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So, I am a big YouTuber, and maybe you are too, and so may have already seen this. However I thought this was a good idea and so will share it here.

This is a simple process, and anyone can do it, even your young ones (If you have kids of a good age, why not share this process with them while you make it so they can gain confidence in being self-reliable). All you need is:
  1. Cheap styrofoam cooler (Dollar Store), a real cooler, like Coleman, if you want something more permanent, or a 5-gallon bucket
  2. Solar powered, with optional plug if you want to use shore power, 5" fan (or or larger if desired (the more outlets, the bigger the fan and cooler)
  3. Knife, hole saw, razor knife or equivalent (to cut holes, and depending on what cooler or bucket you use)
  4. (3 inch, 90 degree PVC Joints, or dryer vents, or
  5. Freezer packs, dry ice, or frozen bottles of water
This isn't an exhaustive list, and as you can see, no strict rules. The goal is to move air over ice and pump it into the room!

Now, instead of me going into a bunch more text and bore you, I'll show you three options that put these pieces together in different ways with the videos I thought were useful.

$8 Styrofoam Cooler

5-Gallon Bucket Air Cooler

Solar Ice Chest Cooler

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