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Ah, to be outdoors, amongst the pines, the sun trickling through the boughs, a cool breeze brushing my cheeks as I hold an ice cold beer in my hand. The smokey fire just dying down enough to place my cooking grate over, it's heat a pleasant reminder that I've made the right choice in life. If only my friends would realize that this is the real joy. My paycheck is small but sufficient. If I want to make more I can, but I don't, and I'm not chasing an elusive and ungrateful career like the rest of those saps in the office. Now, to me, that's the perfect picture.

Imagine waking up each morning to birdsong, the crackling fire of an early riser, and as you step out of your RV into the glare of a morning sun beaming its morning hello in hues of strong orange and yellow, encouraging you to start your day, what'll it be? A quick dip in the chilly pond? Or maybe grab your fishing basket and catch your breakfast, a sunfish or trout? Maybe you want to shower first, get a good fire going and simply take your leisure with a deck of cards? Whatever you decide, that's the point... No one else decided for you. You make your choices. You are the master of your domain and you have beautiful surroundings in which to make those decisions.

So many people lugging themselves to a fruitless job each day, listening to some loud mouth spewing their own version of their accomplishments and how you should be more like them, while it's your ideas and hard work that make them successful. No thanks! I choose freedom. Freedom to make my home amongst the trees, or on the beaches, or beside a lake, or in the desert. Freedom to have my bacon in the morning with those I choose, and to savor each bite with no one telling me how much time I do or do not have. Freedom to wake up late if I want, or just lie there in bed listening, truly hearing the world of nature outside my window.

You can keep the city filled with anxiety, the concrete masses blocking your view of Earth, the constant noise you refer to as the energy of the city, but, as we both know is just noise. You can keep the high cost of living and the perception that what you have makes you, or who you are is defined by someone's name on your collar of clothing. And you can keep the false impressions of yourself that others dictate so that you walk around unhappy and unfulfilled and on the edge of insanity. For my part I will choose the alternative...

I choose the RV life!

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