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Dometic Fridge problems Peg 8-14-02  
We are on our 2nd motorhome and have had to replace the fridge coils in both of them. In each case, the coils were leaking ammonia when we opened it up after the winter.

We keep the unit as level as possible even when it isn't in use. We also keep the fridge doors propped open when not in use. What else should be be doing to avoid this problem? Would it be best to run the fridge all the time, even over the winter?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems denise 7-23-10  
What can my girlfriend do to get her fridge to work on electric. just purchased used, will light on propane but will not get cold, can not get it to work on electric, checked the fuses all good and all plugged in just will not get cold or freezer get froozen either. can anyone help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems denise 7-23-10  
My girlfriend just purchased a 1988 prowler 32ft. and they can not get the fridge or freezer to work, what can they try next. the fuse are all okay and it is pluged in it wants to light on propane but will not get cold. Can someone help or tell us what to do. please
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Rick 7-7-10  
Model RM 2190 (2way)

Not cold about 44 degree when I clean it and turn it upside down it only works for a while at 38 degree. Now I can't get it to light, lots of spark but no smell of propane.

Re: Dometic Fridge problems denise 7-23-10  
Girlfriend just purchased a used 1988 32ft prowler. They cannot get the fridge or freezer to work, the fuses are okay and is plugged in. the propane lines will light but still will not get cold. can anyone help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Jennifer 7-12-10  
Hi there, great web site. I was wondering, are there replies to the questions on this site? I see lots of comments about similar problems that I am having with my Dometic RM 2652 fridge but don't see any replies. Thanks, Jen
Re: Dometic Fridge problems tony 7-31-10  
Does anyone know how to remove a fridge from a 1989 fleetwood prowler i have a new fridge to install but am unable to find any pins to pull it completely out
Re: Dometic Fridge problems HARWOOD 8-18-10  
Re: Dometic Fridge problems John Dollman 8-15-10  
I am having a problem with my Dometic Americana RM 2452, it will not stay lit while traveling. I have tried replacing the thermocuplate and safety valve. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Re: Dometic Fridge problems john sanderson 8-5-10  
We have a RM3662 dometic in our trailer and it keeps blowing the 5 amp. fuse located in the control panel in the outside of the trailer, takes about 10 seconds to blow the fuse, we also just became aware of the recall on the fridge about possibly catching on fire, was wondering if the fuse short may be a common fix, thank you, john.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Rick 7-7-10  
Model RM 2190 (2way)

Not cold about 44 degree when I clean it and turn it upside down it only works for a while at 38 degree. Now I can't get it to light, lots of spark but no smell of propane.

Re: Dometic Fridge control problems Franz Holzmann 7-26-10  
We just bought a 1994 camper with a
Dometic, Designer Series RM 2607 in it.
Someone had turned off the manual LPG valve for unknown reasons. This took some time to catch on.
After that, everything worked for about
one and a half days on LPG, which is our preference. Then it seemed to cut out, switch to "check" and killed the new battery. It no longer cooled at all.
Turning it off and back onto Gas, it stayed on for about a minute, then we heard a click and it was back to "check" again. To drive home we turned it on to gas and when we got home we found it had gone to "auto" and had worked. (1 1/2 hrs)
What do you suggest could be or is the problem?
Thank you

P.S.: Can one change the control to only use LPG?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems nancy dionne 7-5-10  
I have a norcold N621 fridge. works when plugged in, but stopped working on propane. I can hear the gas come on, then clicking, but then it fails. what things can i check?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Jack Hatten 12-14-09  
My fridge freezes everything when it is on electric power. What is the problem? Dometic Rm 2652
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Laurie 10-29-09  
I see alot of people have the same problem - our DM2652 refrig stopped working but the freezer still works.
Been told by rv repair people that it may be dangerous to use it - and not worth repairing... any suggestions?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Allen Phillips 9-28-09  
My rm2862 model, bought last year doesn,t stay cool, but freezer works okay.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems sam collins 9-24-09  
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Jack Hatten 12-14-09  
My fridge freezes everything when it is on electric power. What is the problem? Dometic Rm 2652
Re: Dometic Fridge problems DARYL 1-3-10  
Re: Dometic Fridge problems ron 6-26-10  
Cannot get my fridge to operate. was working great when we went camping but now no lights come on nor will it start when buttons are pushed on.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Bill Barnhart 6-14-10  
I have a Dometic model 2652 refrigerator. I found that the refrigerator controller board is drawing 0.5 amps of electric current right at the controller board even when the main power button is off. Should the refrigerator be drawing 0.5 amps of DC power to the control board? What is the normal 12V electric current load be for the controller board?

