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List of cars J. Glanzer 9-1-02  
Is there a site or magazine that gives the list of cars/suv's/trucks, that can be towed 4 wheels down?
Re: List of cars RON SLEEGER 8-19-03  
Looking for a list of cars that can be towed by an rv motor home???
Re: List of cars Gary P. 9-23-02  
There is a complete list list of towable vehicles available at the Towing World website.
Re: List of cars Roy Wilson 9-12-02  
Motorhome magazine publishes such a list. Generally, anything with a manual transmission works. Saturns and Hondas are popular, as most can be towed wheels-down with auto. trannys. Otherwise, w/auto., generally, you have to use a driveshaft or drive axle disconnect, or an auxiliary transmission fluid pump, all expensive propositions. Also, Suzuki & Tracker 4WD can be towed wheels-down w/auto. trannys. Requires manual front hubs, tranny in P, transfer case in neutral.
Most alternatives require you to run the engine every 200 miles, or so, to circulate the trans. fluid.
Re: List of cars jerry 7-8-09  
Looking to buy car to tow behind a 1999 monaco dynasty with a 350 hp
Re: List of cars george dunkerly 3-1-04  
We have 2002 nissan maxima and i would
like to know how it can be towed 4 down
Re: List of cars Bill 8-11-05  
New car for a tow car
Re: cars to tow a caravan sue cooper 8-25-08  
I have a peugeot 306 1.9 xtdt 1994. will this be suitable to tow a small 4 berth caravan?
Re: List of cars William Halahan 9-18-07  
Please send a list a vehicles that are towable by manufacturer for R.V.'s with stock hitchs of 5,000 lbs rating. Thanks Bill
Re: List of cars westcoastford 6-17-06  
Please send me list of ford vehicles 2004 and newer that can be towed wheels down
Re: List of cars charlie crockett 6-10-06  
List of cars 2004,5,6 towable 4 down
Re: List of cars gloria brinkman 7-21-04  
I need to find out which cars can be towed 4 wheels down.i had recently purchased a mazda tribute which they told me was but it can only be towed on platform.need to trade it in and purchase another. do not want to make same mistake
Re: List of cars ron Leonti 5-23-03  
Please send a copy of cars that can be towed by an R.V. thanks, ron
Re: List of cars Ken Sandquist 9-18-02  
I agree in part to Roy's comments with the exception of the 4x4 Trackers requiring manual hubs. Maybe the older models, but I have a 2002 that plainly details 4-down towing instructions in my operators manual. My 4x4 is electronically shifted and no manual hubs. just my 2cw.
Re: List of cars Jeff T 9-19-02  
I was plesantly supprised to find that tha Honda CRV SUV Automatic all wheel drive can be towed with all 4 down. In fact its the only way it can be towed!
Re: List of cars Harry 10-21-02  
I have a 1999 Chevy Cavalier automatic that I have been towing on all 4 for three years now. The manuel for the car state that it should not be towed over 65 MPH.
Re:95 geo metro roger stroh 10-13-03  
Would like info an the 95 geo metro that I would like to tow 4 down
will I have any problems. it is 5 speed stick
any thing specal to do to it
thank you
Tow car/4 down elwood 1-18-03  
I have a 1990 chev lumina 3.1 automatic
can i tow this vehicle 4 weels on ground
behind our moterhome which is a travel
master 31ft. with 454 cu. engin.

ps. i am consernd about the car.
Re: List of cars b neill 10-8-05  
List of towable cars
Re: List of cars Russell Payne 2-12-10  
Can I tow my 93 cont. with all 4 down
Re: List of cars max 5-27-06  
What cars are the best for towing
Re: tow car/4 down chuck 3-18-03  
Just got back from texas to mich round trip towing 002 honda crv auto tran 4 wh on grnd.. enroute we forgot to turn off ign at night and had dead would better have a battery switch but manual says go in unlock steering,of course.. car is great for towing and cargo space...
Re: List of cars flattowable karen Fowee 4-27-07  
Can a 1996 Nissan Maxima SE be flattowed behind RV?
