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58 Western Flyer Ben Moodie 4-27-04  
I have this 58 Western Flyer to sell, and Im not sure if Im allowed to use this board for this type of post, so rather than try sell it here, Id like to know if anyone has any suggestions on where I could post an ad for something like this online.

thanks in advance. If you're curious, the URL for the photos and site is:
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    Reply to MessageRe: 58 Western Flyer Xbongernis 10-1-11  
On which websites can I create my websites free of charge? coemyteef 10-11-11  
Can anyone give me some links to the websites or online services using which I can do my websites on 2nd level domains?
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Re: 58 Western Flyer Robert Hollaender 11-4-04  
I would like more information if you still have the truck.
Thank You,
Re: 58 Western Flyer don adams 9-12-04  
Re: 58 Western Flyer KEVIN CAIRNS 5-7-08  
Re: 56 Western Flyer Dick LaDouceur 4-4-09  
I have a 1956 western flyer canuck
p-37 for sale. It is situated on
Vancouver island b.c. Any suggestions
as to how i can market this item?
    Reply to MessageHerpes Johenyst 6-30-11  
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    Reply to MessageRe: 58 Western Flyer Jatsanli 5-9-12  
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    Reply to MessageIChill Wants to Usurp You Unwind from the Hound iChill Wants to Remedy You Unwind from the Propel gedankendeusex 1-11-12  
Re: 56 Western Flyer marcel deschamps 9-8-10  
Do you still have the bus for sale? I live on Vancouver island and would like to see it
Re: television show production Tiffanie 5-12-14  

I wanted to find out if you are still doing the show on bus conversions?

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