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Well, the RV Industry certainly is seeing a tremendous growth for 2017 over 2016, and it doesn't seem like it will slow down. With more dispensable (although discretionary) income and people reacting to the latest issues on airline travel woes, it seems the RV life is a great option.

Of course, the travel trailer sector is the most active, which would indicate that most people are appreciating that shorter, close to home trips. These can be a therapeutic and relaxing vacation that doesn't require a lot of travel, money, or distance. Comparing March of 2016 and March of 2017 sales, there is a 17% increase, almost 10,000 more travel trailer sales, for a total of 78,985.

Fifth Wheels's (5th Wheels) come in second with a 15.8% increase. These luxury gooseneck type trailers, with multiple slideouts and high-end amenities provide for a very comfortable and home-like accommodation for those who are willing to purchase the special trucks and hitches to pull them. Many park their units for a few months and take a jaunt on the weekend to have multiple staycations. RV Parks love this since the 5th Wheelers will tend to find a local park where they can easily visit on weekends. Total increase, again March 2016 to March 2017 is almost 10,000 units for total of 22, 557.

Interestingly, there hasn't been the increase for Class A motorhomes that one would expect. Perhaps the population is saving their pennies and purchasing used units, or they are testing the market with a travel trailer, just to see if they like the lifestyle. In any case, the Class A sales actually dropped.6% for total of only 5,906 units. We have to understand, though that the spectrum of pricing in this market is very broad, and the high-end units, at over $400,000 might be skewing the lower end market a bit. What we do see, however, is an increase in the number of slideouts, which also raises the bottom line costs, which may be just out of reach of the middle income RVer.

Now, the biggest increase, although total number not being significant, is in the Class C area. We are happy that these units are now offering as many slide-outs and amenities as the Class A units, however, the bus-like look-and-feel are absent, bring a bit more sleek. Total increase in this market was 28.8% for the same time period as above, for a total of 9,206 units over the 2016 figure of 6,965 units. Nice!

So, whatever your interest, you now know how the majority are buying. Considering the amount of new sales, be on the lookout for used inventory to increase as well, since many are upgrading.

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