If the electric load of 0.5 amps is abnormal, what should be serviced?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Roger 1-25-10  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Coit Everson 8-23-10  
Model RM1350
When I turn the ref, on I get an E0 code also when I run the diag test I get E0 on all test functions. All fuses are good
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Roger 9-15-10  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Troy Taylor 8-6-11  
I have a Dometic RM760 in a 1981 Southwind. The freezer works great. No coldness in the fridge. Same on both gas and electric. No strange smells, odors, or yellow powder anywhere. Any ideas?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Roy 8-3-11  
Hi...recently purchased a 2005 Roadtrek RV with a Dometic RM 2354 fridge in it...was getting things ready for camping and had the RV hooked up to 110 power...pushed on button for fridge and went through the sequence of cooling down....set it for max cold and left it....returned a few hours later and no lights were on and unit had not it seems there is no power and no lights...nothing working...did I do something wrong? do I trouble shoot this?...all fuses including the inline blade fuse and the two behind fridge (power module) look good...
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Brian Mast 7-24-11  
Fridge wont cool below 50 degrees freezer seems to work fine though.
model 4804
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Vicki 7-23-11  
We bought a new rv the end of February, 2011. It has a Dometic 2652LBFX refrigerater and the camper has been in the dealership for 8 wks of the 4 1/2 months we've owned it. The frig comes on fine in either gas or electricity but within 30 min a motor behind the freezer cycles on, runs 4/5 seconds, goes silent 4/5 seconds and which continues until the frig is turned off. After it goes it cycles 9 times before going silent. It's loud and you can hear it standing on the outside and definitely everywhere on the inside. I had to record the cycling and play it before anyone believed me. It's in the dealership now and Dometic says that some fans are silent and some are noisy. As this time they won't replace anything. You cannot sleep in the living area and visitors ask what on earth that is. Plus, something caused the converter to die, thus, destroying the battery. All repairs have been under warranty but we need this thing repaired and no one seems to know what to do. They've never heard this happen before! Help!!
Re: Dometic Fridge problems fred Brooks 8-16-11  
My dometic S620 rv refrigerator works, but the light inside does not light. I have checked the light and it's good. checked the wires to the light. not hot..if I leave the light wires disconnected the refridgerator works on gas and electric. just no light.also have checked the control panel and not hot on the places the light wire attach Can you advise me. Please
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Allan 9-5-11  
I just had a new model 1262 install in my rv and when I turn on a 12v florescent light a E3 code comes on the fridge. I rewired the light to a new circuit and it still puts a code on the fridge. None of the other 12v lights cause this issue. What would cause this?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems steve bobbin 1-19-12  
Brand new dometic 1350imbxs worked fine and shut it down for 5 weeks (holidays) after starting it back up the ice maker is not getting any water to maker..water flowing up to solanoid valve on rear any quick fix don t want to break camp to go to dealer thanks steve bobbin
Re: Dometic Fridge problems ed white 1-4-12  
Dometic #rm2852 fridge freezes what should I do
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Robert Blacker 10-16-11  
I have a Dometic RM 2862, the freezer works but the refrigerator does not. Is it the thermistor, lower circuit board or something other than those.
    Reply to MessageGood guestbook HosyNeotlykes 10-5-11  
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Kathrin 7-18-11  
I was wonder if its hard to replace a fridge in a 1995 Bounder Motorhome. is it a major task or can it be done without taking it to an rv shop?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems curtis Locke 7-11-11  
I have a Dometic Royal refridgerator model RM 3862 in my trailer. It cools well, but have noticed a plastic and/or chemical burning smell coming from the freezer compartment. I have also noticed a black residue located at the front top left hand corner of the freezer compartment. I am very concerned.Thanks
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Wes 1-21-11  
My dometic fridge is not cooling. the fridge is warm on the back but its only 55 degrees in the fridge whats wrong?????
Re: Dometic Fridge problems gerald 11-28-10  
I have 2000 model trailer. Unit has always been kept level and shed kept,we also always keep power on to trailer. The fridge recently stopped working replace or repair? Checked fuses at control board, what next?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Nelda Adams 10-9-10  
My refrig will not work on ac but work on gas
Re: Dometic Fridge problems mark grifin 9-23-09  
Dometic 2310 refrigerator will not work on 12 or 120V. I can get a small flame on gas, but it will not cool, just slight temp. change in freezer area. The unit is 11 years old, so it still might have blockage. When I tried to get it to work on 120 v nothing, same on 12 v.. I tracked down that no 120V will come out of the thermostat. A new one costs $175 I would like to find a used broken 2310 and salvage a used thermostat part out of it. I would be happy with just a thermostat.

What worries me is this may allow power to go to the heating element, but it still may not work.
Dometic refridgerator goes off Sam 1-22-11  
We have a Dometic NDR 1292 2-way refridgerator. When the outside temperature drops below 35 degrees, the refridgerator shuts down and will not run on gas or elec. When you try to start in on the eyebrow, it will try to start and go off. When the outside temp gets above 50 degrees it will restart and stay running until the outside temp drops below 35 degrees.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems J Schneid 5-8-11  
I have a Dometic 2652 and it works fine on both lp and electric. Only problem is that sometimes it will not start on gas, I've traced the problem to the soleniod. when the solenoid is wet it will not fire, I can dry the solenoid and it will fire right up, is this common or do I need to replace the solenoid?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems hal 6-11-11  
Fridge workes fine on 110 but will not light on stay lit if lit man. on lp.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems elwood lashley 5-18-11  
I have a Dometic S1621 fridge. I put a new cooling unit in. The fridge and freezer work great on elect. and propane. But when it needs to come back on, the check light comes on and not the fridge or freezer. I can shut off and turn back on, and works fine till next time you get check light. Could you give me an idea ss to the problem. Could it be the control board? Thanks much
Re: Dometic Fridge problems D Low 5-15-11  
We have a motorhome and Our house is getting rewired. They rewired me a place for the motorhome except they used the wiring for 220 instead of 110 it blew the refrigrator and microwave.. The frig gets cold on gas.. Does anyone know what part I might check first on the electrical side..Thought there might be a safety surge that might save the refrigrator.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems paul 8-31-10  
My fridge RM2562 dometic work on electricty but will not work on gas. I order and replaced the thermocouple and ignitor. What else should I do?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Larrie 8-28-09  
I have a dometic 2652 and it always tries to run on gas when ac is available
Re: Dometic Fridge problems carol 4-17-08  
We have a dometic 3 way frig. just got a notice about a recall. been browsing and find this recall happened in 2006. It is april of 2008, yet they are telling me to shut my frig and rush to get it fixed.

now called an RV dealer here in little RI. name--Arlington RV. he tells me that once he puts the part in to be safe, the refrig may not work and the recall will not cover. can not tell us how much it will cost and wants us to drop the rig off for at least a few days. needless to say we did not do this, but we have been using our frig right along. last few years only on 110, but now only on Lp gas. we have been traveling, was staying and working in Quartzsite, AZ for 2 years. sure wish they sent mail sooner. could of went to Rv lifestyles and James he knows my husband well as they worked together. He however never worked on our rig.
Now we are heading up to Maine where we have a piece of land. Question, do I have to fix this, or has there been more up dates??? everything we are reading is like 2007. would apprieciate updates, thanks
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Frederic Michael 4-4-08  
Have RM2820.........not freezing in upper and seems to not keep cooling in lower........
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Art 3-2-08  
I have an 06 dometic 2 way frig. I works on electric but wont light on gas. I can manually light it and it will stay lit during my entire trip but the ignition is not working. Would it be a problem with the ignitor or the board?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dometic Rm2652 1-6-08  
Its freezing everything in the refrigerator. How do I fix this?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems noels 4-24-08  
I have a 2006 autotrail scout and recently there has been a terrible smell of gas coming from it. please help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Staple2 4-26-08  
I am trying to replace the lighter in a Dometic RM2310 refrigerator. It works fine on electric but won't light with the push button. I am not sure how to go about replacing the lighter.

