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  • Have you followed your towed vehicle manufacturer's instructions for towing?
  • Has the tow bar or dolly been checked for structural weaknesses or cracks?
  • Is the tow bar or dolly properly connected, and are all pins and clips properly secured?
  • Are all nuts and bolts tight?
  • Are safety cables/chains properly hooked up, crossing under the coupler?
  • Are the signal lights functioning properly on both vehicles?
  • Is the transmission in the proper gear for towing?
  • If necessary, is the drive shaft disengaged?
  • If equipped, has the braking system for the towed vehicle been properly connected and tested?
  • Has the towed vehicle's parking brake been released?
  • Is the towed vehicle's ignition in the first "ON" position, allowing the steering wheel to freely turn?
  • Is the towed vehicle locked and do you have a spare key?

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