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(ARA) - Imagine driving to the beach, camping in the woods or even being in the most remote location and still being able to connect with the world -- just like you can from your Internet-connected computer on your desktop. What if you could leave the confines of the office and shrink the laptop so much that it would fit on a belt or in a pocket book? Imagine the amount of time you could free for travel, family, personal pursuits and all the other dreams you sacrifice for job time.

America was sold on a grand vision of freedom and mobility and we bought it -- lock, stock and barrel. As a result, the wireless industry is selling record numbers of wireless gadgets. Cell phones are not just for emergencies any more -- they have rapidly become a necessity and a part of popular American culture.

It is "cool" to have a cell phone, even if it is never used. But it doesn't stop there. Cell phones need to be accompanied by personal digital assistants (PDAs) to organize our time, which leads to increased productivity. There are also two-way pagers and dubbed text messengers in case we want to "instant message" someone rather than calling on the cell phone.

"My productivity has increased dramatically and I am much more organized since getting connected," says Wendy Calderon, executive director of UYAI, a non-profit youth organization based in New York City. Calderon carries a cell phone with text messaging and organizing capabilities.

We have been awed by the increasing number of features and smaller design of each new generation of cell phones and PDAs. Best of all, there is such tight competition among the major suppliers that prices for the devices and services keep falling.

But many services still leave much to be desired. Although they have come a long way, wireless devices are still far from the promise of true freedom, mobility and practicality.

To get beyond the current limitations as the promises of the broadband revolution materialize, many leading wireless device manufacturers are looking for creative solutions.

A few smaller technology companies, such as Patriot Scientific (OTC BB: PTSC), are designing innovative solutions to some help larger wireless companies make the most of their current technology platforms. PTSC has developed and patented several technologies, including IGNITE 1 and JUICE technology, which help bring the rich desktop experience to wireless devices. These technologies enable data to be processed faster while enabling a highly significant increase in battery life.

While we may still be a few years away from having an office on our belts or in our pocket books, technology has advanced light years from when cell phones were as big as a backpack and had to be carried with a shoulder harness. With the technologies from companies like PTSC, the promised mobility, freedom and practicality of a true "desktop experience" on a hand-held wireless device are quickly becoming a reality.

For more information about PTSC and its suite of microprocessors and enabling technologies, go to or call (858) 674-5000.

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