Re: Dometic Fridge problems dan 7-7-08  
I have a RM2310 and use it but once a year. After winter storage I turned the unit on using LP gas and it seems that it will not get as cold as it used to be. I removed it cleaned the burner jet as discribed. it gets cool but not cold. Any suggestions ??
Re: Dometic Fridge -ERR 13 George Swisher 7-5-08  
New Diplomat April 07, Err 13 in Aug. 07, repaired at Elkhart IND. Monaco Service Center Nov. 07. today, July 5,08 Err 13 again appears. Unable to reach Dometic or Monaco because it is Saturday.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Karen 6-25-08  
I have a small Dometic 3 way fridge - it works fine on 120 AC volt, but will not work at all on 12V DC.

All the fuses that we can see near the battery area tested out ok.

For on the road, I now have to rewiring it to plug it into a converter to use it at AC ( I am not using propane).

Any other fuses to test/replace? any suggestions on what to do to fix it?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Peter 5-26-08  
I've got a dometic 2 way model s1621.001 1995 vintage that started ocasionally shuting off when in the gas mode. The check light would come on and when I would notice it I would start it again and it would run for quite a while befor it would happen again. Now it has gotten to the point where it will only stay lit for a short while(maybe a minute)befor the check light comes on.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Larry 8-18-07  
I have a 2002 dometic refer that the freezer works properly but the refer part does not get cold. Are there any suggestions as to what may be the cause? Any feedback as to the problem would be very helpful to me and get the lady off my back. I would still be in a tent...Lost in Las Vegas Larry
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Becky Klein 8-9-07  
My dometic fridge no.RM 2652 takes at least 12 or more to get things cold. I have only had my motor home for 6 weeks and have had a travel trailer before with a rv refrigerator and it get cold within a few hours.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems len 6-2-03  
Why does my fridge judder when it stops?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems LHyzer 8-15-02  
Peg, I don't think that you are doing anything wrong if you are operating it like it was designed to be used.

It appears that you have been one of the unlucky ones to get a defective refrigerator.

There have been many ref. out there with defective coils. Some with recalls.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems jd 8-14-02  
Peg, I'm blessed to be in Florida where we don't have to winterize, and try to run the RV at least every six weeks all year. I've had some problems with my Dometic and have found this site helpful.

I wonder if: 1. Do you park in a corrosive atmosphere, like near chemicals or salt? 2. Do you tarp the motorhome, trapping moisture that adds to corrosion?

God Bless, jd
Good sites Buqc2004 8-23-18  
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Jeff Mulcahey 11-19-05  
I purchased a new Dometic frig in 8/23/02. It has worked perfectly until I went into the motor home to find a horid smell of rotting food. The RV has been kept perfectly level and has only been taken out less then 10 times since we've had the frig. The warrenty has just expired. What can be done? I feel this unit should have serviced me longer then 3 yrs with so little use.

I have: Model RM2820
Serial #: 22806051
Product #: 9215960-02
Re: Dometic Fridge problems don nagel 7-6-06  
All systems failed when operating on 110 volts. the only thing that operating was the green light. the coils are okay and the 110 heater and 12 volt are okay.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems 2820 Bob 7-26-07  
Mine gets hot inside using elec or gas. Its nto even that old...anybody know why?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Marci Smitham 6-20-07  
I bought a new Dometic refrigerator to replace the one in our motorhome. My husband, daughter, and I had to put it in through the window, so it was lying on it's front face for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. We then installed it and I forgot to tell my husband to not connect it until the next day. He connected it anyway. Do you think anything happened during the time it was lying face down, like the oil running out of the compressor and fouling things up? Please let me know. Thanks, Marci

PS It had been running for 2 hours before I asked him, so I said just leave it - the damage had already been done if there was any.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems ed filiatrault 7-15-06  
I cannot get the pilot lite to start. Fridge model rm2310. It works fine on eletric.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems jason 7-9-08  
I just installed a new RM 2354 in my camper I have everything hooked up but I have no luminary lamps on the control panel. I have checked all the fuses any ideas.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems nina 7-9-08  
How maney pounds of presure do you put in a dometic fridge model # rm66
thank you
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Richard 7-6-09  
My 2652 Refrigerator will work off LP gas but doesn't work off the electric 120V AC. I have check everything, but still nothing. Any thoughts.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems SURAJ SEWAK 7-2-09  
I have Dometic refrigerator two way Gas and Elec model RM 2652 the cooling system is not working. This has been the problem ever since I bought the trailer. Each time it costs over $600 to fix. What could be the problem with this model.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Rick 3-27-09  
I have a S619.007 { 120 V. / LP gas }Dometic on a 1991 prowler. It works good on 120v but does not work with LP gas. What are the most probable things to check first ? Thanks
Re: Dometic Fridge problems andrew 2-23-09  
We have an RM2852 Dometic 2007. Our problem is: We are off the grid and use propane. During the gas mode the fridge will run for 24 hrs. but when reignites the check light will come on. Sometimes when I turn the unit off and on the check light will come back on. It seems to have a mind of it's own and we can never leave because we are afraid it will go off and our food will rot. We have checked voltage, and it checks out fine. We took it to camping world where we bought it and they said there was nothing wrong, it worked perfectly for them. But the tec. said if anything went wrong it would be the electronic board. We do not want to invest in a new board for $120. not knowing if that will solve the problem. Anyone else out there that has had a similar problem? Please help me. thank you.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Peter 7-7-09  
I have a Dometic 3 way fridge in my motor home. Lately when using it on gas, it lights immediately but after a few minutes it shuts the gas off. Sometimes it stays lit for a few hours, next time it is only a few minutes before you hear a "click" sound and the "CHECK" lit on the panel is on.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems jeff 7-8-09  
15 amp fuse blows when in transit. I have to disconect DC power at the back of the frig to replace the fuse. When sitting still it works fine. Checked the mother board, the thermal diode behind the burner and the fuse in the flue, tring to locate the problem.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Loren Wagner 8-10-09  
I have a RM2310 and it works fine on 120v but won't work on gas or 12v. Fan doesn't operate when on propane and nothing on 12v. Worked when used 9/08

