Thanks.
Re: GM 4107 with 8V71 Won't start Dan P 10-24-02  
Thanks Joe & Ricky! I'm going to try Joe's fix. The emergency shut off has been disconnected since I first had her. I have a service manual that will show me how to get at the part. The manual was written in 66' for techs and I have a problem understanding the instructions. Joe, I'll be looking to you for the fix soon. I'm so glad to have found good people and RV Coach dot com. Thanks everyone.
Re: GM 4107 with 8V71 Won't start Joe 10-25-02  
OK....the cover for the blower drive is on the rear of the engine. You will see a plate with five bolts holding it on. Keep these bolts in order. Some may have copper washers under them. Look at the rear of the blower and you will see the part that extends to the rear engine housing. The plate is the one to the rear of that. You can take off the cover for the blower first, and see if it is turning.
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