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Looking for a place to meet your fellow RVers? How about getting to know 150,000 new friends (give or take a few ten thousand)? That's a conservative estimate of the number that are likely to attend the 21st Annual Quartzsite (Arizona) Sports, Vacation and RV Show, January 17-25, 2004.

Quartzsite is the mother of all RV shows. The exhibits sprawl over four acres, most of them housed under the show's trademark "Big Tent". More than 350 companies are expected to be represented. In addition, an estimated 40-50,000 RVs will be parked in and around the town.

Of course, it wasn't always so. The first RV show in Quartzsite, held in 1984, was launched with 60 exhibits under a small tent. From the beginning, however, the show enjoyed a few advantages that ensured its success. As a town, Quartzsite has long been popular with RVers and snowbirds in general. Its Arizona desert climate and proximity to Southern California have made it a favorite winter destination.

Initially, many were attracted to the area's reputation as a rock collectors paradise. Agates, limonite cubes, gold, and quartz abound in the open spaces nearby. Rock collectors have served as the core audience for a string of gem and mineral shows that Quartzsite hosts during the winter months. Numerous swap meets and flea markets have staked their claim in the area as well. Today, over 1 million RVers a year make a stop in Quartzsite.

The promoters of the RV show, Kenny King and Mal Mallory, have ridden the wave of popularity. Since 1984, they've moved the site of the show four times. Their current location, which boasts more than 15 acres of free parking, is 1/2 mile south of I-10 on Highway 95.

King and Mallory have also added other events to complement the RV show. In 2004, the 7th Annual Quartzsite Hobby, Craft and Gems Show will be held January 28-February 1 and the 6th Annual Quartzsite Rock and Roll Classic Car Show will take place January 31-February 1.

For more information, visit or call 800-969-5464.

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