Any suggestions or repair centers near Madison Wi.?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ernie Kirschnick 8-10-09  
Dometic 2652. Heat exchanger is hot but the unit won't cool or freeze.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems RK 7-30-09  
We have Dometic RM2652 when its on gas the freezer works fine but the refrigerator doesnt? what is wrong?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Tommy McBride 7-28-09  
Day one, November 30, 2007, on first turn out of sales lot, doors swung open, contents fell out. Visit after visit to repairs shops including 500 miles back to LazyDays near Tampa, Fl, we still couldn't get doors to stay shut in transit. February 2009, at Lazy Days it was determined that the ignition was the problem. Homeward trip proved repair inadequate. We finally began to get results after trip to Perry, GA in March 2009. Doors now do not hold shut when travelling. Kelsey agreed to replace control board for gas operation and replace gaskets.
Upon returning home, local RV dealer was told to replace control board, but to put WOODEN DOWELS in latches to correct the problem of locks not holding. This didn't work. Early July 2009, Dometic sent 4 new doors to local dealer to replace defective ones. Alas, no door locks were included. We were told locks would be shipped Friday, July 24th (we missed campouts all month long, then Global World Series games where our grandson participated) only to find out on July 28th that the locks had not be sent, that the plant where they are manufactured is closed until 8/15/09, and the earliest that the locks and doors could be installed would be end of August. In a subsequent call to Kelsey on 7/28/09, I was assured locks will be shipped on 7/29/09.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Garry 2-8-09  
I have an RM 2652 and when you open the door sometimes the light inside goes out and also the auto light on the control panel goes out as well. If you slam the door or hit the door after its closed sometimes the auto light comes on and sometimes you have to unplug it outside and plug it back in to get the power back on it. Other than that it works fine. This is an intermittant problem. Could it be a loose connection somewhere? Any ideas?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems mary worley 1-28-09  
We have a elite 1350 4 door some days it's 36o other days it goes up to 56o it's on a level surface what could be the problem thank you
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dave 9-3-08  
I am with Tommy...I have a new thermistor and have moved it all over the place. I also have a brand new main board on the 2652....its at 5 deg F right now with everything frozen. What to do?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Kathy 8-10-08  
We have a dometic silohette s1621 in our 1988 motorhome. We have recently noticed a pnemonia smell in the refrigerator part. I know it is not under warranty therefore is not covered under the recall for this recent problem. So, what's my best choice as to what to do?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ronda 8-7-08  
Hi I was wondering if you could tell me why my fridge a Dometic will start up the freezer gets starts to freeze the fridge barely anything then shuts off, has done this the last two times we went camping. I made sure we were even and if not propped my motor home so the bubble in the fridge was where it should be. Please not e that I just bought the motor home a few months ago was owned by one family and they took great care of it, but it had been parked for the last 4 years could that be the problem? Thanks for your help Ronda.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dee 7-21-08  
We have a Dometic R2804 model rv refrigerator.

It worked fine for a few months - then the lower refrigerator part quite but the freezer section continued to work properly (on electric - we don't need to use propane). Then the freezer quit completely...

Can you tell me if it is worth trying to fix it or should we just junk it and buy a new one....

Re: Dometic Fridge problems Brent 9-30-08  
Can some one help. I seem to have a different problem than most. My fridge cools, freezer freezes. Temp in the fridge is approx 1 degree C. In the morning the fridge will be +15 C and the freezer seems to still be cold and freezing. This seems to cycle, the fridge will work again and then not. Does the same with both gas and electric. Trailer is level, I haven't pulled the fridge out of the wall yet but will soon to check venting and inspect.

