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This is not to be an exhaustive article on all the opportunities available to work remotely on the road. Rather, this will highlight just a few points that will help you:

  1. Get the right mindset that you can, indeed, work on the road, and
  2. What RV related options there are so you are enjoying yourself, not working all the time.

Also, this article is based on the fact that you will have a good WiFi connection while in your RV. This may require you to investigate those options, which would include a WiFi signal receiver powered at your RV. See other articles for this.

So, on to the job of working while enjoying travel. If you are required to make money while traveling, you have no doubt come up with your own ideas. The important part is to have a mindset that accepts that you can. Once that's settled, your opportunities open up, especially if you're creative.

To start, you can think about what is termed "Workamping" or work camping. This is perhaps the most adventurous and fulfilling opportunity, especially if you have little to no debt. Basically, you can contact any of the private or national RV parks around the country, depending on where you want to go, and get a RV site for free, and perhaps a small wage for handyman type services. Be creative and offer the services you want to, since there is no sense in getting stuck doing something you hate.

If you are a good communicator, speak English well (good diction, annunciation, pronunciation), and have a video camera attached to your computer, you can teach English online. My wife got her certificate online, TESL, through a Groupon. Or, you can go direct. Just search, "teach english online" in your favorite search engine.

We have many friends who live outside the U.S. who do this to fund their stays in other countries, so it could easily apply to the fulltime RVer.

Another idea might be to offer your computer skills online to people through sites like or UpWork,com. Basically, you post your skillset, set a wage, and then companies or individuals needing that service contact you. I used these sites in the past to great success.

If you are a salesperson or consultant, your options open up, since, no matter where you go, you can offer your expertise near the area you would like to stay. This would require a lot of preparation, though, and opportunities might be limited.

Alright, as I stated, this isn't exhaustive, but intended to get your wheels turning, and understand that there are many opportunities available for you to work while you travel in your recreational vehicle or caravan. Heck, you could even upcycle pallets into furniture with a limited tool cache right at your RV. Pallets are free, and your creativity provides the rest!

Point is: you can, and should do it.

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