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What does the RV-Coach Network deliver?

  • A top-five ranking among RV-related web sites (according to
  • Impressive growth in both audience and content.
  • A newsletter mailing list thatís over 4,500 strong and growing.
  • Compelling content, enticing visitors to download an average of six pages per visit.
  • Comprehensive, highly targeted marketing for businesses involved in the RV after market.
  • Exposure on all sites throughout the RV-Coach Network as they come online.
  • User-friendly tools to enable you to manage your advertising efforts.
  • Customized plans tailor-made to meet your goals.

Who We Are

The RV-Coach Network (RVCN) was launched in 1996 to provide an information resource to recreational vehicle enthusiasts and bus conversion owners. Since that time, our viewers have used RVCN web sites to learn about the RV lifestyle, communicate with other RVers, and build a far-reaching RV community through our discussion forums, Virtual RV Park, FAQs, news articles, and parts/services directory. Our audience has increased rapidly, more than doubling since the beginning of the year. According to, RVCN web sites are ranked among the top five of RV-related web sites, and our newsletter is sent to more than 4,500 subscribers. The majority of our viewers camp more than eight times a year, and are knowledgable about the industry.

Our audience is not only growing, but is active and involved. Each day, RVCN visitors contribute fresh content through the interactive sections of our web sites. Visitors to RVCN sites have come to recognize our dedication and commitment. We respond to every email we receive. We promptly address the concerns and suggestions of our audience. We know our visitors and they know us.

We take the same personalized approach to advertising. Rather than littering our sites with banners and buttons, we strive to build partnerships with our advertisers. Our goal is to integrate the product or service you offer into the context of our content. We want your message to be seen as a valuable resource, not an annoying distraction.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Discussion Forum Topics
Discussion Forum Topics RVCN discussion forums offer sponsors a means to reach a targeted and engaged audience. Forum participants are among RVCN's most loyal and active visitors. They'll appreciate your commitment to helping RVers connect.

Your banner will display at the top of the discussion group main page, and all threads within that group. This provides consistent reinforcement of your brand.
Associate your company with a valued resource among RVers $750/month

Classified Ad Categories
Classified Ad Categories If your product or service is associated with a specific class of RV, you'll find your target audience in our Classified marketplace. From Class C to Folding Campers, our Classified pages attract tens of thousands of eager buyers every month. Make them your customers as well.

Place your banner at the top of the classifieds and you are guaranteed to build confidence in your service or product. When a RVer makes that new purchase, they will seek out the brand that sticks in their mind the most -- yours!
Reach your target market before they buy $650/month

Parts/Services Sections
Parts/Services Sections The RVCN business directory enables thousands of our visitors each month to find the product or service they need. For sponsors, the business directory represents an opportunity to present your message to potential customers while they're researching their options.

When multiple companies are listed on the same page, and providing similar services, you can stand out above the rest through category sponsorship. Your banner displays at the top of that category as different, and above the rest.
Pinpoint potential customers $550/month

Advertising Opportunities

Targeted Keyword System
Targeted Keyword System Unlike web sites which display ads randomly, RVCN matches keywords you choose against the main content of a page or search terms entered by site visitors. As a result, your message is displayed on the pages most closely related to your product or service. For example, if you entered "air conditioning" and "cooling" as your keywords, you could expect your ad to be displayed most frequently on pages in which the main content dealt with air conditioning or cooling. Your monthly fee entitles you to enter up to five keywords or keyword terms. Your message will appear as a brief text ad in the sidebars of our pages.

Your advertiser benefits also include an enhanced listing and top-of-category placement in both the Parts/Services and the Links directory sections. Enhanced listings also feature more extensive information than basic listings, such as a company logo, e-mail address, and a link to the company web site. Moreover, your benefits entitle you to display your listing in multiple categories.
Present your message to a receptive audience $75/month

Banner Ads
Banner Ads Banner ads enable you to effectively brand your product or service for thousands of RVers. When you combine banner ads with RVCN's sophisticated keyword system, your banner ad is displayed on the pages most closely associated with your company's message.

Banner ads are priced in terms of CPM (cost per thousand impressions). If you choose to upload a banner, you'll be asked to indicate how many impressions, or page views, you wish to order. Below is a summary of the current CPM rates for banner ads:

   10,000 -- $250 (CPM: $25)
   20,000 -- $500 (CPM: $25)
   30,000 -- $750 (CPM: $25)
   40,000 -- $1,000 (CPM: $25)
   50,000 -- $1,100 (CPM: $22)

Payment for banner ads is not required until your ad receives the number of page views you ordered.

Banner ads may be created in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format, and may be either static or animated. The image width must be no greater than 468 pixels and the height no greater than 60 pixels. The file size of the image must be less than 25 Kb.
Build brand awareness and loyalty $25 CPM

Newsletter Sponsorship
Newsletter Sponsorship Our opt-in newsletter gives you the ability to gain large-scale exposure among RV enthusiasts. Every issue contains news and articles aimed at your audience. In addition, we're happy to accept relevant advertorial related to your product or service. Newsletter sponsorship ads may feature up to 50 words of copy and include a link to your company's web site. Each issue of the RVCN newsletter is limited to a maximum of three sponsorship ads.

If advertising in the RVCN newsletter makes sense for your company, please contact our advertising sales department directly at
Be part of a resource that RVers appreciate $.15/email

Contact RVCN

In addition to the advertising programs outlined above, we would be happy to explore alternative marketing opportunities with you. We'll work with you to shape a program to produce optimal results. Please contact our advertising department at or call 401-258-7904.

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