Re: List of cars Carol Radmacher 1-14-04  
We are interested in purchasing a vehicle that we can "flat tow" behind our new class "c" Motor home. Do you have a list for these vehicles?
Re: List of cars Jack Preston 5-8-07  
I have a 1994 Toyota Tercel Manual Transmission front wheel drive.
Can this be towed 4 wheels down?
Re: List of cars ken ledford 1-19-10  
Flat tow list
Re: List of cars Alex Lockhart 11-28-07  
What cars can be towed behind a motorhome
1993 geo tracker jerry sparks 6-7-09  
I have a 1993 tracker 4x4, 5 speed, I would like to know if it is towable, thank you Jerry.
Re: List of cars joe rosati 9-28-04  
I need a listing of cars that can be towed 4 wheels down
Re: List of carsFlattowable William Sullivan 9-29-04  
I need a list of cars from 2002 on that I can flat tow with my motor home.
Thank you
Re: List of carsFlattowable Leonard 12-26-05  
Is there some where I can get a list of towable vehicles (with all wheels on the ground) starting from about 1990 to about 2001? I need somthing to tow behind my moterhome and "I do not want to pay a lot for this muffler"!

Thank you,
Re: List of carsFlattowable mal hodge 10-22-09  
Please list cars that can be flat towed
Re: List of carsFlattowable john 1-6-07  
What car can i tow behind an rv on a frame
Re: List of cars Phillip 8-3-07  
Re: List of cars Jack OQuinn 8-20-07  
Hi,Im trying to find a list of towable
cars.Thanks Jack
Re: List of carsFlattowable Doug Hobbs 2-6-07  
Need to know what vehicles I can tow 4-wheel down behind motorhome. Can 95 dodge spirit - automatic?
Re: List of carsFlattowable SHOME JUNK 4-28-07  
Need list of cars flattowable
Re: List of cars flattowable Mary 9-12-07  
We are looking for atowable vehicle to tow behind our motorhome maybe a 2003or 04 we now have a pontiac sunfire automatic we tow 4 wheels down we heard there is a PT Cruiser or a sebring that can be towed also an alero we are pretty flexible thanks for your help
Re: List of cars flattowable dick green 5-3-09  
Where can I find A list of all towable flat auto's. I have a 1994 BMW standard shift, can it be towed behind my motorhome?
Re: List oXG557f cars flattowable CHRIS RATH 5-4-09  
Re: List of carsFlattowable Dale McNall 4-28-07  
Looking for a list of 2006 or 2007 4 door cars with auto trans that can be towed
Re: List of carsFlattowable bill gaskill 5-2-07  
Looking for a list of 2007 midsize suvs approved for towing
Re: List of carsFlattowable Karen Boudreau 11-21-07  
I am looking for a list of convertibles that can be towed behind a motorhome
Re: List of carsFlattowable james burton 8-10-07  
Would like a complete list of cars flattowable.
Re: List of cars maurise predmore 1-16-08  
Can a 2007 taurus be towed on all 4 wheels
Re: List of carsFlattowable Bob Biegel 11-19-07  
Yes we would also like a list of 4 wheel down towable vechiels that can be towed. We would prefer an automatic.
Thanks in advance
Bob Biegel
Re: List of carsFlattowable garry 1-26-08  
Can you flat tow a nissan versa, auto or cvt
Re: List of carsFlattowable Ron Lackey 4-30-08  
I am trying to find out what vehicles are flat towable behind a motor home.
Re: List of carsFlattowable Joel 9-7-08  
Need list of 2008 vehicals that can be towed
Re: List of carsFlattowable Denny Squibb 4-10-09  
I'm looking for best car to tow all 4 down behind motorhome. I do want an automatic.
Re: List of carsFlattowable Bruce Dufner 4-17-09  
Is a 1990 Chevy Astro flat towable
Re: List of carsFlattowable Tony 4-4-10  
I am looking for either an ORV that is street legal or a small convertable to
tow behind my 30ft motorhome.
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