Any ideas??
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Doug Espinda 10-17-08  
I have a 1989 Bounder. It's been in storage for about 3 years. I cant't get my fridge to work on Electric. No sound nothing. I fiddled with the light switch and it blinked once, now don'nt work. Are they any fuses other then the ones in the cab that could be blown. and where would they be? I would really appreciate an answer, I have my relatives coming here on the 23Oct for a week, and that's where they'll be staying. Thank You Doug
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Tom 1-25-09  
I have a 1994 Dometic RM 2811 and I need to replace the coils. I can not get it free from the motor home, I have remove the 4 screws in front but am missing something. I would appreciate any help in getting this loose. Thanks!
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Glenn 12-23-08  
2002 Model NDR 1062 Dometic Fridge
Interior light stays on until the bulb burns out.Replaced bulb and new switch
with same results.The door switch does not shut the light off.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems scouseguy 12-7-08  
I have a rm 2310 3 way ive tryed all setting only top works thats the freezer i can smell i think amonia comming from vent outside my van not sure what it is or the cost to repair anyone out there have any idea causes
Re: Dometic Fridge problems gabriel villeneuve 2-27-12  
In my rv condor 2003
i have a 2 door dometic rm3862 the freezer on top seems to be ok -4 degres c.
but the fridge stay at 10 degres c.
on ac at 110volts or on gas.
i noticed that when i am on 120 volts or more the fridge gets colder near normal 5 degre c.
i have cleaned the propane burner,and the radiator on top.
i have checked all the wiring in case of loose connection.
tell me if its possible to cleaned the chimney without removing the fridge off the wall.
i am in mexico acapulco nobody knows about ammonia fridge.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ken 2-25-12  
My RM2852 runs on gas but when switched to auto it stops working and the check light comes on.
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems gabriel villeneuve 2-27-12  
In my rv condor 2003
i have a 2 door dometic rm3862 the freezer on top seems to be ok -4 degres c.
but the fridge stay at 10 degres c.
on ac at 110volts or on gas.
i noticed that when i am on 120 volts or more the fridge gets colder near normal 5 degre c.
i have cleaned the propane burner,and the radiator on top.
i have checked all the wiring in case of loose connection.
tell me if its possible to cleaned the chimney without removing the fridge off the wall.
i am in mexico acapulco nobody knows about ammonia fridge.
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ford's RV Refirgeration 4-10-15  
If you want to really know the ins and out of RV refrigeration go to or call us at 270-354-9239. This is all we do and have done for 35+ years. Also we train people how to recondition the RV refrigerator.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dave 3-6-15  
I have A RM3862 running on elector I am getting a lot of ice on the fins in the back of the frig, Is this normal?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems LD Humphreys 2-17-15  
RM3862 - leaks water out the back down outside of Motor Home. It is not coming from the condensation tray or tube. (Checked and tube is not stopped up).
Unit is level. Only seems to do this after a couple weeks of continued use.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Robert 8-23-14  
Have Dometic frig model DM2862RBFX. Sometimes the gas burner lights and is off back and forth for a while then I turn power off for a few minutes and it lights and stays on for a while.
This all usually happens when changing from electric to gas. Is there something I can do to make it switch on its own?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems steve lenox 5-26-15  
I have a 2011 dometic frig DM2652 works great have on AC power hear motor inside sounds like cooling motor running on and off all the time is that normal it runs about 10 seconds stops then comes on again thanks
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Maurice Marsollier 6-25-15  
Dometic Fridge Model RM2652 was working fine till yesterday. Troubleshooting proble, found that there is yellow powder leaking down just above the propane flame. What is the solution ?
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Donald Peck 8-13-15  
Have2013 Forest River Motorhome. Refer is Dometic model DM2852RBX. Freezer works well but refer.only cools well at night...reaches 70+degrees F in daytime and 28-30 degrees at night and into morning. Don't use it a lot so shouldn't be defective. No yellow leaks & can't smell ammonia. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems kerry 8-13-15  
Hello my question is my fridge worked fine i didnt think nothing about it and fired up the generator to do some cleaning but my camper was at a pretty good lean setting on the side of the road now i got a smell in side the fridge if i put the camep back to level will that take care of it or did i ruin the fridge thank you for any help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems kerry 8-13-15  
Hello my question is my fridge worked fine i didnt think nothing about it and fired up the generator to do some cleaning but my camper was at a pretty good lean setting on the side of the road now i got a smell in side the fridge if i put the camep back to level will that take care of it or did i ruin the fridge thank you for any help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems leroy 3-17-14  
My refrigerator domestic rm2811 works fine on ac but will not run on propane. when turned on ac i can hear the igniter and the gas light comes on intermittantly but eventually works on ac. on dc with no shore power connected no lights come on and i cannot hear the igniter. i checked the 12 volt and it is fine.
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems sakiba 12-29-12  
I had to get a new one. Here's a good place if anyone else is looking for one:
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Elijahs1976CoachmenCabover 8-2-12  
Got a little problem here.. Fridge Defrosted, All the food went bad..

Okay this is going to be a long one because I did some diagnostics I want to run through as well.. Let me explain the problem first though..

this is a very old model that was working fine until just a few weeks ago..

In fact the freezer was so cold that I had decided to chip the ice out of it because it was taking up my freezer space and I couldn't fit anything in it.. After doing that I kept it running.. BTW I live in this Camper, so the fridge is on all the time..

Anyway.. The fridge defrosted and I tried the knobs, nothing works, I put it on 110AC nothing happens, I put it on 12V ad all that happens is it dims the cabin 12V lighting a little bit, But I am afraid to put it in LP mode because it is so old I don't want to start a fire, Plus I have a limited amount of Gas and money..


Earlier today I went out with my multimeter and tested some circuits..
I tested Continuity on the Thermostat, Tested Voltage Coming in at 109.8 Volts AC, Tested 12V without load at 14.6Volts DC, With load came down to 13.9 Volts DC.. Tested Power to the Heater on AC and DC sides with the selector Knob set to each, and got Voltage.. I do not smell Freon, or ammonia at all.. I know the coil looks a bit rusty, but it seems fine.. I am starting to suspect that the Heaters are either burned out or the Thermostat may be going out.. in other words. if the fridge is HOT inside the thermostat will kick on, but if it gets even slightly cool it will kick off.. Or somewhere I have a bad switch/loose connection.. I need help on this because I really need my fridge working so I can get Groceries again.. I am tired of Canned food after a week.. I am about to go get a Dorm Fridge or something.. This is ridiculous.. Could I have Damaged something when I was CHiseling out the Ice from the Freezer? or Could I maybe have a bad Switch.. I don't know.. All I know is that it is set to MAX AC and it is over 100 Degrees outside.. It is also over 100 Degrees in the Refrigerator.. Please help if you know anything that can help me.. Write me back.. Thank you so very much!!

