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If you are looking for an alternative accommodation for your travel, you might take the chance to drive and travel in a luxury gas or diesel RV, without the expense and responsibility of owning one.

Renting an RV is a viable alternative to owning one, and sometimes, there is a special occasion, or event that warrants the rental of such a nice RV or motorhome. Perhaps, a concert, a family vacation, or a long-awaited trip to a NASCAR race — these are all reasons for renting a exonomy or luxury motor home.

Some companies specialize in privately-owned motorhomes for individuals who do not get much personal use out of them. Other options include the ability to rent directly from the owners, which provides, in many cases, a better price, although the ultimate cost will be based on how the RV is maintained.

Companies in this business tend to provide customers with new, low-mileage, dependable motor homes backed by quality customer service. Many larger companies also have also positioned their office locations near some of the best vacation destinations in the country such as Disney World, the Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Hershey Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway, to name a few.

An array of sizes from 35’-45’ for these RVs are available. Manufacturers include some of the most recognized brands in the industry: Beaver, Fleetwood, Thor, Alfa and Newmar. Be sure to do your research, so as to find the right RV or motorhome for your destination intentions.

Most larger companies, while more pricey than an individual RV owner, make sure their coaches are immaculately maintained, and provide some of the cleanest coaches in the industry.

When dealing with a RV or motorhome rental company, along with the rental agreement, comes a host of other services and products that customers can choose from. They include: Campground set-up and tear-down; airport, hotel and port pickups; one-way rentals; convenience packages that include linens, dishes, patio furniture, barbecue grills, folding chairs, tables and much more.

Bikes and bike racks are also available for both mountain and beach. Automatic DirecTV Satellite, GPS and Mobile Internet are also options along with long-term rental discounts, and cargo trailers and car dolly rentals. If you are coming from out of the country, then these options may be best, since you don't want to have to buy goods like these.

So, whether your destination is a mountain stream or lake, or a white-sand beach, renting an RV is a fun, and surprisingly affordable way to get there. Also, something to consider, especially with larger families, where food costs at restaurants can be huge, when you rent an RV, you save on the cost of lodging and dining out.

RVs combine transportation and living quarters for a whole host of leisure and outdoor activities. You can be in nature without having to leave the comforts of home. Your vacation can be wherever you want, since your only limited by the size of the coach and your imagination.

So, whether having a stay-cation in your local area, traveling to a further destination for a long period, or flying into the country to experience a more involved home away from home, a RV or motorhome rental is certainly an option. Go for it!

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