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Mor-ryde tag axle suspension bob 9-12-02  
Is there a way to improve this does anyone make airbags it's on a 92 pace arrow 37foot it has 4 shocks in rear with coils not leaf
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Ken Merritt 6-20-12  
I have a 1992 Newmar motorhome with the Tandem Axle Rubber suspension System, and all four are slipping out. I have seen where they say that the rubber springs are quarranteed for life, but can't find it in writing. Current cost to replace is approx. $150.00 each time four. Does anyone know how I can get them to replace my rubber springs? Or even if there is a generic brand that would work that is not as expensive? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Replace broke tag axle 1979 micro mini Toyota RV IGGY 3-24-17  
What can I replace my broken tag axle with on my 1979 Toyota RV?
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension bob 9-12-02  
I had a 92 southwind 33 foot, and called mor-ryde in indiana, and they said that they're was problems with that year and replaced it for parts cost only...boy did it make a world of difference.Lifted the back up where I never bottomed out. You wont need air bags with the newer mor-ryde suspension.
good luck

I had this done several years ago, so hopefully they will still honor the old mor-ryde
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Dave Olson 5-28-13  
I have a 97 36 foot Holiday Rambler Vacationer on a Ford F350 chassis with a tag axle. I noticed the rear of the motorhome was sagging about 4". Upon inspection I found that the in the 3 stage rubber mounting brackets the rubber had come off of one of the steel plates causing the axle to come loose from the frame. This happened on both sides. I am trying to find parts to replace on both sides. Any body know where to find parts? I've contacted Ford, Holiday, Dexter and a few others with no luck.
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Harold Litzenberg 1-13-03  
I Have a 1982 36 ft Beaver Motor Home The rear has mor/ryde tag axle. The rear end is saging and hits hard on the dips and bumps. I have even put monroe shocks with the helper springs on them. This did not help,like i was told it would. What can i or where can i corect this problem ? PS. It hits so hard on the bumps it is bending my frame. Thank you for infoe
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Audrey Guy 2-26-17  
Ruuber Springs for a 1994 Southwind 37ft
Mor-ryde tag axle suspension Captain Cook 2-22-17  
Have a '92 HR and need the springs for the tag axel (or one spring) to have a new set made. Also I would like a manual for the tag axel assembly.
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Sam 11-21-15  
I have a 1993 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 37J on a P30 chassis with the tag axle. I just replaced the front and rear shocks with Koni FSD 8805-1006 front and 8805-1007 rear. When I was replacing the rear shocks I noticed that the tag axle had shocks as well. I see where people are saying this is the Mor-Ryde system. Did they make the tag axle with a different system other than the Mor-Ryde? I am not sure if mine is the Mor-Ryde or not. I can't see the air bags anywhere. All I see is the 4 shocks and the coil springs. Are the air bags hidden out of sight? Is this a Mor-Ryde system that does not have the air bags but instead has the 4 shocks and coil springs? Do I even have the Mor-Ryde suspension? initially I replaced the shocks with Monroe Gas Magnum shocks. It made a difference but I was not happy so I went with the Koni's which made a HUGE difference over the Monroe shocks but I am still feeling a jarring when I hit potholes in the rear so I am thinking I either need new springs or the air bags that I can not find. Can anybody help me with this.
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension tim 4-22-14  
I have a 1992 37 j pace arrow fleetwood and both sides of the rubber springs are torn also the trunion tube axle bushings are pushed out, where can i get parts or change over to air bags thanx
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension John 9-14-02  
I have a 86 Sportscoach with Mor-Ryde tag axle also riding rough. Champion Spring in Ft.Worth found very deep cracks and splits in the rubber springs. The coach was sagging on left side by 1 1/2 inches. Have very good alignment shop check your Mor-Ryde rubber springs. Replaced all rubber springs, coach rides extremely nice.
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension sam williams 12-10-02  
Dear Bob
I have a 1993 (1992 built) 37 foot Bounder with the Mor/ryde tag axle
system. Two years ago the passengerside Mor/ryde units broke while we were travelling to Colorado Springs. We tried invain to get replacements there and could not so we jerry rigged it with chains and returned home to New Mexico. Since then I have been building my new house and only living in the motorhome on site so not having much time to spare I ignored the broken suspension untill now when having finished our home and moved in we wish to start using the coach again.
When this originally happened we were told by a Fleetwood dealer that the parts were warranted for life so we contacted Mor/ryde who got out of this warranty by saying that we were not the original purchasers of the coach. Now it has been brought to my attention in Motorhome magazine November 2002 edition that a gentleman from Indiana had a 1992 coach which Mor/ryde replaced the parts and also after the intervention of The Motorhome magazine hot line also paid $250.00 labour. I never asked for labour and the fact that I am not the original purchaser should not effect anything as the company claims that the "springs" should last at least 10 years. Do you know of any recorse I have against Mor/ryde. I just want them to send me four new units as the two on the drivers side are also parting. I will do the labour myself.
Yours hopefully
Sam Williams
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Victor Silva 8-16-11  
I have the same problem and i cant locate the repair parts for mine 37' bounder 1994
Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Bruno 4-17-03  
I have a 1988 Holiday Rambler Imperial, P30 chassis and the tag axle sway bar bracket broke on the left side where it attaches to the frame. The sway bar drug on the highway and broke the bar. I still have all the parts and can probably weld the bracket and sway bar. However I would rather replace it with a new bracket and bar. Where can I get replacement parts? How do I know how to adjust the length of the new bar correctly so that the tag axle tracks properly?
That time of the year JoshuaMarvel19 2-6-11  
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Re: mor-ryde tag axle suspension Jerry 6-9-03  
You can not weld a sway bar and expect it to work. It is made of spring steel. To weld it would negate the spring and purpose of a sway bar.
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