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Winnebago Generator Access Robert 7-27-02  
We have an 85 - 32' Winnebago Elandan on a Chevy P-30 chassis with an Onan 6.5 RV Genset. It has a long, narrow service door which barely provides enough room to check and fill the unit with oil. I need to change the oil filter, but can't seem to get the cooling shroud off and out of the service bay as it does not have enough clearance. Looking from underneath, it looks as if the unit is mounted on a 2'x3' steel pan, which is bolted to the truck. Can I unbolt and lower the steel pan to gain access to the generator? And if so, would the entire unit need to be supported, and would I need to unhook any wiring before doing so. The Winnebago manual is exceptionally light (as in zilch info) on generator maintenance, and the Onan manual is no help in this area as far as servicing the unit while on the truck. Has anyone had any experience with this setup. Any tips or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Winnebago Generator Access Joe 7-27-02  
I'm not sure why you are trying to remove the cooling shroud. Usually the oil filter can be removed easily from the front, and if there is no way to get to the drain plug, I have seen where a hole has been cut into the lower pan to gain access to the drain. Yhe alternate is to siphon the oil out with an oil syphon.
Re: Winnebago Generator Access RV Wizard 7-27-02  
Can you see the pan from the top side? Try to find the bolts that hold the generator down and see if the bolts you see from the bottom are the same. If not then I would think you could remove the pan without worry of the generator falling down. If you are unable to determine this you could support the pan from the ground on a bottle jack (jacked up) and remove the bolts then lower the jack a little and the try lifting the pan by hand to determine its weight. If light then remove jack & pan. Good luck.
Re: Winnebago Generator Access Robert 7-27-02  
Looking at the genset's engine from the access door, it appears that the cylinders are horizontally opposed, running front and aft (side-to-side of the RV). I can see a little of the front cylinder head fins, and the oil filler/cap is to the right and at the bottom. Extending from the oil filler block is a right angle down-pipe which terminates with a petcock. This would be the oil drain. I can't, however, seem to locate the oil filter. I can see some of the front of the unit, which contains the front cylinder, but is covered by a sheet metal cover/shroud with the Onan ID tag riveted to it. I can unscrew the screws holding this cover, but I can't seem to remove this shroud in order to get a better look, as there is not enough clearance to do so. The top of the unit contains the carb setup, spark wires, and exhaust ports. The right side is mated to the generator setup, and the left side is taken up by the exhaust down-pipe. My only other guess is that the oil filter is mounted on the bottom of the engine, since this would be a logical location for an oil filter, but the Onan's manual shows the oil filter to be on the front side of the unit located to the lower left corner next to the front cylinder head/fins. Any ideas?
Re: Winnebago Generator Access Joe 7-28-02  
I have three ideas... normally the spin on filter is located about 3 inches left and 5 inches down from the outer spark plug just next to the data plate....several times I have encountered a remote mounted filter which was mounted behind the generator in the area where the engine meets the generator, it had a cover and was an element filter, and the other possibility is that there is no filter at all. Many older Onan generaters came with no oil filter. Several years ago I did work for an ice cream company and all their 6.5 Onans had no filters on them. If you have no luck and want to persue it further, get a mirror and take the spec number off the ID plate and contact Onan. They can tell you where and if....
Re: Winnebago Generator Access Robert 7-30-02  
Joe, you hit the nail on the head with your third possibility - no oil filter at all. I got the following response from Onan's service message board...

"As a cost savings, Winnebago ordered the sets without oil filters. These gensets made to order for them had a special spec number to exclude the oil filter adapter, the oil filter and a different cylinder air housing."

I guess I will change the oil on this unit faithfully from now on.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions and advice.

All the best.
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