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The most common question asked when calling to inquire about RV storage is the price. Why is it always the price? Because, most people don’t know what else to ask for. They simple do not know how to shop for RV storage. In your search to find a storage space, is price the most important determining factor? Of course not. Are there some really tough neighborhoods where you would never leave your RV even if it was free? It’s true, what people really want is the best value.

The price is obviously important. The question is what do you get for the price? This means the RV storage shopper should ask the following questions:

What are the facility’s amenities? Do they offer a professional type RV wash station? How about dump stations? How about compressed air for filling your tires, or offer free ice? Or any other free services?

What kind of access to my RV is offered? Is it 24 hour access or limited to hours inconvenient to me?

What type of security features are implemented at the facility? Is the facility enclosed with secure walls or merely a chain link fence? Is the entry gate electronically controlled or are you given a key or combination to the padlock?

Does the facility have video surveillance cameras through out or does it have a mean vicious guard dog?

Are the RV spaces wide and accessible, clearly marked and numbered for identification? Is there easy maneuverability around the facility or is it tight and cramped waiting for an accident to happen?

Is the storage facility located in a close and convenient location? Does the environment around the facility promote a safe and secure atmosphere or do you have doubts about your personal safety and your RV?

Ask for incentives. Do they offer any specials? Do they offer discounts for long term storage customers? Do they offer any referral programs?

All of these questions will help you become a better RV storage shopper. Remember that price is not the only thing to consider when making your decision to store your RV. Always strive to get the best value for your money. Most would agree that our RV is a substantial investment. So why not make sure that you have “peace of mind” knowing that your investment is safe and secure.

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