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Detroit 6v92 Tom 9-22-02  
Hello I have an engine question, I have an RTS Hertz suburban and I have a broken liner.. What can cause a sleeve/cylinder liner to break and have the pieces land in the airbox and is it repairable. I may part out the bus but would like to have a spare engine for my other RTS Thanks Tom
Re: Detroit 6v92 Vic 12-8-05  
My Detroit 6v92 was running fine but one day i went to start it and it ran for 2 or 3 min then it shut down, R&R the fuel filters, same issue. i started to check the motor for brocken or loose wires, no luck but on the right side of the throttle linkage theres a push actuated piston that moves a lever that seems to cut air flow the the motor, i jammed a stick so the pistn stayed closed, and motor ran, no issues. know when i turn the key off the motor keeps running so i removed the stick and it shut off. how do i get this problem fixed
Re: Detroit 6v92 Wayne Mitchell 2-16-13  
Have a 6v92. Has light smoke coming out the blow off tube. Checked the oil not sign of moisture. How much is to much or any other issuers to look for?
Re: Detroit 6v92 ronthebusnut 9-22-02  
If your liner is cracked it could be from broken rings or overheating. You can repair the engine by replacing all the pistons and liners or a major overhaul.
Have the heads checked for cracks also.
You'll have a few bucks invested, but a fresh motor!
Good luck
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Re: Detroit 6v92 Paul 8-1-03  
I have a 325HP turbo over roots blower 6V92 in my 83 Bluebird. How much torque does this engine generate? This is my first diesel of any sort. Thanks
Re: Detroit 6v92 JUAN 8-11-03  
How can I get the RPM, Torque and HP curves?
serie: 6VF-195270
Juan Olate
Re: Detroit 6v92 Ray 12-18-11  
My 6v92 has no oil pressure..How hard is it to change oil pump?
Ubqzp rvban gsnqy vafi 8-7-06  
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Re: Detroit 6v92 HUGO DARIO REYES VALDEZ 1-30-12  
Re: Detroit 6v92 Jim Dosdall 10-3-11  
I am also looking for a 6V92 manual. Have one with a cracked head and want to pull it myself but do not want to do it totally blind.
Re: Detroit 6v92 sabir 7-22-11  
Plz send me pic for oil pump and all parts for oil pump and all pipe for oil pump 6v92 detroit
Re: Detroit 6v92 scot 11-12-06  
Hi I have a 1981 chris Craft with twin 6v92 twin troubro both were running great than filled up with feul and went on a 3 hour run. in the morning both engine blowing out dark black smoke port side a bit more.than both have plenty of power they are not useing oil they both run cool I changed gas filters no difference. ? COULD IT BE A BAD BATCH OF FUEL.?
Re: Detroit 6v92 jj 9-22-02  
Broken liners can also be caused by the linners not fitting properly in the bore there are about six liner sizes that will fit in a standard block six for oversize etc
Re: Detroit 6v92 Joe 9-22-02  
I agree....the 92 series engine uses a half wet and half dry liner. If the lower (dry) portion is loose it will eventually crack where the air vanes are. Sometimes you can fit it with an oversived liner, but the top and bottom must be the same bore. With the proper hone, it can be honed to fit, or otherwise the block will have to be machined. If the fit is too loose, not only is there potential for movement, but there isn't good enough contact to dissipate heat. Overhauling a Detroit Diesel is not for an amature mechanic to try.
Re: Detroit 6v92 Tom 9-23-02  
Overhauling a Detroit Diesel is not for an amature mechanic to try

No kidding I totally agree. BUT as I always say, (the helping hand can mostly only be found at the end of your own arm) Author Ronald Kupetz, That is the most down right cut to the chase statement. I don't have any choice but to overhaul this engine and I will succeed It is a cool challenge, I can't hurt it anymore than it already is. I would LOVE to find a mechanic right here in St Louis to "moonlight" No one will. I am going to keep looking.untill I run out of patience then I am going to just do it, once I do it then engine failures are not such a death sentence. Thanks Tom.
Re: Detroit 6v92 Don 10-22-02  
Send me a e-mail when you get ready to start the job I will try to help.Finished one a short time ago.Didn't see anything to difficult about it.I agree with the manual suggestion.
Re: Detroit 6v92 Joe 9-24-02  
That's what I like "Determination!". Anyway, do yourself a favor and go to your local Detroit Diesel dealer and purchase an engine overhaul manual. It will be the best money you can spend on this job.
Re: Detroit 6v92 Tony 6-16-03  
I just happen to have 3 Detroit Diesel service manuals, I went to the detroit diesel shop and they wanted 270.00 for a manual I bought one from some guy on ebay for 151.00 If you are Interested email me, I want my money back sence I dont have a detroit diesel anymore
Re: Detroit 6v92 Dave 4-7-04  

Do you still have the manuals?
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