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Rotten egg smell when driving and stopping jane foley 10-14-02  
I own a 2002 Astro Conversion Van (American Van). I have been smelling a rotten egg smell when stopping. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I started using the heater and I smell while I am driving. Any ides in what the cause could be. I am schedule to take the van back to service this week and I want to be able to tell them the to fix problem.


Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping Sam Watson 10-15-02  
That's because your van is realitively new, and is running a tad on the lean air/fuel ratio mixture side. The sulfur compounds found in all gasolines. In a lean engine these compounds are broken down into simpler form, most notably Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) which is changed into Sulfur Trioxide, (SO3) in the catalytic converter. This SO3 will build up until a rich air/fuel mixture occurs in an engine, such as slowing down and stopping at a red light,or going uphill where the engine is working a little harder and calling for more fuel.At that point, the SO3 is changed to H2S, (Hydrogen Sulfide), the "rotten egg odor gas" and exits out of the exhaust pipe. There is nothing that is "out of adjustment" or not working correctly. The smell will cease as the conveter ages, in the meantime you may want to try various brands of gasoline to see if that will help.
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping Joe 10-20-02  
I had a similar problem with the same make of conversion van. It went from dealer to dealer without any luck in reparing it. Finally the battery started going dead every day. Then it was towed in and we found a battery cable laying on the frame. It was all covered with green and black slimey oxidation. It was in a place where the A/C drain dripped on it and the insulation must have been cracked which resulted in the oxidation. we replaced the cable and that ended the problem. Yours may not be the same, but it is worth checking.
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping Ray 2-24-03  
2000 Cadillac De Ville with a rotten egg smell. Do any other Caddy owners have the similar problem
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping Don 10-19-02  
Could be over charging the battery
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping Rudy Hiebert 12-2-02  
Your engine could use a good cleaning from the inside as well. Here I recommend a product called P.I. (Performance Improver from Amsoil Inc.) This product will lubricate and clean the fuel injectors - if you have them and all other fuel related components. The first dose should be as much as six ounces per tankfull. I can get you information on how to get this and other Amsoil products if you email me.
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping William G. Andersen 11-14-02  
Bet it's time for a new catalytic converter.
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping rob 2-21-03  
Seen this problem before,on a newer chev pick up and cars. found out that some newer cars need higher octane,try using 89 or 91 octane in your car. have to use three to four tanks before you will know any diffrence in smell.good luck.
Re: rotten egg smell when driving and stopping Anna Warner 7-30-03  
What can be done about the rotten egg smell in Cadillac? Service department at the dealership said emissions were normal.
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