I repeat.. Power 110 Volts to one heater 1 (top) only on AC mode

Power 13.8 Volts to heater 2 (bottom) (in 12 Volt Mode Only)

12 Volt dims the Cabin 12 V lights slightly, but does not seem sufficient to cool the fridge..

My Converter is running with no load at 14.6 Volts AC and it is capable of 20 AMPERES..
Re: Dometic Fridge problems douglas gallagher 5-16-12  
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ruth Hayward 3-15-12  
We have a 1350 and it runs most of the time. It goe34 to 47s from. Are there other people having any trouble?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Michael 2-11-13  

Make sure that your door is sealing properly. Even if all controls are working and the cooling unit is operating at maximum. You can see high temperatures with doors that don't seal. In addition, check the back of the refrigerator. Look for a yellow substance around and below the burner. If you do see the yellow substance or smell ammonia at any time, TURN OFF the refrigerator and call your local RV service center. This means that your cooling unit has developed a leak and could be a fire hazard. If your local center doesn't offer reconditioning of your refrigerator, check out our RVRN locator map for a center near you. (
Re: Dometic Fridge problems steve 3-5-13  
I have domestic model rm 2652. It was working on auto and then it would only run on propane and now it won't run at all. Before all this was happening some times it would just quit running then start running again.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems greg fields 8-26-13  
I've bought an rv that has been in storage for some time.i went on line to see how to get the fridge to stary working.i burpped it but it continues to gurgle and not get cold.i still haven't set it upside down for a 24hr period wich is the lomger method of burping and haven't tried to start it using propane as i do not know how to lite the burner.what should i do.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Gary Finks 4-4-13  
I have a dometic rm2652 the indicator lights work and inside light works but unit will not cool I see no leakages in back of unit coles are not getting warm. any suggestions.
Re: Dometic mod RM3663 Fridge problems Mike Arno 3-9-13  
The unit works on 12 volt and gas modes but it trips the ground fault on 120 volt mode after about 20 seconds it has a replacement dynasaur board (not installed by me). I replaced the groundfault already
thanks mike
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems PrtytIjkjs 5-19-17  
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Re: Dometic Fridge relays Mike Hale 6-23-16  
I need to know how to hook the relays Anisa –For switching from 110 two LP
Re: Dometic Fridge problems NpjvnKerwj 5-22-17  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems YztodYovve 5-18-17  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems AneeyKknvl 5-9-17  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems wilson paul 9-22-16  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dee 8-14-16  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems WlcciWupgf 3-14-17  
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems UmxzfBzhrl 4-7-17  
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Peluche ours coeur coolminiprix jeanric 5-2-17  

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Peg 8-14-02  
Hi jd, The motorhome isn't parked near salt/chemicals. It is at the top of our driveway, near the house. We haven't put a tarp on it either. I'll try it out.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Joe 8-15-02  
Peg, I don't think there is one answer that covers all. I put a used Dometic refrigerator in our log cabin that has been running non stop for 20 years. I also had a Mirauder Traveler I bought new in 1976 that went through three coils in 5 years. If you go to any RV repair shop, you will see piles of old coils lying around. I solved my problem with a Norcold compressor model, but since then I have had several Dometic refrigerators with no problem. At my shop when we have a leaker, we send the coils out to be rebuilt. The rebuilder claims that leaks are usually at a seam where the amonia crystals have started to accumulate indicating improper use. I don't buy that, but he claims that is so and he has been in business for 15 years. He also claims the best way to properly "shut down" your refrigerator is to turn it off and 24 hours later to move the vehicle back and forth to allow all the liquid to return to the lower portion of the coils where it belongs. Again, I don't buy it but you be the judge.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Bob Stalker 6-12-06  
We have a Dometic RM211 3-way fridge. I have flame but won't turn up to give a colder temp. in fridge. It seems to stay just above "pilot". The specs on this fridge are.....
Model: RM 211
Serial: 612
Product: 9266050
C/S: 50/60
Amp: 8/0.85
Inlet Pressure: INW:G.11
Input Rate:BTU/H600
Made in England

If you have ANY advice or a place that sells the parts preferably in or close to Belleville, Ontario, Canada please e-mail us and let us know. 12 volt and 110 both work but the propane is not very cold.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Rob Jean 7-23-04  
My fridge works fine on 120V.
When I switch it to propane, it
lits O.K., but won't stay on.
{goes out in about 10-30 min.}
I cleaned the burner,the thermocouple,
and the stack. All was fairly clean.
The flame looks good. [blue]
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems waz 7-30-03  
Because its cold
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Eric 6-3-07  
Food compartment is freesing everything overnight Fridge is a 2002 and it is preset at the factory. What can I do to bring the temp up to stop all my food from freesing?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Don Venable 10-15-07  
Ref. 2652 works great on elec 120 and pilot ight will light but only stays on for 45 or so seconds. thermocoupler test good. was wondering if control board could be bad or possibly gas magnet valve. thanks Don
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Casey Vangemeren 7-3-09  
I am having the same problem. What is causing this? Did you get it fixed? Please let me know.

Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dean 8-30-09  
I have a nearly the same problem with my fridge I have cleaned the burner,burner jet and replaced the thermocouple. It lites fine clear blue flame but every 14 seconds the flame goes out. The igniter then re lites and the cycle continues.The fridge will actually work and stay cold but the click every 14 seconds will drive a person nuts.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Jeff Greenfield 11-11-07  
I have a Dometic RM2652 in my RV. Works on AC, but on gas, pilot light does not light. I have lit by hand, and it goes out in about 30-45 seconds. When I first noticed problem, the pilot was lighting on its own, but then would go out in about 30-45 seconds. We have replaced the thermocoupler before for similar problem and it stayed fixed for about 2 years. Any thoughts?


Jeff Greenfield
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Steve 11-20-07  
Dometic RM2652
It is too cold in refrigerator and everything is freezing.
How do I fix this problem?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Mary 5-29-09  
My fridge is freezing everything and it is preset at the factory. Where can you adjust the temp?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Elijahs1976CoachmenCabover 8-2-12  
Dear Mary..

