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Many people dream of a carefree lifestyle, going wherever their imagination can take them. The free life. The simple life - fulltime. The... SCREECH! (Sound of reason stepping on the breaks)!

Is that kind of life for you? Or perhaps if you are a couple, or a family with children, is everyone on board and willing? Following are some things to consider when wanting to pack up the old life and start fresh as a fulltimer. NOTE: if you are adventurous, or just want to be, you can always plan to be "free" for a set period of time, say a year, and get on with the RV training for fulltime life, no matter the eventual outcome. Like a famous tagline said, "Just Do It."

What to do with all this junk?

The first consideration is what to do with all the accumulated goods you have in your current housing situation. If you haven't already downsized, you'll need to think of how that will be accomplished. An RV is small, no matter what kind you're in, Class A, 5th Wheel, Class C, or smaller. Or, if you are doing this for a fixed period, is storing your goods an option for sale at a later date, if you decide that the road life is for you?

  1. Get rid of duplicates and back-ups
  2. You wont need two sets of dishes, serving trays. YOu may have 4 cooking pots that need to become only one. Silverware can be for only those that will be traveling. Get the gist?

  3. Your family memories
  4. You've always had a desk, table or bookcase to put family photos, memorabilia of your past achievements, etc. You'll have to either store these, which means they are not that important anyway since they will not be with you, or convert them to digital memories - which is a good option, since sp much is shared through digital social media these days anyway. Trophies, well, you'll have to get over it somehow.

  5. Books and the like
  6. Again, books take up a lot of space, are heavy, and can add to your overall expenses for gas mileage. You may want to consider getting digital books, which are portable, weigh nothing more than the device you'll view them on, and can many times be exchanged.

  7. Tow Vehicle or "TOAD"
  8. If you have a big SUV you may want to consider down-sizing that as well. They don't work well as towed vehicles, are heavy, and add to your over all decline in gas mileage. Consider your options by going to an RV park and talking to those that have already made these decisions, and ask them why? Also, look at their rig and see if it is the same type you're looking for. Their experience can save you hundreds of hours, and can give insight you wouldn't otherwise have. Weigh the cost benefits for yourself, then make an informed decision.

  9. Clothing Clearance
  10. Let's face it, men will have an easier time of this than women, in most cases. Get rid of all those outfits you have in your closet that you'll wear when you lose that little bit of weight. You have to deal with the here and now. Choose clothes that all go together and limit the amounts. For men, have 5 pairs of pants (casual and dress included), 8 shirts (casual and dress included), 2 suits (if you need them), 1 sports coat, 3 t-shirts, 10 underwear, and 10 socks. Women should think similarly. If you are saying I need more closet space, or you can't live with those few items in a wardrobe, than perhaps the fulltime life needs reconsidering.

  11. To work or not work
  12. Most fulltimers work, at least part-time. They are either professionals who will go to contract work, workampers who support their costs by working in a campground, national park, or even at a local Home Depot, then transfer when moving on. There are many opportunities out there, should you look on the Internet and search for part-time work while traveling.
Whatever your choices, don't forget why you want to do this. No matter the mental obstacles you have during the process, if you remember that the goal is to control your time, and not let it control you, then the freedom you desire can be had. Don't give up!

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