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(ARA) - This happens every summer. The air is warm, the sun is shining brightly onto your vehicle, you walk out to your beloved transportation and that's when it hits you -- you can barely see through your windows, and the mirrors have a million water spots making a reflection impossible. The pollen and dust have found a permanent home and the sap has begun to take over. But cleaning them leaves streaks almost as bad as the dirty windows and mirrors themselves.

Most glass cleaners on the market claim to remove everything from dirt and cigarette smoke to sap and bugs -- without streaks -- but in the hot sun, they just don't measure up. Wouldn't it be great if something cleaned our windows and mirrors to a streak-free shine with hardly any elbow grease?

Stoner, a leader in car detailing products, has the answer for car enthusiasts everywhere. Invisible Glass, a revolutionary glass cleaner, leaves no residue on your windows and mirrors, and cleans quickly, with hardly any work. Made of high quality ingredients, it contains no soaps, foams or surfactants and it's non-abrasive and streak-free.

Other glass cleaners are made with water and foamy soaps or surfactants, which leave a streaky residue on your glass -- not to mention abrasives that leave tiny scratches in your windows and mirrors. Most cleaners that you may be familiar with can also contain ammonia. Though ammonia is great for cleaning your bathroom, your car deserves a little more TLC and a lot less odor. Besides the strong smell, ammonia has been known to damage after-market tints and impair the adhesive used in the installation of your windshield.

Most drivers also complain about the haze and fog that develops in their car's interior. Haze usually results from dirt and residues from cleaners that were used previously. Dirty windows also promote fog forming on windows and mirrors. Plus, when the interior of your vehicle heats up during the hot summer months, the plastic used for dashboards, steering wheels, door panels, etc. releases gases that form a film layer on your interior. But Invisible Glass cleans and evaporates so effectively and completely that all you see is, well, what you want to see, making the glass "invisible."

If you're a skeptic about cleaners, you are not alone. Charles Hoeft, a car aficionado, says, "I have been disappointed so many times before by 'streakless' cleaners, that I had serious doubts about this product. But, right from the very first pane of glass, which glistened up to 'invisibility' almost instantly, and, with minimum effort, I knew that I had struck upon a genuinely 'streakless' glass cleaner." And, David Hunt from Woburn, Mass. calls Invisible Glass the "glass cleaner of champions."

Having clean windows and mirrors is as important as wearing your seat belt, so don't settle for streaky windows when you can have the visibility you require. For more information on Stoner products, please visit their Web site at, or call 888-Stoner3.

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