Most of these Refridgeraters are not the Conventional Kitchen Animal.. They do not typically use a compressor.. The way they generally work is there is a substance in a Tube in the back of them.. There are usually 3 heater types.. Propane Gas, 12V Electric, and AC 110 or 120 Volt Powered.. These Heaters will heat up the substance and cause it to expand.. When the substance is expanded it will get very cold.. Thus cooling the fridge on the inside.. What you are probably thinking of is the Conventional Refrigerators like you would have in your house.. and YES you would be right if it were one of those because it would Damage the Compressor.. All of the oil would be in the lines and not where it should be lubricating the Compressor.. I am not an expert, but I would say it will probably be fine..
Re: Dometic Fridge problems 2820 Steve 5-23-15  
Hello Bob, did you find out why your fridge was getting hot inside? I recently got a RV with a Dometic RM 2807 in it and it's doing the same thing.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems 2820 Martins 10-5-09  
Did you get any helpful responses? We're having same problem - have taken unit out of wall, turned on side, upside down for extended periods - still same. Gas and electric parts working. Local RV sales said sometimes you can "burp" them (as noted above) We want to know where is the clog that prevents refrigerant from circulating? Not liking the prices on replacement unit!
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Donald 6-3-09  
Hi, Steve there is a racall on the dometic RM 2652, so contact your local RV service center about it.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems tommy 3-30-08  
I just replaced my thermister on my dometic 2652 but still the tempature is down to 20 or below. i have moved the white wire thing all over the coils up down off the coil it still want come up to 30 or higher. What next ?? help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Andre Dufresne 5-27-09  
Dometic refrigerador RM 2652 its freezing everything in the refrigerador.

The thermister give 4.7 ohms at 70F and 28.5 ohms at about -3F. The eyebrow board is a new one. how do I fix it
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Bill Orr 12-4-10  
I have a Dometic RM 2410, at any setting on the dial the fridge stays at 20 dergrees, freezing everything, how can I fix this issue.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems greg 8-16-09  
My rv fridge temp will not adjust, it stays below freezing at all settings
Re: Dometic Fridge problems dale 2-6-10  
We have a rm 2501 gas and elect was working good coming down mississippi now will not start on gas or elect what do you think is wrong thank dale
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Brian 8-26-09  
Dometic 2652 freezing in both compartments. Moved sensor to make sure well into fins; still freezing. How do I test to see what parts need replacing or who do I talk to for replacement parts.
Thank you,
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Pam Grim 9-7-08  
Where do you install a Thermomister Adjuster on a Dometic 2652. Is is in the control panel??
Ucbqztp CharlieEnhag 5-31-17  

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems brent moore 7-15-09  
I have a dometic fridge rm3662 it wont stay lit on propane it will run for a while and shut off the check light will come on but it wont attempt to relight itself
Re: Dometic Fridge problems BG KELLY 8-14-10  
My fridge go out when we are driving
Re: Dometic Fridge problems shawn 6-3-10  
Dometic rm7732 lights on gas aprox 2 min goes to chk mode does not run on ac
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dave Henderson 2-8-11  
Just had the same problem while installing my new RM2354 the display board will not light up. I have checked the dc power to the connection block in the rear and is ok. The unit worked when I first connected it but when I turned my gas valuve on it no longer comes on. I dont know if it had anything to do with it. Any suggestions?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Jim Cusato 2-10-11  
I also have a Dometic RM2820 in my RV and it's not turning on. Have good power and 12V.
I'm replacing brain electronics and going to check if ground is good. Not sure where the ground is? Got any ideas?
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dave 6-2-10  
Dee - did you ever get an answer? I am having the same issue.

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems riley 5-22-11  
Fridge wont cool below 50 degrees freezer seems to work fine though. It frosted up real bad once since than it doesnt seem to want to cool right can you help me
Re: Dometic Fridge problems chantel 7-4-11  
Try turning your fridge upside down for 24 hours the try it.... it burps the fridge
Re: Dometic Fridge problems paul D 6-1-10  
Light stays on switch does not turn it off model ndr1062
Gzniaqo MichaelSef 6-11-17  

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems DONALD E. ROWLAND SR. 4-22-12  
Gbnqqvf Tyleracund 5-19-17  

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Karl Reddig 6-9-11  
I have a dometic rm 2652.When i first turn on the fridge everything works great,after awhile it turns off,I have ran it on gas and electric with the same results.any ideas?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dave 2-28-09  
I had the same problem and bought a dinosaur electronic replacement control board and it solved the problem. These are available on E-bay for around $100. hope this helps
Re: Dometic Fridge problems john fox 6-1-10  
Hi there, great web site. I was wondering, are there replies to the questions on this site? I see lots of comments about similar problems that I am having with my Dometic fridge but don't see any replies. Thanks, John
Re: Dometic Fridge problems johnny 7-31-14  
I am having the same problem as Andrew in row number 2. I always use the refrigerator so you i turn off the fridge and turn it back on the check light will come on then you can hear the propane switch turn off repeat the process same resultcan you tell me how to solve this problem I was looking 4 a response to Andrews identical problem but did not see one thank you very much I would appreciate your help
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Linda Childs 6-5-10  
Model RM1350 - 4 door. Hard to keep temp below 36. Doors are very loose, by this I mean when you open one they all seem to partially open. There is no heavy sealing like I am used to with refrigerators. I constantly find a door that has not closed which can contribute to the high temp. Water dispenser did not work from day 1 and the refrig was totally replaced. No parts.
Re: cools on 120 v but not on propane curtis wellborn 6-22-11  
Refer runs perfect on 120 but will not cool when switched over to propane. pilot is burning blue cannot find any obstructions in flu burner is clean
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Dorothy Wilson 10-5-13  
1981 Dodge campervan Dometic fridge is too old to recharge - gurgles but no luck on propane or power - how can we completely turn it off safely (no leaks apparent), and just use as an icebox ? Cap the propane is all thats necessary, and turn right off ? Thankyou
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ed 4-6-14  
I have a dometic frige and it work fine in elec. mode but it wont work on gas, the burner will light up for about a minute and then go off then the display says A
Re: Dometic Fridge problems John Byrd 8-25-11  
The metal fins inside the refridgerator part stays covered in frost of about solid 2/3 from right to left and have lowered the temp control but the wire is stuck inside the other half of the slider. I have a thermometer inside and the temp is right on, what can I do???
Re: Dometic Fridge problems gibbo 8-27-09  
Hi sounds to me that your element has packed up. Im in the trade and 90% of the time this is the problem if you have some means of testing how many amps or even watts the fridge is pulling on 'ac' you should be able to comfirm this... with the fridge turned on to Mains you should see it drawing between 100 and 200 Watts depending on the modle of fridge you have.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Ruth Robison 5-28-11  
My fridge will not work on electricity.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Robert H. 10-10-14  
Dometic rm2652 won't work in a/c mode. It has 120v, all fuses good and heater is getting hot
Re: Dometic Fridge problems ivor 7-21-13  
I have a domestic 2501 it doesn't work on ac. on gas so far the freezer is freezing,the fridge is cool but not cold. it used to work fine?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Sean 6-5-11  
I have the same problem as Richard. My frige will work on Gas but not on 240vl or 12vl
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Bob 5-11-10  
I have a Model #RM 2812 purchased in 2000. The unit has been working great, but recently while it is cooling there is a snapping sound continuously. And when it cycles off it stops. It operates only on LP gas. I have checked all the connections, none are loose. Then I cleaned all of the ground connections to make sure of no corrosion build up. The unit works fine but the noise can be annoying. By the way it is installed in a Houseboat. Also while it is running I can tap on the solenoid with the handle of a screwdriver and the snapping will stop momentarlly.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems james martin 8-23-14  
How do I set the temperature for refrigerator on rm 2607
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Lamar McCormick 9-21-15  
I had rats behind my dometic 2652 refrigerator. Ate every wire in sight. If I purchase a new refrigerator will all the wiring be on new unit and connected. I know I will have to connect 12 volts from battery.
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems jorge cue 8-6-09  
My domenic rm 2652 freezer works but not the refri???
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The subsequent time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I imply, I know it was my option to read, however I truly thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you may fix when you werent too busy on the lookout for attention.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems George 1-21-10  
Dometic model RM2862. The check light comes after 6 minutes when in the gas mode,This after several resets. Fridge works fine in AC.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Robert Doucet 8-6-14  
I have a 1992 road trek van dodge, with
a RM2310 model fridge, it was working for a month after we bought it, now it has stopped, no ammonia smell, no leakage.
we even leaved it,
need your help. was told it could be
the cooling system. is it worth to fix or should we buy one on kjiji. or would you know what I could try, the themostate, plug or the controls.

