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Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Dale Long 7-21-04  
The owner's manual for my 2003 Tracker indicates when towing 4 wheels down, to stop towing and run the Tracker engine for 5 minutes every 200 miles. Does anyone know if this is actually required?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Joe 6-5-09  
I tow my 2002 Tracker auto-tranny all wheels down with no problem. It's not rocket science you guys. The driveline connects at the rear end with 4 bolts. Use 2ea 5/8 open end wrenches to unbolt. Takes a few minutes to get it unhooked and secured to a drop down strap with severl wing nut bolts. Do it all the time. Put the tranny in Park to travel and put the key in the ignition to unlock the steering wheel.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat r.corwin 8-5-08  
Can a 2 wheel auto be towed 4 wheels downwithout a driveshaft disconnect?nthh
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Bobby 3-27-08  
Can a 98 4x4 with a automatic tran's be flat towed?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Roy R. Patterson 6-16-09  
I Have a 1994 Geo Tracker 4x4 Automatic, I need to tow it, for the front or the back, what is the right way to do this? Thank You Roy
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker On A Tow Dolly Marshall 9-10-09  
I have a 1999 Chev Tracker, 5 speed manual transmission and want to tow it on a tow dolly.
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Re: Towing Chevy Tracker 4x4 Leyda 9-14-09  
Just bought a 2000 4x4 chevy tracker i need to tow it to another city behind a motorhome....can I tow it on a tow dolly? What do i have to do to protect my investment. Thank you all
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat wj. 12-4-07  
Any body get any answers yet on towing a tracker ? I have a 1996 2/drive, standard 5 speed trans. heard it can be towed with all four wheel's down with no problem,keep in nutral with steering unlocked, is this correct. ?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat m mears 4-16-14  
Why tow manual transmission in 2nd?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Butch Jones 10-10-05  
I have a 01 Tracker Auto, Rear wheel drive and have had no luck with an answer. I've seen many being towed but haven't been able to talk to them. Would like to know if can be 4 down twed!
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat don Friday 10-27-04  
Have an 03 tracker 4 speed auto with OD, with 2 wheel drive. I have been told the car could be towed without alteration by some and that it could not be towed by others. The book says that you cant tow a 2 wheel auto with out a driveshafr disconnect. Any one have any experience with this?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat bill 9-26-04  
I have a 2003 Tracker too and have been unable to get an answer to your question that I can rely on. Some say it matters, others that it does not. Hope you have better luck getting an answer than I have.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Bea 10-19-05  
I have a 2000 Tracker 4WD I need to tow it on a two wheel dolly I'm unable to get any information. HELP
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat brian 11-30-05  
Can you tow a 2wd on all 4 wheels.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Wendy Myers 3-17-10  
We are looking at buying a used 2002 tracker for my daughter - it appears to have been towed - do the miles accrue while being towed - the vehicle has 127,000 and am curious if they are all actual miles or not - should i be concerned about buying one of these that has been towed - thank u
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat don 11-11-06  
Most all of those a 55/200 miles.
see maunal or motohome mag
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Edward 7-3-07  
I am selling the baseplate or tow brackets from a 1990 GEO TRACKER that I recently purchased since I don't own a motorhome to tow it with. (Maybe I'll use the money as a down payment!)
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat roger 11-15-06  
Ihave a 2003 chevy tracker,rear wheel drive(2wd) with a 5 speed trans. Does anyone know for sure how it can be towed?? Thanks.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Byron Burkehart 8-10-11  
I have 2004 Chevy Tracker, 4wd. To tow, do I put auto trans in Park, the 4wd in Neutral, key on and go?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat John Hill 7-24-11  
Do you still have the base plates? If you do call John 918-304-4223
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Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Ken Lacey 10-28-11  
I'm in the market for a Suzuki "Sam", Sidekick or Geo. I have a Diesel lined up and am seeking a car with a "dead" engine. Do I have to use a trailer?
Re: Towing 1993 Suzuki Sidekick Flat Cindy 12-3-11  
Can I tow a 1993 Suzuki Sidekick 5sp/4wd manual flat? or do I need a tow dolly. If flat, how do I do it?
email me @
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Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Don Choate 5-15-12  
Can you tow a 2000 Chev Tracker, 2wd, auto, from the front on a tow doly?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat James Cofield 5-24-12  
1998 chev tracker manuel 5 spd trans 2 rear wheel drive...
towing with the drive shaft connected or not?
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I need help itadbabable 10-14-10  
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Re: geo tracker Donald Cochrane 10-20-10  
When towing should the auto transmission be in neutral
Hi all dityptoda 10-14-10  
How are you?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Gene 10-20-10  
Has anyone answered the question regarding flat towing of a 5 speed manual transmission Geo Tracker. Will it flat tow with shift in neutral, ignition "on" with battery disconnected? Thanks.
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    Reply to MessageExcelent Casino tewFarveHew 4-26-11  
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Jimmy mancil 7-17-16  
Can you tow a 2wd automatic tracker behind a motorhome all wheels down
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat leon sandlin 8-3-09  
I have a 95 tracker, I need to know how to tow it.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Dean 10-20-08  
Any info or advice on towing a 94 geo
tracker 5 speed manual flat
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat wj. 12-4-07  
Did you ever get an answer to you question on how to tow a tracker
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Tom Kiester 7-30-07  
I have bought a '95 Geo Tracker to tow behind our motorhome. I need adapter bracket (or baseplate). Can you give me some details on what this looks like? Better yet, do you have a picture?

