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What's a good Towing Safety Checklist?

Obviously, we all want to make sure that our toad (tow vehicle) doesn't end up careening onto the side of the road, or worse, into another vehicle on the road behind us. That means we should have good checklist to run through before we even get on the road. So, here's some things to think about, but remember, whatever the first!

  • Is the tow bar properly connected? All pins & clips properly secured?

  • Checked for any indications of damage to the bar or bracket?

  • Checked all nuts and bolts tightness?

  • Are safety cables hooked up? Are they crossed under the coupler and properly attached to the towed vehicle and motorhome?

  • Is the wiring connected? Are all of the lights functioning properly on both vehicles?

  • Is the transmission in the proper gear for towing?

  • If necessary, is the driveshaft disengaged?

  • If equipped, has braking system for towed vehicle been properly connected and tested?

  • Is towed vehicle's parking brake released?

  • Is ignition in the first ON position allowing the steering wheel to freely turn?

  • Is the towed vehicle locked for towing? Do you have a spare key?

  • Have you followed your vehicle manufacturer's instructions for towing?

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