thank you,
Re: Dometic Fridge problems KPerry 7-22-10  
Clicking Noise? I defrosted the fridge and the noise disappeared. I don't know the technical answer nor the reasons why, but I found that when I fully defrosted my fridge the clicking noise stopped. We have a 96 DutchStar that we use full-time. This past year we've been in one location running electric only. The fridge worked great but that irritating periodic, continuous clicking noise started up. I could not find any solution on the web but it appeared the most common cause and not running propane had to do with the coils. I fully defrosted the fridge, started it back up, and voila, no noise. I was spoiled with a frostfree fridge in my home; I didn't think about manually defrosting the refrigerator.
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Yves 5-27-10  
My Dometic 2652 fridge freeze everything from both sections. I had the sensor changed, but no better result. What is next to check?
Ticuzdx Tyleracund 5-31-17  

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Richard Chapko 7-13-10  
I have RM2410, it won't cool on either 110 or gas. Burner is clean, cooling unit is warm evenly from top to bottom. Refrigerator has been working fine until now. I did try turning it over for 24 hours turning it back for 24 hours than tried it and still won't cool.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems mike 5-12-10  
I have an avion 1999 rv. took the refrig in to have it updated on recall. when i put it back in i dont have any 12 volts to it. its a dometic ndr1062. the front panel is blank, no power? not sure where the fuses are for the 12 volt system?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Off Topic Roz 3-21-15  
There is an off topic comment by Crystal Morgan on 01/24/2015. You might want to remove it.
Re: Dometic Fridge problems mike Thorpe 5-26-10  
Model 2852 after 24 hrs or running on elec or gas it freezes both compartments checked modul fuses seem ok ?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems David furnish 6-13-11  
Fridge not cooling on gas, gas lights and runs but unit does not cool. 4 door RV 2011 unit in 5th wheel. Has been on electric for 24 hours and is just now getting cold.

Strange smell when it was not cooling from inside fridge. Smell is gone now that it is getting cold.

Out side temps are 90s plus
Re: Dometic Fridge problems rick macleod 8-15-11  
My dometic rm 2310 does not cool at all. There are gurgling noises coming from the fridge and the coil seems to get warm at the back of the unit but,no cool. it id the same on gas or electric. I have not noticed any odour of ammonia and hop that I never do.. do you have any Ideas that might Help me. Thanks rick..
Re: Dometic Ref thermostat stays on 60 Albert Gramlich 10-31-16  
I have a Dometic RM1350MX, SER#25094656. Today I defrosted it and when I turned it back on the freezer got cold but the thermostat stays on 60. What can I do to fix this?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems Albert Gramlich 10-31-16  
I have a Dometic RM 1350MX, SER# 25094656. Today I defrosted it and when I turned it back on, it got cold but the temp stayed on 60. Can you help. What is wrong?
Re: Dometic Fridge problems garvin 3-17-12  
I have a Dometic Freedom RM2612- freezer is working but fridge compartment will not cool (55 deg) vent clear, fuses ok same on 120v and 12v/LPG

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Re: Dometic Fridge problems Howie 6-3-16  
Have a domestic mod.RM2510. Works on electric but cannot get it to start on gas no indicator light to let me know it has propane. Been stored for 6months
Any suggestions????😠😞
Re: Dometic Fridge problems jeff 9-28-13  
Dometic rm 2353 doesn’t work on gas, electric and batteries are fine
Re: Dometic mod RM3663 Fridge problems mj 6-7-15  
That's what mine does! what fixed it?
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Re: Dometic Fridge problems mary lorenz 8-20-15  
Is it possible to replace the dometic 2310 with the 2354 in a 92 Road Trek?
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Dometic Fridge problems Ruth Yun 10-13-17  
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