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(ARA) - Higher gas prices, an uncertain economy, tightening budgets -- no doubt there's plenty for families to consider when making vacation plans this year.

However, the good news is that vacationers looking to stretch their travel dollar may have more opportunity to do so. According to El Monte RV, one of the nation's largest motorhome and RV rental companies, this is an ideal time for travelers to take advantage of deals and special promotions now on the market.

"It's a vacation buyers' market," said Ken Schork, president of El Monte RV. "Lots of people are still traveling, but costs, specials and deals are major motivators -- even more so than in years past. Vacationers should be able to make the most of their travel budget this year."

Companies such as El Monte RV are pulling out all the stops to overcome any reservations people may have about traveling. With a fleet of more than 1,800 motorhomes and RVs for rent, El Monte RV is fighting higher gas prices by offering a gasoline rebate to renters of 7 cents per mile or approximately 56 cents per gallon, for a limited time. And thanks to a higher exchange rate, domestic travelers have more options when it comes to the availability of RV rentals.

Cost-conscious vacationers traveling via a fully-contained RV also can realize tremendous savings by cooking their own meals and staying at relatively inexpensive campgrounds and sites. Additionally, families with children, pets or those who have special dietary needs and requirements find that RV travel offers convenience that other modes of transportation can't beat.

"By the time travelers factor in the cost of meals in restaurants, finding hotel rooms and renting a car, it's easy to see why RV travel is a popular way to go," said Schork. "The fact you can go where you want and not have to worry about finding special accommodations that suit your needs also appeals to a lot of people."

And while travelers have always been attracted to the idea of hitting the open road and the spirit of freedom that RV travel offers, the work, maintenance and expense of owning a motorhome can be a major roadblock. That's why many would-be road trip enthusiasts who may not picture themselves owning a motorhome choose to rent instead, says Joe Laing, corporate director of marketing for El Monte RV.

"People like the idea that they can rent a newer model motorhome and never have to worry about the maintenance or where to store it after vacation season is over," said Laing. "For people who have always thought about the possibility of owning a motorhome, but aren't ready to make the commitment yet, renting can be a great option."

Travelers interested in hitting the road and finding more ways to save this year can log onto to find more information. El Monte RV has nearly 30 locations throughout the nation and is the only company that offers the largest Class "A" (bus style) types of motorhomes for rent nationwide. The company can be reached toll-free at (800) 337-2141 or online at

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