Have you set a price?

Tom Kiester
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Kathy 8-20-07  
We just bought a 1999 2 wd Chevy Tracker with an automatic transmission. Can it be flat towed?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat CJ 1-17-08  
This is what i have learned... I own a 03 Tracker 2w/rwd.
Remco has kits for 4x4 trackers only. They modify the drive shaft. There is nothing for any 2wd vehicles. In most cases, 2w/rear wd need to use a tow dolly with the rear wheels on dolly. I found Kar Kaddy suits the tracker well the SS model folds up to 67". For more detail on flat tow for 4x4 check out
Towing 2002 Chevy Tracker Flat Doug 2-26-16  
Here is a link to the 2002 Chevy Tracker Owners Manual. pdf. Page 201, or section 4-44, gives the instructions for towing, and what to do with the transmission and or transfer case. Glad I found this before I bought a rear wheel drive model.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Osama bin laden Jr. 8-31-15  
I need to tow a 1999 tracker into One World Trade center. All wheels down. Plz help.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Dave 10-2-08  
I, also have a '96 Geo Tracker 2 wd and according to my manual you can't tow it with four wheels down.
I talked to the service manager and he confirms what the Manual says.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Burton Elias 5-25-09  
I have a 95, two wheel rear drive automatic Geo Tracker which I tow flat with a Remco Driveshaft Disconnect. It works fine, and I've been using it for years.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat John Hodgson 3-19-14  
I need to purchase all kit required for a 94 Chev Tracker. Where can I get prices from the tow bar to under the tracker?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat ricardo russo 3-26-13  
When towing (geo tracker 4x4) can I use a tow dolly? Put the key in ignition to release steering wheel, unhook drive with 5/8" open end? Thanks
Re: 2 wheel drive Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Rick Campbell 8-24-17  
Can a 2 wheel drive tracker be flat towed? what do i have to do to do it?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat norman puntenney 2-17-11  
Can i tow a 1998 chevy tracker rear wheel drive with manual transmission 5 speed
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat t g lillie 3-10-12  
Bought a tracker 2002 4x4 automatic, to tow 4 down do i unhook the drive shaft and secure ti, or put transfer in N and the shift lever in Park and start ever couple hundred miles or do i need a pump to run trans pump?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Bill Maas 5-14-14  
Can I tow my 93 tracker flat from the front with 4 wheel drive (automatic hubs) standard transmission
Re: Towing GeoTracker Flat Dennis Anderson 4-29-10  
I have a 1997 Geo Tracker that I tow. When I got the car I was told to put the transfer case in neutral and the transmission in second gear for oiling purposes. I just blew my transmission after towing the car that way for over 5 years. Can anyone tell me if towing in second gear may have caused my transmission failure? What is the right set up to tow? appreciate any input.
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker Flat Tom 2-3-10  
Trackers/Sidekicks/ and Samurai's are all towed the same way

Transfer Case in Neutral

Transmission in Neutral

Hubs (if manual) in free position

Key in "Run" position (in in accessory, or "on", can accidently lock steering column)

Battery disconnect switch installed

I've Flat-Towed 10, 000+ miles that way

All info from MOTORHOME MAGAZINE database.....
Re: Towing 1996 5spd manual 2wd Chevy Tracker carl 11-22-11  
Very confusing. Have conflicting comments on towing four wheels down on the 2wd manual geo. Some say no, some say yes. Some say no to auto, but yes to manual. The manual says NO. Some people say they have had no problem simply putting in neutral with ignition on.
Any way to get an expert opinion?
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker 4x4 barry bernier 9-23-14  
I have a chance to buy a 2003 track 4x4 with an auto trans. It's all set up for towing. Being an auto, I'm trying to find tow procedures. So far I find you have to leave the key in acc. Doesn't that make the battery go dead? Also why are you required to keep the speed under 50 mph? I'd appreciate any info you have. thnks
Re: Towing Chevy Tracker 4x4 Fred Doty 8-2-15  
I want to tow my 1998 Tracker 4X4 automatic in flat position, with a tow bar that fastens to the bumper and has a 2" ball for my receiver on my tow vehicle. What steps should I do to accomplish this?
Would appreciate comments!
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